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30 Sad Signs There Will Be No Third Date Because Either Of You Have Had Enough

30 Sad Signs There Will Be No Third Date Because Either Of You Have Had Enough

Updated on Nov 16, 2023

30 Sad Signs There Will Be No Third Date Because Either Of You Have Had Enough

Keep an eye on signs there will be no third date at all before you build expectations of moving forward. 

After all, it’ll save you from possible heartbreaks, wasted time and effort, and sleepless nights expecting a text from your date. 

So, if you’re ready to find these indicators, let’s head right in!

30 Signs There Will Be No Third Date

Going on dates can be really fun and exciting! The first two dates signify a casual relationship, and the third date indicates that something more serious can be brewing between two people. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people often stop meeting their partners after the second date for serious reasons. To know whether you’ll also give up on your date, let’s check the signs…

1. The conversation feels dull

The first time you both spoke, the conversation might have felt awkward and forced. But you may have chalked it up to first-date jitters. 

If, however, you feel that the conversation looks really dull even after the second date, there won’t be any more dates in the future.

2. They are always on their phone

Nothing can be a bigger turn-off than a date who is constantly on their phone. 

If your partner is more in love with their phone than you, they simply aren’t interested in pursuing the relationship any further. 

They would rather be with their phone than with a fellow human.

3. There is no communication

Communication is extremely important in any relationship, even if it’s just a date. But right from the first date, you both need to make sure that you’re communicating on a deeper level. 

If you fail to understand each other even after the second date, then there won’t be a third date to look forward to.

4. There’s a lack of physical intimacy

Physical contact, such as a hug or a kiss on the cheek, can mean so much, especially on the first two dates. 

But if you notice that your date hasn’t initiated any kind of physical contact, it’s not a good sign. 

Even if things don’t lead up to sex, a date who’s interested in you will offer you some sort of physical affection.

5. Sex feels awkward

It’s not unnatural to feel weird while having sex with your date. But that shouldn’t last for more than a couple of minutes or the first time. 

If sex, or any sort of sexual intimacy, feels forced or weird, it means that you both aren’t that comfortable exploring the relationship further. Eventually, there won’t be any third date.

6. They always seem to be busy

Of course, people have lives outside of their romantic relationships. But when someone goes on a date with you, you’d expect them to give you their attention and time. 

Do they constantly make excuses and back out of date? Or are you the one always planning a rescheduling?

These indicate a bleak future for you both.

7. They seem creepy

So you’ve been on two dates with this person and everything seems to go fine. 

But do you have that uneasy feeling that your date might be creepy? Do they make you uncomfortable without actually doing anything? 

If your answer is yes, it’s a big red flag.

8. Their body language is unappealing

Look carefully at your date’s body language. Notice if they don’t maintain eye contact or their body language gives the impression that they’re on this date just out of compulsion. Check if they seem uninterested in everything you say.

If all of that happens, then there won’t be any further dates. 

9. They don’t make any plans for a third date

If your date is truly interested in seeing you, they’ll make plans for a third date ideas right at the beginning of the second date itself. 

However, someone who doesn’t want any more dates won’t tell you anything about their future plans. 

And if you bring up the topic of a third date, they might look or behave uncomfortably.

10. You both are too different

Sure, opposites do attract, but even that has its limits. 

For example, your date is constantly working on their phone or laptop, even on the date. But you believe in relaxing and enjoying life. 

In this case, things won’t work out in the long run. And even in the near future, there probably won’t be a third date.

11. The conversation is one-sided

Nobody wants to be the only one trying to initiate and continue the conversation on a date. A good date always involves a healthy exchange of thoughts, ideas, and laughter. 

On the contrary, you also wouldn’t want to date someone who constantly keeps talking without letting you say anything. 

Both of these are red flags!

12. They are always late

Being punctual is a rare quality today. If they’re always late while meeting you, it will make you feel terrible. 

It shows their disrespect for you and your time, making you unwilling for a third date.

13. They don’t want anything serious

Someone who isn’t that serious about relationships won’t plan for a third date. If they say things like, “I’m just looking for something casual,” you know there won’t be any third date.

14. There are no shared interests

You both don’t necessarily have to have the exact same interests. But even then, there should be enough things to talk about. 

A lack of shared interests will eventually fizzle out the relationship because you both won’t know what to talk about. If you both struggle to find common ground, it can be a troubling sign.

