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17 Miserable Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest Through Text

17 Miserable Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest Through Text

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

17 Miserable Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest Through Text

Look out for signs your boyfriend is losing interest through text if most of your texts to him go unread or unreplied.

Texting isn’t everything in a relationship. But when you hardly get to meet or spend time with each other, it means a lot. 

In fact, in the modern dating era, texting shows how committed you are to your relationship. 

So, if you feel something is off with your man, you should keep reading!

17 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest Through Text

When men lose interest in their partners, they mostly don’t say anything. They avoid confrontation and “drama.” So, they instead drop massive hints to make you understand that it’s over.

And if your man’s text seems off lately, you need to check these signs to make sure!

1. He replies to your texts less often

This is a clear sign that your boyfriend is losing interest, as a guy in love will never ignore your messages. 

Notice the number of replies you get from him throughout the day, if it’s too few, he is trying to withdraw from your relationship.

2. His texts have become shorter than before

He sent you long sentences expressing so much love at the beginning of your relationship. But now his texts have gone from little paragraphs to mere words like “ok” and “hmm”. 

If this is your case, you can be sure that he does not want you anymore.

3. He does not use emojis anymore

Emojis are perfect ways to show someone how you’re feeling – be it a little smiley to be friendly or a heart for love.

If your boyfriend used a lot of emojis before but does not use any at all now, it is a bad sign.

4. He does not start conversations

The person you are dating is always on your mind. it makes you text them at least once a day to know what’s up.

But are you starting all the chats you both have these days?

If this is happening, you are not on his mind anymore. 

5. He is always too busy to text

Your boyfriend can’t be so busy at work that he cannot even find a minute to check in on you. However busy he might get, if he loved you, he would have made some time for you. 

If he chooses to spend his free time in anything but texting you, he has lost interest in the relationship.

6. Your message is ‘delivered’ but not ‘seen’

Look at the info tab of the texts you send him, if they are getting delivered, it means he is online. Yet, your text is not blue ticked?

It’s because he is not opening your chat on purpose to avoid replying. This is clearly a red flag!

7. He does not compliment you over texts

Your boyfriend must have showered you with compliments before you started dating. As the relationship grows older, it is normal for compliments to fade out a bit. Even if he can’t get to see you, he’ll text that you look pretty after seeing a selfie.

But if he never praises you anymore, it is because his heart does not belong to you anymore.

8. He doesn’t ask any questions

A loving man will always be a little jealous of other men flirting with you. He will want to know what you have been doing all day and ensure you’re still on his mind. 

If he isn’t curious at all and doesn’t ask any questions, even when you post a picture cozying up to another guy, he has moved on already.

9. He has stopped calling you ‘babe’ over text

Scroll back a little on your chat history and see when he stopped calling you ‘baby’ on text.

Men like to call their girlfriends cute pet names. It is a way to show affection and be romantic. 

So, if your man used to call you ‘sweetie’ or ‘baby’ but is not doing that anymore, he does not have much affection for you left. 

10. You get an automated text response when you call

A man in love will never set an automated reply for his girlfriend. If you call him but your call is rejected and get automated messages, it is a glaring sign that he does not think you are important in his life.

You’ll usually get typical texts like ‘Call you back later,’ ‘Can’t talk right now,’ and likewise!

11. He does not send cute messages anymore

Love makes everyone a little childish, so it is normal to send cute little texts to your girlfriend all day. 

Some of them are ‘Hi, did you eat?’, ‘don’t forget to drink water’ and ‘The sky is pretty, but you are prettier.’

If your boyfriend, who used to do the same, never texts such things anymore, it is because he is losing interest in you.

12. Your chats have become boring

Lately, do you feel that your chat sessions have become too boring? Maybe he is just doing the bare minimum to reply when you try to have a deeper conversation. It’s clear he does not want to speak to you anymore. 

13. He cancels plans over text

If he cancels plans that you are genuinely excited about – that too over text, know that he has lost interest in keeping you happy.

If this happens frequently, it shows that he isn’t interested in hanging out with you. But if he does not even call to cancel it, he really does not care anymore.

14. He is being hot and cold on text

If he is loving sometimes and then gives you the cold shoulder on texts, it is because he is losing interest in you. 

You are not his priority anymore, so he just keeps you as an easy person to satisfy himself for sex or other needs.  

He will be on again and off again in your conversations. He will leave you confused about whether it is over or you should wait.

15. You do not have 3am conversations anymore

Two people in love often get lost in text conversations while sharing personal and vulnerable stuff. You, too, had days when you talked the night away.

But if he isn’t sharing anything emotional with you, it may be because he does not trust you enough to share anymore. 

Or, he is just not interested in you as a partner and has found someone else who meets such emotional needs. Probably, he is texting her all night.

16. He only texts you to ask for sex

When you’ve become just a booty call for your boyfriend, you will see that he texts first only if he wants to meet up for sex. It is not a loving relationship if he is just using you for physical pleasure. 

He is not interested in having an emotional connection with you anymore. Your relationship is slowly fizzing out.

17. He stops texting completely

Communication is essential for any relationship. A man who still loves you will reach out to you with some explanation. 

But if he does not text and never explains anything, whether over text or in person, he doesn’t care at all.

This is the most obvious sign that he doesn’t want to keep the relationship anymore.  He’ll stop talking to you altogether because he has lost all interest in this connection. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you observed most of these signs in your texting sessions, your relationship is probably on the verge of its end. 

However, you must also reconsider what’s happening in his life. If there’s no issue in his personal or professional life, that’s when you can be certain. 

Then your only job is to come clean about your feelings, communicate what you expect from him, and ask him to be honest with you. If he doesn’t want you, know your worth and move on!

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