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How To Tease Your Crush? 20 Flirty Ways

How To Tease Your Crush? 20 Flirty Ways

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

How To Tease Your Crush 20 Flirty Ways

Are you wondering how to tease your crush? Perhaps you’re having butterflies in your stomach and want your crush to feel the same. 

But every time, you feel tongue-tied and paralyzed in front of them. Though such feelings are completely normal, you can also tease them.

Stay tuned for our crash course in romance!

How To Tease Your Crush? 20 Ways 

The concept of teasing is pretty foreign to many. Well, it is nothing but acting super friendly to the point of making fun of someone. It’s about harmlessly playing with them to make them open up to you. 

But it takes more than just playful texts and subtle body language to give chills to your crush. So, keep reading to know how!

1. Be An Unconquerable Challenge

The best way to tease someone is to play hard to get. Becoming a challenge is important, especially when you are trying to tease someone. The more you get away from them, the closer they want you to be.

Put on your mysterious aura and keep them guessing. Until they figure you out completely, they will always stay by your side. 

2. Put Them In a Humorous Stereotype

Just as building rapport is essential for a good relationship, breaking rapport is one way to tease your crush. 

Playfully disagree with something that they say. Observe things that are dear to them and make fun of them. But remember not to take things too far, you are trying to tease them and not hurt them.

When they understand your game, be a bit physical to tease them more. 

3.  Stay Unpredictable

The best way to keep your crush hooked is by being unpredictable. Say or do something unexpected. Never let them guess your next move, and always be on your toes. 

In the middle of a conversation, do not answer directly. Instead, give the conversation a whole new direction.

4. Evoke Emotions

You want your crush to be active around you. And one way of doing that is to evoke an emotional response.

Show them your soft side, try crying or being sad around them. Watch sad movies, play romantic songs, and express your feelings. 

When they ask the reason, keep denying answers. Continue this so long you get attention from them. 

5. Confine Them To Their Zone

Nobody likes to be put in a box, and the best way to tease them is to do that! 

If they are too uptight or too neat and organized, mock them for their qualities in a humorous manner. Accuse them of being too serious, too ambitious, or too nerdy. 

But whatever you do, make sure to do it in a lighthearted manner. You do not want to insult them. 

6. Bring An “Obstacle” In Your Hangouts

Nobody likes to be the third wheel in a relationship. To tease your crush, put up an obstacle before them. 

During your hangouts, bring your best friend of the opposite gender along. Be close and clingy to them in front of your crush to see their reaction. 

You can also say that things won’t ever work out between you two without giving a definite reason.

The more they try to figure things out, the more they will hover around you, wanting you even more. 

7. Don’t Go All In At Once

Your crush might not understand your personality and might take your teasing the wrong way. Hence, start small. Start by teasing them about their looks, job, food habits, etc. 

Then, once you get the hang of it, you can push things further to test the depth of your chemistry. 

8. Observe Them

Observe your crush in and out, see them for what they are, and then try to have a little fun with it. Show them that you get them – but at the same time, show that they won’t get any attention from you.

Make them work for you and put effort into earning you. 

9. Gently Poke Fun At Their Persona

Get close to them, show them that you understand them. Then, tease them for being so vulnerable.

You can say that they cry like a baby or they express their emotions too explicitly. Or playfully showcase your knowledge about them by humoring them every chance you get. 

Remember, it’s sexy to understand someone. But it’s even sexier when you use this knowledge to poke fun at them. 

10. Be Brave And Positive

While you are trying to tease your crush, you need to be brave. It might not be as fun as you are hoping for. After all, your crush might get offended or think you are not funny.

However, worry not. You have to risk rejection and create a bad mood for them to understand your gameplay. 

Be mean sometimes and say or do something slightly hurtful to tease them. Do not go overboard.

11. Maintain Eye Contact

If you are trying to increase sexual chemistry, the best possible way is to fix your gaze. Hold eye contact with your crush until they feel uncomfortable, and combine it with big smiles and giggles.

Be a bit physical by slightly pushing them. Or, playfully wrestle with them and keep a condition like the loser cooks dinner or washes the dishes.

Throughout it all, maintain eye contact and do some flirty moves to make sure they lose.

12. Embrace Humor

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and your crush will, too, if you use them in the right way. 

Recall if they did something embarrassing and then use it against them in a fun manner. You can also use self-deprecating humor by teasing yourself so that they don’t feel attacked. 

Make sure your conversations are a witty boxing game. 

13. Play Around The Double Meaning

Be comfortable about sexual topics. Tell them all the things you fantasize about them and want to do to them subtly. 

Remember, you’ll just let them know these things. But you’ll never do it in reality… this will build the tension and make you more irresistible and attractive. 

14. Maintain A Healthy Balance

To make your crush entertain your teasing longer and give you a chance, balance things. You cannot go on teasing them day in and out. Otherwise, it will only make them mad at you. 

They might also feel demotivated and realize they’re not good enough. That is just the opposite of what you want. 

So while teasing, make sure to compliment them often or engage in intimate conversations to stay balanced. 

15. Touch Them Casually

The best way of teasing your crush is to touch them now and then to lead them on. Turn them on only to turn them off real quick. 

For instance, while having a serious conversation, lean close to their ear and whisper in a sensual tone. Move away when they lean in for a kiss.

Or stroke their arm casually while talking. When you feel they’re going to pull you close or hold your hand, move away from the scene. 

16. Send Playful Texts

When they are not around, but you still want to tease them, send them flirty texts. It can be something spicy, like a sensual selfie or dirty text. Do this when they are busy with work.

You can also arouse their interest with double-meaning memes or sensual videos to see their reactions. If they respond positively, they are probably thinking about the same, too.

However, make sure not to cross the line with complete nudity. Otherwise, they’ll block you for good!

17. Put On That Smirk

Be playfully naughty by putting on that smirk amidst a serious conversation. Integrate magical gestures to give them a hint about where this conversation is going.

Maintain eye contact and smile while stroking your hair – if you’re a man – or playing with your locks – if you’re a woman. Shift your hair to one side, exposing your neck. 

Both men and women look incredibly sexy when they bare their necks. If your crush tries to touch you, move away to tease them further.

18. Ask Them Out For A Drink And Act Drunk

Invite them out for a drink outside. Pretend to be drunk and begin to reveal your drunk behavior.

Say emotional or sensual things only to stir their feelings. Or act cute and show them your soft and vulnerable side. Once you see they are down for it and you want to take it to the next step, ask them to take you home. 

19. Look Nice, Smell Nicer

This might sound like a cliché, but it works every time. An intoxicating smell can make your crush feel attracted to you. There is something about it that they cannot control themselves. 

To add fuel to the fire, dress to impress. Wear an outfit according to their tastes, and it’ll intrigue them. 

For women, it can be a little black dress, a slit dress, an off-shoulder, or anything he is a sucker for.

For men, it’s fitted shirts or anything else she finds flattering on men.

20. Ignore Them 

Ignore their calls and texts only to worry them. And when you respond, act as if nothing has happened. 

Pretend not to listen to them while they are talking or ignore their actions when they try to lead you. Keep a poker face, be fun-spirited, and spontaneously respond to their actions.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, most ways of teasing your crush are slightly mean. So, be very careful in the initial stages. Refer to these tips to make the most of your gameplay. Never overdo it, or you’ll turn into a mean character in your crush’s life. 

Ensure you both have fun and enjoy yourself thoroughly while doing it. Don’t forget to look out for your crush’s feelings to make sure they know that you want nothing but the best for them!