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How Long To Date Before Marriage In Your 20s? – Answers You Need Before You Walk The Aisle

How Long To Date Before Marriage In Your 20s? – Answers You Need Before You Walk The Aisle

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

How Long To Date Before Marriage In Your 20s - Answers You Need Before You Walk The Aisle

If you want to know how long to date before marriage in your 20s, the answer depends on the relationship you share. 

But above all, it depends on how wise you and your partner are. Usually, it’s not about age, but of course, there are little things that’ll help you reach the answer. 

So, keep reading to find your answer!

How long to date before marriage in your 20s?

If you both are in your early 20s especially, then there is no rush to get married. You can easily give each other at least one year of dating time before getting married. 

In your early 20s, you have a lot to achieve and must focus on building a solid foundation for your relationship.  Based on that, you can marry your partner. 

Studies have indicated that individuals in a relationship for at least three years before marriage have a better bond to share.

At this moment, you are not mature enough. Young people mostly break off the relationship far more quickly than those in their late 20s. So, the relationship needs time to evolve. 

But if you’re curious about an average idea, let’s try to understand…

How long do average relationships last in your 20s?

No rigid rules can tell you exactly how long an average relationship in your 20s can last. However, if we are going by statistics, it shows that in your 20s, the duration of an average relationship is around 4.2 years.

The newer generation breaks off relationships earlier than older ones. They also tend to make up with a partner more often. 

One of the major reasons people in their 20s show this tendency is because they are indecisive. Hence, it isn’t easy to stick to one decision for a very long period.

Now, some might tell you it’s too soon for marriage. So, let’s find the truth here!

Are the early 20s too young for marriage?

The answer depends on the mindset of you and your partner. 

For some, getting married during their early 20s is a big no. This is primarily because this is the ideal time to build up a career, and getting married could add to many responsibilities. 

But, there is no such “perfect age” to get married. You may find your soulmate in your early 20s, and getting married to them might be the best decision in your life. 

If you feel comfortable with your partner and are sure about their intentions and they help you achieve your aims, there is no harm in getting married. 

Ensure you are extremely confident about your decision and will not cause you or your partner any trouble.

Age is just a number, and there is no right or wrong age to get married. But here are a few things you can keep in mind before stepping into marriage…

Things to consider to know how long to date before marriage in your 20s

Before you finalize your marriage in your 20s, ensure you are compatible with your partner and see a future together. If you are unsure about your partner, it is suggested that you reconsider getting married in your 20s.

1. Are your views and goals compatible?

An important thing to consider is your goals and views in life. It usually incorporates your finances, family planning, and your future goals. They should match each other or at least be complementary; otherwise, marriage cannot sustain it.

2. What is the nature of your relationship?

Before you get married, always ascertain what is the nature of your relationship, whether it is monogamous or not. 

You both should agree on how exclusive you want to be with each other. Talk to your partner about their take on monogamy and if they believe it is an important factor for a marriage to grow.

3. What are the levels of understanding?

It is important to have matching levels of understanding for marriage in your 20s. This is because your views about the world are still forming and changing daily. 

If you do not have a good level of understanding with your partner before getting married, it will create a lot of conflicts.

4. Are your lifestyle compatible?

Marriage refers to living together for an eternity. Hence when you share a living space, the lifestyle preferences must match. 

Before you get married, always consider your lifestyle choices and how you are thinking about modifying the same.

5. Do you gel with each other’s family?

Family plays a pivotal role in any relationship. When you think about getting married, you must form a rapport with each other’s family. A marriage does not only occur between you and your partner; it also concerns the families.

6. What is your take on children?

Discuss your plans for children in advance. If you don’t get this cleared, it can complicate your relationship. You and your partner should be on the same page before marriage.

7. What are your methods of conflict resolution?

Conflicts are bound to happen in any relationship. Hence, it is obvious that you will have conflicts with your partner. 

Discuss the methods you will adopt for resolution. Always agree on methods that focus on talking about the solutions rather than prolonging the fight more.

8. How willing are you to make the relationship last?

Consider how much you are willing to make the relationship last. Decide how much further you are ready to go so that the chemistry of the relationship can be saved.

Now, if you want to keep the questions for later, these signs will help you know your answer!

Signs you’re ready for marriage in your 20s

You may not have enough time to discuss the answers to the above questions right away. But you still feel curious about your readiness. So, here’s a quick way to understand your feelings better!

1. You know it’s love and not a crush or infatuation

The biggest sign of this is knowing it is love and you are not infatuated with your partner. Some precursors of this are:

  • You understand that marriage isn’t only about the highs and positive feelings, 
  • You are ready to fulfill all of your duties. 
  • You don’t expect your partner to be flawless and do anything you want.

2. You know the thrill of firsts won’t be there

Another green signal is when you are well aware that you will not have any first date or first kiss anymore for a lifetime. This thought doesn’t dishearten you. Instead, you find it quite wholesome and want to spend all your life with your partner only.

3. Your aim isn’t security

You’re ready if you do not want to get married because your partner brings you emotional or financial security. You know your partner is not there solely to take responsibility. And you are looking for more than just a caregiver.

4. You both agree to make this work

A clear indicator is when you and your partner agree to make the relationship work. You know that there will be a lot of hurdles in your relationship.

Yet you do not leave any stones unturned to make the relationship work in the longer run.

5. You both complete each other

If you complete each other and you know exactly what your partner wants, that also shows your readiness. You do not connect just on simple likes or dislikes and feel they are a part of your soul.

6. You have a deeper connection 

A prominent sign that you are ready to get married in your early 20s is that you have a deeper connection, not just physical or social. Not only do you understand each other, you know he is your soulmate, and you both have a shared conscience.

Even if all the signs match and you’re ready to accept all ups and downs of your decisions, it’s still better to know…

What Are the Pros and Cons of Marriage In Your 20s?

Some major perks of getting married early in your 20s are:

  • It brings a lot of stability and makes you more responsible. 
  • If you’re committed, you’ll become more focused in your life, which helps you achieve your goals faster than you think.
  • You’ll also have much time with your partner and build your relationship before you rear a family. Your biological clock does not force you to plan a baby right away.

The biggest cons of getting married in your 20s are: 

  • You may face a distraction, which might get you away from your goals. 
  • You will meet many new people, and your perception might change later. If you don’t grow up with similar or common perceptions, this will invariably lead to a divorce.
  • Chances are that you still do not have a good idea about what you want in life. This makes you settle for something you do not want in the long run.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Getting married early in your 20s is not a complex task. After all, it had been prevalent for a long time before the modern world started revolutionizing. If you both already have a good understanding, it is wise to get married early. 

However, make sure you don’t rush things. Understand each other’s definition of marriage. Tie the knot only once you both verbally agree to everything!

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