15. They criticize you – way too much

Constant criticism is another major turn-off in the first few dates. Unfortunately, a lot of people mask their criticism as harmless jokes, which can make the other person feel even worse. 

If your date has been doing this on the last two dates, there’s no reason for you to plan a third one.

16. They look bored

Remember, a person who looks bored feels even more bored. If your date would rather spend time doing something else than talk to you or take you out, then there won’t be any progress in your interactions. 

In this case, it’s best to stop the relationship before the third date.

17. They don’t say anything about themselves

Nobody expects anyone to be an open book on the very first date. But generally, people start to open up during the second date. 

If your partner seems to be a tough nut to crack and doesn’t say anything about themselves, there won’t be any plans for another date.

18. They often flirt with others

Flirting with other people, no matter how harmless it might seem, is a big no on a date. 

Someone who checks out other people with a wandering eye will clearly not devote any of their energy or time to you. 

So make sure you understand that this person won’t really be a loyal partner in the future. Thus, there’s no need for another date!

19. Your gut feeling tells you something is wrong

Your gut knows a lot more than you might give it credit for. If it keeps telling you that this date won’t lead to anything serious in the future, you should reconsider your plans. 

Your intuition can pick up subtle signs and words that your other senses normally wouldn’t understand or recognize.

20. No follow-up conversations

After a date, it’s a ritual to text or call up your partner and have a conversation with them. 

You may not dive into a full-length conversation. But a simple text message saying, “Hey, let’s meet again” is considered to be standard. 

But if there are no follow-up calls or messages, it means that your dates are becoming dry.

21. They only want sex

While some people don’t wish to have sex before things turn serious, others want to jump right into the bedroom on the very first date! 

Of course, each individual has their own boundaries, so it’s important for both of you to respect those. 

But if your date only wants sex, you probably won’t wish to date them any further.

22. They are a pathological liar

Imagine a scenario where your date has been canceled on you, citing an emergency. But then you see them enjoying themselves with other people on their Instagram stories. 

You’ll not only feel humiliated but also disrespected. If they keep lying about small things, you can be sure there won’t be a third date.

23. They have no sense of hygiene

Grooming well before any date is a must. Small things like brushing properly, taking a bath, wearing clean clothes, and applying perfume can make a great impression.

But if your partner looks or smells shabby, that will affect how the rest of the date goes. 

24. They lack a sense of humor

Your date doesn’t have to be a comedian or constantly make you laugh. But even then, a bit of humor is always appreciated, right? 

Basically, you both should be able to have a comfortable conversation and share some laughs. But a date without any sense of humor will easily bore you.

25. They seem to fake their personality

One golden rule of a successful date is when both you and your date can be your true selves. 

Yes, people do show their best selves on the first date. But by your second date, you should have a fair idea of what kind of a person your partner is. 

However, if they seem to fake their entire personality, it’s a red flag.

26. They do cringy things

Has your date already talked about marriage or kids right on the first date? Or have they played a boombox outside your door to take you out on a date? 

Every individual has their definition of what’s cringe. But some things can really go over the top, which often reduces the chances of a third date.

27. They disrespect your loved ones

A lot of people try to sound cool or intelligent by insulting or giving inappropriate comments about their date’s loved ones. 

If your date does the same, you must put a stop to their behavior. You’d be so mad because they’re a waste of time, and you don’t want a third date with them.

28. They don’t kiss well

For many people, a good kiss is even more important than being good in bed. Again, someone whose kisses are dry and passionless can also be a big turn-off.

If your date gives you sloppy kisses that seem gross, you won’t want to schedule any further dates. 

29. You end up spending a lot

On the first date, you probably ended up spending a lot of money but you didn’t mind it then. 

But even during the second date, you see that you’re the only one spending your hard-earned money. Your date seems to be spending little to almost nothing. 

This can also be a big reason for not planning a third date.

30. Your schedules don’t align

This is probably one of the saddest reasons why you might not be able to look forward to a third date. 

Work and other commitments often demand a lot of time. If you and your date’s schedules are always clashing, there’s absolutely no way to adjust your timings. So, things won’t work out.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

With these common signs, you’ll know whether your date is good enough for a third date. 

If you notice too many signs, don’t feel low. Rather, be happy you spotted them early enough to figure things out and not get invested!

Keep these signs in mind as you navigate through your dating life.

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