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How to Know if She Is the ONE? 25 Signs You’ve Hit the Jackpot!

How to Know if She Is the ONE? 25 Signs You’ve Hit the Jackpot!

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

How to Know if She Is the ONE 25 Signs You’ve Hit the Jackpot!

Honestly, there’s no right answer to “How to know she is the one?” but there are certainly a few signs that can help you make the decision.

So, if your phone buzzes with “I have made your favorite noodles for you!” after a hectic day, she may be the one.

Now, if you want to know more, just keep reading!

How To Know If She Is The One? – 25 Signs

If she talks about the hard truths nobody else is ready to tell you, believe it or not, she is the ONE!

When you succeed, she is the biggest cheerleader and does not leave any chance to make you ecstatic about your achievement. On the flip side, when you fail, she is your pillar of support who says, “Better things are waiting buddy!”

But that’s not all. Here is a list of 26 signs that says SHE IS THE ONE!

1. She cares deeply about your opinion

She comes to you for all her decisions and tries to incorporate your opinions into her decision-making. But, she is invested in you and respects your perspective, which indicates she is the one!

2. You connect with her… not just physically

You feel that the bond you share with her is not just physical… but more than that. Further, you both connect on an emotional and spiritual level, giving a new definition to the relationship. 

However, it doesn’t stop at that. She even looks for more ways to improve it further.

3. She takes an interest in you

She always takes a deep interest in you and your life. This interest is not just restricted to your hobbies and even to your life goals. 

She makes every effort to know what you are doing and where your life is going. She is also willing to make good use of this information and help you at every step of your path.

4. She accepts your flaws

Every human has the good and the bad in them, and she understands this. She accepts your strengths and flaws just the same. 

Unlike others, she doesn’t judge you for your faults and instead becomes a shoulder for you to fight and accept them.

5. She is focused on self-improvement.

No human is perfect – she embraces this and is open to constructive criticism. Instead of being skeptical and negative about it, she acknowledges them and is willing to improve.

Not only in her personality, she is always trying to improve herself in other aspects of life.

6. She is flexible

Flexibility is one of the most underrated traits and is rarely appreciated for all the happiness it brings to your life. So, if she is not rigid and willing to adjust according to your needs, well, you are blessed!

This flexibility will allow you both to keep the relationship alive for all the years to come.

7. She does not fear commitment

Commitment is one of the best traits of strong individuals.

If she is ready to build a home with you and accompany you on the ride of life, you know you’ve chosen the right one.

No, she is not like other women who change her stance during fights and conveniently forget about all the promises.

8. She is open to share financial responsibilities

You can talk about money with her, and she takes equal responsibility. The burden of financial responsibilities is not only on you; she makes enough effort to be your partner. 

She does not expect that being the man in the relationship, you will be the family’s only breadwinner.

9. She maintains healthy communication

Everyone knows the benefits of healthy communication in a relationship. So, if she ensures that you both follow effective communication rules in the relationship, then she’s surely the ONE!

10. She is secured

Unlike other girls, she is not insecure about the fact that other girls often find you attractive. She is not even jealous of your female friends. Instead, she gives you all the freedom to go out with them and indulge in some friends-time.

She knows that you deeply love her, and she is extremely secure with her position as your partner.  

11. She does small things to make you smile

One of the most prominent signs that she is the one for you is when she takes small-little initiatives to make you smile. It can be something simple like baking a cake for you or surprising you with your favorite flowers after office. 

She takes time and effort to plan something for you so that you can feel happy about it.

12. She is an active listener

She knows that she can’t and wouldn’t want to be the only speaker in the relationship. Hence, she actively tries to listen to what you have to say. She will even ask you questions or seek more details that will display her interest in your conversations.

13. She is vulnerable to you

She is extremely transparent and does not struggle to share her vulnerabilities. 

Further, she is ready to talk about what bothers her and is not afraid to present her raw self to you. This usually takes some time but is a predominant sign that she is the one for you.

14. She respects your space

A relationship doesn’t always imply that you can’t indulge in some me-time. In fact, both partners in a healthy relationship will agree that your own space is just as important as your couple’s time.

And if she understands that, you have no clue what you have!

15. She doesn’t complaint every day

If you have heard from your committed friends, the long list of complaints from their women must have also dropped in your ears.

But your girl is different.  

She provides you with complete acceptance and doesn’t complain at every drop of the hat. Although she occasionally criticizes, it only sparks healthy conversations.

16. You feel happy with her

When you are with her, you feel happy – from the inside.

Even if you meet her after a tiresome day at work, you feel at peace, and your heart feels solace. She makes you calm and all your insecurities to rest.

If that’s the case, you don’t even need any more signs. Just know that you have hit the jackpot in life.

17. You always find her beside you

In times of crises, if you always find her beside you, it definitely says something. She is always ready to extend support with any terms and conditions.  

Even if this support refers to financial help, she will do everything necessary to help you.

18. Learn from your fights

There is no relationship in the world that does not have any fights or disagreements. 

However, instead of making it negative and focusing on the impacts, you both make it a point to learn from your fights and not repeat them in the future.

19. She apologizes for making mistakes

If your girl never hesitates to apologize for her mistakes, she is one of the very few of the lot.

She never allows her ego to take the lead and always prioritizes the relationship, no matter the situation.

20. Your life feels complete with her

If her presence has a different, unexplainable kind of impact on your life, you know she is different.

When she is around you, you feel complete in different ways. Your mind, your heart, and your soul are at peace like never before.

21. She does not change you

Unlike other women, she doesn’t want to change you according to her liking.

She will definitely guide you to improve on some habits that might be harmful, but other than that, she is accepting of your lifestyle. 

22. You share great physical intimacy

She makes every attempt to initiate physical intimacy and does not expect the man to always take the lead. The chemistry that you both share is extraordinary and not limited to your bodily needs but also your emotional desires.

23. She doesn’t expect much

Expectations have long been the cause of failing relationships. So, if your girl doesn’t expect a lot from you, you must have really done something to deserve her. Just go down on your knees, and propose to her already – you would not find anyone like her!

24. She makes you feel alive

If there’s a person out there who can make you feel alive, you really should thank your stars.

So, if you wish to do exciting things like go on a trip or even a music concert, not because she asks you to, but because your heart says you to – she definitely is the one!

25. She does not boss you around

She doesn’t take the entire ropes of the relationship into her own hands and never tells you how to lead your life. Also, she understands this is not how a relationship should be and doesn’t follow it either.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Now that you’ve read as many as 25 signs, you must have a clear picture of whether or not she is the one for you. But if you still need one final green flag, remind yourself if you have met her family, and if you have, that’s another sign right there.

However, you must remember that each relationship is different, and so are the people in it – the signs may differ depending on that.