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How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love? 20 Outstanding Ways To Beat The Frustration 

How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love? 20 Outstanding Ways To Beat The Frustration 

Published on Nov 16, 2023

How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love 20 Outstanding Ways To Beat The Frustration 

Are you wondering about how to deal with being ignored by someone you love?

This person is casting a shadow of confusion and sadness over your heart. It’s such an emotionally challenging experience. 

It’s like standing at the edge of a vast, silent chasm, wondering why the person you love has suddenly retreated into their world. And you’re left all alone!

Want some coping strategies? Delve right in.

How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love? 20 Ways 

Before you allow feelings of despair to consume you, remember that there are ways to navigate this delicate situation. In fact, you can potentially rekindle the connection you share. 

Love has the power to conquer many obstacles. And with the right approach, you may find a path to rekindle the warmth and affection you once shared.

Read on to explore strategies to help you understand, cope with, and, if possible, mend the bond with this person.

1. Embrace Self-Love As A Response

In the face of the silent treatment, take a step back and practice self-love. This strategy denies your partner the intense reaction they seek. It makes it clear that if they desire drama, they will be solely responsible for it. 

By doing this, you communicate that while you respect their need for distance or silence, you also value your self-esteem.

2. Remember, Open And Honest Communication Is Key

Couples who fail to communicate openly and honestly may break up or fill the relationship with resentment and distrust. 

So, be willing to communicate and ask your partner to do the same. Tell them that silence is the most damaging tactic and can hurt your bond immensely. 

3. Listen Actively And Be Open 

It’s crucial to actively listen when your partner speaks, even if you’re frustrated or hurt by their actions.  Many people often fail to recognize their faults because they feel ignored. 

It’s essential to acknowledge that your partner’s response might be immature and manipulative. But it doesn’t mean that you haven’t made mistakes at all. 

A mature approach involves admitting and apologizing for your shortcomings during conflicts.

4. Avoid Responding With Silent Resentment 

Silent treatment often indicates immaturity and childishness. So, consider whether you genuinely want to continue the relationship. If you decide to proceed, understand why your partner is ignoring you. 

Avoid responding to their silent resentment with silent resentment. It’ll prevent you from falling into their trap and ensure any mistreatment from their side is unwarranted.

5. Don’t Break The Cycle With Anger 

If you react with anger to your partner’s silent treatment, they’ll feel justified in their actions. It can lead to guilt and vulnerability to further manipulation. 

To break the cycle of mind games, control your anger. Don’t give your partner a reason to continue their silence.

6. Avoid Acting Desperately 

Some people beg for their partner’s approval and to return things how they were. But this is not a constructive response to being ignored. Rather, it plays into their desire for control and power. 

To maintain a healthy balance of power in the relationship, avoid desperation. Recognize your worth and don’t beg for their approval. 

While you value their opinion and happiness, your self-worth should not solely depend on their satisfaction.

7. Avoid Blaming Yourself Unnecessarily 

When neglected, you may feel like you deserve it to some extent. You might think that if you were a better person or more significant to them, they wouldn’t be ignoring you. 

But it’s essential to understand that you don’t deserve to be ignored and mistreated. If you haven’t genuinely done anything wrong, there’s no reason to feel guilty. 

Don’t blame yourself for things you didn’t do. 

8. Find Purpose And Live A Fulfilling Life 

A strained relationship can leave a void in your life. Therefore, it’s crucial to find purpose in other aspects of your life. 

Just as in a breakup, a weakened relationship creates gaps. And you need to be filled with positive and fulfilling activities that create moments of self-indulgence. 

For instance, enroll in an online course, paint, tackle those pending phone calls, or engage in physical activities like running or boxing to release pent-up emotions.

9. Reconnect With Your Support System

A committed relationship, whether it’s healthy or not, consumes a significant amount of your time. It may distance you from the people you once cherished. 

When your partner is giving you the silent treatment or ignoring you, it’s crucial to have others to turn to. Reconnect with loved ones outside of your relationship. 

They’ll offer emotional support during difficult times and provide valuable insights and advice for resolving relationship conflicts.

10. Consider Seeking Professional Guidance

During this challenging phase in your relationship, avoid mental and physical distress. Seek the assistance of a professional for this. 

Mental health professionals can help you recognize emotional pain and identify the adverse psychological impacts of your partner’s behavior. 

They have extensive experience working with people facing similar challenges. These coaches can offer insights into effective strategies for managing your relationship. 

11. Give Yourself Space

Instead of appearing overly needy, step back during this painful experience. This approach conveys your respect for their decision while also emphasizing your self-esteem.

It’s their responsibility to rectify things. So let them reach out when they realize their mistake. 

12. Boost Your Self-Esteem

It’s time to stop seeking external validation and become your own greatest supporter. Show appreciation for your accomplishments, and let your positivity shine. 

When you love and believe in yourself, people will take notice. It will become difficult for your partner to ignore your happiness.

13. Cease Your Obsession Gradually

Since they ignore you, do you constantly track their every move? 

It may be through their social media accounts or their online presence on messaging apps. You feel a pang of disappointment when they ignore your messages or double texts. 

In that case, step back from this situation. There’s no joy in obsessively pursuing someone who isn’t reciprocating your feelings.

14. Deliberately Ignore Them

Make a conscious decision to stop giving this person so much of your attention. Release the emotional attachment that ties you to them. 

Avoid getting overly excited whenever their name pops up on your phone. Even if you occasionally exchange messages with them, don’t dwell on it. 

Recognize how casually they treat you and resist investing too much emotional energy.

15. Invest Time In Friendships

Notice how much easier it is to forget about them when you’re out with friends. Engage in fun activities and socialize with others to divert your thoughts from this individual. This will prevent your mind from fixating on that person.

16. Shift Your Focus To Someone New

If you’re hurt from being ignored, shift your interest to someone else, even if it’s just a mild attraction

Sometimes, all you need is a distraction, even if it’s a minor crush on someone you don’t know well. This can help you move on from the feeling of being ignored.

17. Recognize Your Progress

Take note of your progress in getting over this person. Do you miss them as much as you did last week? 

A reduction in yearning is a positive sign of your personal growth. Realize your progress, and it’ll be a source of strength as you continue to make an effort to detach from them.

18. Avoid Hasty Judgments

People often view situations from their perspective and critically judge others. But there could be valid reasons for their actions that you’re unaware of. 

So avoid passing hasty judgment. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what they might be thinking or feeling. 

Has something happened between the two of you, such as a disagreement? Did they try to communicate something to you, but you weren’t receptive? 

Empathize to have a proper understanding of your partner’s actions. Instead of assuming the reasons, try to communicate with them for clarity. This will allow you to make better decisions.

19. Collaborate On A Solution

If you have a significant relationship with this person, whether it’s friendship or romance, communicate your feelings of being ignored. Work together to find a solution. 

Ignoring someone isn’t a productive strategy in any relationship. So approach the situation as a team and seek ways to improve it.

20. Stay Calm and Rational

Despite feeling ignored by someone you care about, try to remain calm and rational. Overreacting and giving in to negative emotions won’t help the situation. 

Approach it with a peaceful mindset and maintain perspective to handle the situation more effectively. 

If you feel like making impulsive decisions, try to cool down a bit before proceeding further. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

When your partner gives you the cold shoulder, it’s tempting to react in various ways. But as mentioned, that plays into their desire for control. 

So, instead, take a step back and follow the above ways to improve the situation. Reconnect with friends, seek a coach for support, and find purpose beyond the relationship. 

Choose how you want to fight this war and you’ll eventually convey your feelings. With time, your partner will realize their mistake and treat you better.