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30 Heartbreaking Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You & You Should Move On

30 Heartbreaking Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You & You Should Move On

Updated on Oct 11, 2023

30 Heartbreaking Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You & You Should Move On

It’s heartbreaking to search for something like ‘Signs your crush doesn’t like you.’ But since you have, you must be in a dilemma, and here’s the solution.

Crushes are unpredictable, but you cannot keep waiting forever before making a move. They may be giving you mixed signals, and now you sit there and wonder if they like you or not.

Let’s put an end to this confusion now. Keep reading to know the signs if your crush doesn’t like you.

30 signs your crush doesn’t like you

Relationships are not easy to deal with, especially when you do not know how the other person feels for you. When you are still in the “crush” stage, you do many things to get their interest.

However, if you are wondering before making your next move, here’s how to ensure your crush is not interested in you and if you should move on.

1. You hear them saying, “This is not the right time”

Of course, when someone isn’t into you, they’ll look for excuses to avoid seeing you rather than facing you. If they say, “I have a lot of work to finish, we’ll catch up some other day,” it’s a clear sign.

After all, who doesn’t want to see their crush?

2. They are not interested in your life

When someone likes you, they want to know everything that’s happening in your life. So, check if your crush wants to hear what happened at your workplace today or why your friend is upset.

If they like you, they’ll ask questions to keep the conversation going. But if they aren’t interested, they’ll avoid all questions and simply act cold. It’s because they don’t care, and so you must move on.

3. You don’t intimidate them

When you like someone, you get extra conscious about your behavior. So, notice your crush’s body language. Does it change when you are around? If they like you, you’ll see them getting awkward.

But if they don’t like you, you’ll not notice any change in their behavior in your presence or absence. They’ll be just the same.

4. They prefer hanging out with others than you

If you see them hanging out with others but throwing excuses when you ask them out, it’s because they don’t like you.

It is clear that they have all the time in the world to move out and relax, but they would rather spend time with someone else than you.

5. They already told you they didn’t like “something” about you

This something can be anything – your job, your friends or even your behavior. If your crush has ever told you, “I really don’t like how you talk!” or “It’s weird how you eat!” there’s a high chance they don’t like you at all.

6. They are comfortable being “just friends”

If your crush is uninterested in you, they’ll play the “just friends” card. After all, what more can they say? The truth could hurt you, right?

Similarly, even if you find them telling others you’re not their type, it’s clear that they don’t see a future with you.

7. They avoid you

When someone’s interested in you, they may tease you or play hard to get, but they won’t avoid you.

So, if you find your crush is avoiding talking about the things you think will bring you closer to them, it’s probably time to move on!

8. They cancel on you

They might make plans with you, but later, as the time nears, they’ll cancel it.

This is because they don’t want to hurt you by not making plans but don’t want to go out with you either and give you false hopes.

9. They’ll answer you in ONE word

When someone’s not willing to spend time with you, they’ll try to end the conversation ASAP. So, you’ll often find them replying with “Hmm…” or “Oh, Okay”, etc.

It’s a clear sign they aren’t interested in whatever you wish to say or do.

10. They contact you only when they need you

It may be selfish, but it is what it is. If your crush texts you only for “Hey, I need a small favor” or “Hey, I need a small help,” you must not reply to that anymore.

11. They never compliment you

If your crush isn’t into you, they will never compliment you for anything. You may be winning the world’s best person’s award, but they will never extend any “congratulations” or “I am proud of you”.

Think about yourself, don’t you compliment or appreciate your crush in everything they do? It’s clearly because you are interested in them. Do you do the same for others?

12. They don’t reply to your messages fast

All of us hardly take milliseconds to reply to our crush’s texts. Of course, interest and excitement take over.

But if your crush doesn’t feel the same way for you, they’ll keep you waiting for their messages for hours or even days.

13. They avoid talking about you with others

We love talking about our crushes and the butterflies they give us. But if your crush ignores talking about you with others, it’s because they don’t like you.

14. They are not jealous of you

If your crush is into you, they wouldn’t like you getting attention from others. So, if someone shows more interest in you, they’ll probably jump in to take you away.

But if your crush is not even curious to know who you spend time with, let alone jealous, it’s understood that they don’t like you.

