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20 Pro Tips For Dating Someone Who Has Never Been In A Relationship

20 Pro Tips For Dating Someone Who Has Never Been In A Relationship

Updated on Jan 15, 2024

20 Pro Tips For Dating Someone Who Has Never Been In A Relationship

So, you’re dating someone who has never been in a relationship and wonder if you can handle it. 

Well, it is nothing to worry about as there is no extra challenge in this. Your relationship with your partner will be as normal as any new one. 

But you should take some extra care to make it easy for them. Remember how you were in your first relationship and be considerate towards them.

But that’s not all, so read on to see how you can do this… 

20 Tips For Dating Someone Who Has Never Been In A Relationship

You have dated enough to read your partners like the back of your hand. But you’re someone’s first serious partner. Owing to their lack of experience, they might not know how to conduct themselves. But don’t worry, they’ll eventually get the hang of it.

So, help them warm up with these tips…

1. Communicate with them clearly

Communication with a romantic partner is different than with any other person. Someone who has never dated before will find this hard. 

So, help your partner express themselves by being honest about your feelings and needs. 

2. Help them set their expectations

Perhaps they startled you with their expectations. For instance, they asked you to meet the parents after the first date.

Make them understand the stages of a relationship. Explain the things considered normal at each stage and the pace you must follow.

3. Have patience

Show extra patience for your partner as this is new to them. It will take some time to learn the ropes of relationship. Until then, forgive a few blunders if they are special to you.

4. Give them compliments

If your partner’s actions made you feel good, let them know. Think of it as giving feedback, as this will help them learn how to conduct themselves.

In the beginning, try not to point out the bad things harshly. Otherwise, it will make them afraid to be with you.

5. Do not act like a know-it-all

If you are condescending to your partner, they will feel negative about this relationship.

They might not have had a romantic partner before, but they are not children. They will figure things out. So, don’t poke fun at them for not knowing better.

6. Be honest with them

People with experience in relationships can tell better from their partner’s non-verbal cues.  

But your novice partner obviously does not know much about it.Hence, don’t expect them to read your mind. 

Instead, honestly tell them what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

7. Calm their nerves

If your partner is younger than you, they will feel nervous being with an older person. It is your job to ease their anxieties and make them comfortable.

Notice their body language for signs of discomfort. And support them even if they do not seek help.

8. Do not act super jealous

Possessiveness is a natural instinct in relationships. But you should keep that aside for now, otherwise, you will spook them.

If your jealousy lingers too long, calmly tell them, “Hey, I feel jealous when you do this”

Do not ban them from doing something or threaten to break up!

9. Keep your ego away

Ego ruins the best relationships, so do not let it sneak in. It can show up in the form of not seeking forgiveness or not letting them help. 

Avoid such dynamics in your relationship. Even if you’re annoyed, adjust to allow your partner to get close to you. 

10. Do not let them stew in their doubts

“Do they like me? Am I attractive? What will they think when I take my makeup off?”

These are a few questions that are running through your partner’s mind since they are new to dating. 

This is bad for your bonding, so nip doubts in the bud when they express them.

11. Decide how you will deal with disagreements

Fights are a normal part of any relationship. But it can be scary for someone with no experience. So discuss how to deal with fights with them.

Set some rules for your relationship about fights, like taking time to cool off and then communicating.

12. Ask them if they like PDA

Public display of affection (PDA) is quite common among couples. But it is not to everyone’s taste. So, have a conversation about whether they will like it if you hug or kiss them in public.

They might be unsure of what they like as they have never done this before. So, go slow and figure it out together.

13. Ignore a little interference

Your first romantic relationship is very exciting for others around you. 

For instance, a friend may give you the shovel talk, or a family member may give advice. They might poke their noses into your business a little.

So, accept your partner’s loved ones’ antics with grace. 

14. Talk about your boundaries

In relationships, boundaries guide your actions so that you do not make the other uncomfortable.

Sit down together and discuss the lines that mustn’t be crossed. Talk out your negotiables and non-negotiables to help them get a clear picture.

15. Show instead of telling

It is always better to lead by example than to explain things. So, do the things you want them to do. 

If you want them to be more open emotionally, trust them with your feelings first. When you show that something is normal, then they will start doing it, too.

16. Tell them about your past relationships

The topic of your past relationships might make your partner insecure – especially if your exes were experienced.

This discussion will ease their fears and make them feel confident. It’ll also help them know what you do not like and why you ended those relationships.

17. Do not panic if they talk about marriage

A young person, in their first relationship, will be a little too into you. They might even talk about long-term plans and even marriage when it hasn’t even been a month.

This is just their innocence talking. In fact, they will change their minds later, so do not worry. Tell them that it is a little too early and you would like to take things slow.

18. Treat them gently

Your partner will experience a lot of firsts in this relationship. It is your responsibility to make these the best for them. Treat them kindly to make them feel safe and show you deep emotions.

Your relationship, even if it is not the last one of their life, will have a great impact on them. So set the tone well and be gentle to them.

19. Talk about sex

They may not be inexperienced in bed just because it’s their first relationship. But sex with a boyfriend/girlfriend and a one-night stand is different.

So, talk about what you like in the bedroom and safe sex methods. Set your hard limits, ask what they like to do, and so on. 

If they are a virgin, it is even more important to have this conversation about boundaries and consent.

20. Encourage them to have a life outside the relationship

They might want to be with you constantly because things are still new. But that is not healthy or sustainable, so ask them to have hobbies of their own. 

Tell them to hang out with their friends. Spend time with your friends on your own as well. Show the importance of having your space.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Your partner might have just been too young to date. Or they might have grown up in a culture where it is frowned upon to date before a certain age. It’s not because they’re undesirable or they have red flags.

Instead, be proud that you’ll help them learn along the way. You’ll be their first in many things and make many beautiful memories. 

So, be optimistic and make this beautiful relationship last for your lifetime!

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