15. They don’t stalk you

Social media is the easiest way to know your crush’s likes and dislikes. So, if your posts will go unnoticed for months and they don’t even like your picture – that’s a clear red sign.

16. They date others 

When someone truly likes you, they won’t do anything to hurt you and will dream of being with you. So, if they are comfortable dating someone else and telling you about it, you don’t even have to look at other signs – it’s crystal clear.

You may think they’re doing it all to make you jealous, but that’s not true. Nobody would risk their chance of being with you if they like you.

17. They don’t share a heart-to-heart talk with you

Everyone wants to have a deep conversation with the person they like. But, of course, it takes the effort of two people to reach this point. Reflect deep into the times spent with your crush. Have you ever had a chance to have a heart-to-heart talk with them? 

If not, they are not into you.

18. They forget your birthday

Out of everything, your crush must be happy that you exist! And your birthday is the right way to know if your crush is into you.

If they are interested in you, they cannot hold their excitement on this day because they want to celebrate you.

But, let alone celebrating, if they forget to send you even a “Happy Birthday,” sorry, they don’t consider you their special one.

19. They don’t remember things you shared with them

You’ll remember everything your crush says because that’s important to you. But if you find your crush often forgetting about the things you mentioned, it’s a sign that you must move on.

20. They don’t care for you… like that!

If someone really likes you, they’ll never be able to get enough of you and make sure you are safe. But if your crush doesn’t, then they probably don’t consider you anything more than a friend.

21. They get bored and frustrated when you care for them

It’s a clear NO sign when you show concern towards them and they don’t appreciate your efforts.

Instead of acknowledging your concern, they would sound bored or frustrated when you ask them if they recovered from their health or how the interview went.

22. They don’t send gifts

Gifts are the easiest way to express your love. So, if your crush wants to win you, there’s a high chance they’ll start with gifts.

But forget gifts, if they don’t even buy you a cup of coffee, it’s time for you to move on.

23. Their mood doesn’t change around you

Have you ever seen yourself light up when they entered the room? Yes? See if the same thing happens to them.

How does your presence impact their mood? If they are into you, they’ll also feel the excitement, and you can see the radiance and happiness on their face.

If not, unfortunately, you have to step back.

24. They don’t look for opportunities to be around you

When your crush likes you, they’ll find excuses to spend some more time with you. They’ll accompany you with other friends or stick with you unless you finish your work.

But if they don’t like you, they’ll simply be fine with whatever situation you are in and think of completing their pending tasks.

25. They don’t share anything personal with you

If they hide their personal details from you or never tell you about their fears and insecurities, then it’s because they don’t see a future with you.  

26. They are okay with you dating someone else

If your crush really likes you, they would never be okay to see someone else holding your hand and making you laugh. They would be disappointed and behave differently.

But if they behave indifferently with you dating someone else, it’s because they don’t like you (that way!)

27. They never touch you

When you like someone, you want to embrace their touch. You want to hold hands, caress each other and feel the warmth.

So, notice if your crush also tries to touch you often. If they maintain their safe distance, it’s because they don’t see you as their potential partner.

28. They don’t treat you differently

If your crush is interested, they’ll try to make you feel special. They’ll do certain things only with you and not others. For example, they’ll ask your opinions, buy things you like, or maybe order your favorite food every once in a while.

But if they treat you just like they treat others, you’re only a friend to them.

29. The eye contacts are missing

Eyes are the most intimidating part of our body.

So, the next time you meet your crush, notice if they look into your eyes or if they just glance and look away. The latter is not a good sign.

30. You feel it in your gut

Your instincts know a lot more than you and, most times, prove to be right. So, no matter how much you try to fool yourself by giving excuses like “Maybe (s)he didn’t notice me,” your gut knows the truth.

If you have long been feeling that despite all your efforts, your crush seems disinterested in you, it may be the truth.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you could relate to the signs mentioned above, it may be a difficult period for you. But remind yourself that you still have time to move on… instead of hurting yourself more.

If you think there’s still a chance and you can discuss it with your crush once before moving on, go ahead. But if they are showing most of these signs, there’s no point in showcasing your emotions to someone who doesn’t respect it.

It’s better to safeguard your heart than to hurt it.