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20 Serious Warning Signs Of An Insecure Boyfriend You Must Never Ignore

20 Serious Warning Signs Of An Insecure Boyfriend You Must Never Ignore

Updated on Sep 27, 2023

20 Serious Warning Signs Of An Insecure Boyfriend You Must Never Ignore

Consider looking for signs of an insecure boyfriend if your man compliments you but is always scared you’ll leave him.

He treats you like you are his whole world and makes you feel so special. But he gets jealous over the smallest things. Your love story is dreamy, but certain things make you question his intentions. 

Well, if this is your case, it’s time to find out the truth here!

20 Signs Of An Insecure Boyfriend

Having an insecure boyfriend is like a rollercoaster. On one hand, he makes you feel like the most beautiful and lovable girl in the world.  On the other hand, he behaves like a freak looking for constant validation. 

If you feel your man is also showing such signs but can’t be sure, here are a few signs to get your answer!

1. He is extremely manipulative 

A classic sign of insecurity in a man is that he’ll often ask about your day or what you have been up to. But deep down, he just wants to know if you’ve again had lunch with that coworker or if your best friend called you again. 

He layers his conversation so well that you fail to see the motive. You end up falling for his “caring nature” because he can always manipulate the situation in his favor.

2. He gets upset when you want your space

Is he extremely possessive of you or behaves as if he owns you?

An insecure boyfriend makes it difficult for you to have a life outside your relationship. Whenever you make plans with your friends indoors or outdoors, he never hesitates from being an obstacle.

3. He stalks your social media

It’s normal for boyfriends to see what their girlfriends post on social media. But if he’s insecure, he’ll go a step further! 

He’ll read each and every comment and like on your posts to see who interacts with you. He’ll check your followers and following list pretty often. 

And if he finds anything suspicious, he’ll slyly slide it into a conversation to know more. 

4. He is overly expressive in the initial phase 

Do you two barely know each other, but he is already too into you? 

Perhaps he is already confessing his affection for you and how much you mean to him. You are more confused than happy. After all, what made him say all these things in the initial phase?

If you see these signs, then run for your life! Because these are the early traits of an insecure person. 

5. He needs constant reassurance

Even after all your efforts in the relationship, is it still somehow not enough for him? 

If he seeks constant validation from you, your man is insecure. He seems to be emotionally distressed when he can’t have all of your attention. 

Every time you prioritize something over him, you end up in a situation where you have to explain yourself and prove your love to him.

6. He tries to control you

If he tries to control every little decision you make, that’s a surefire sign of his insecurity. From where to buy your groceries to which haircut you should do next, he wants you to ask for his input into every little thing.

He feels as if you are isolating him if you don’t seek his opinions on all your matters.

7. He needs to know your whereabouts ALL THE TIME!!

As a boyfriend, it’s fine if he wants to know where you are. But if he constantly texts you and asks where you are and who you are with, then know that it’s not a good sign! 

An insecure boyfriend would want to keep track of you every minute. 

8. He has irrational expectations

Does he demand you should always pick up his call or that your phone line must never go busy? 

Or, if you’ve promised to meet at a certain time, does he never stand any delay?

If an argument is on your way whenever you can’t meet his irrational expectations, he is extremely insecure

9. He can’t share his time with you

Suppose there’s a specified time you spend with him regularly – whether over phone calls or in person. He demands that you can’t be unavailable during that time. 

When something comes up and you need to spend that time with others, he complains about how much he gets neglected. 

If all of that is true, your suspicions are right!

10. He can’t take criticism

Insecure people can’t take criticism, and the minute you raise a question, they’ll turn the tables on you. 

For instance, if you constructively criticize him, it will all become about how you can’t understand his selfless love, or you only highlight his negative parts. 

But he does not mind advising you what you need to change about yourself.

11. He vilifies his exes 

When he talks about his past relationships, if he was a victim in all of them, your boyfriend is definitely insecure. 

He will tell you how his ex-girlfriends lied to him or cheated on him and how he honored his relationship till the end. He goes on to denigrate his ex-girlfriends and vilify their characters. 

12. He’s not really close to anyone

Notice if he has casual friends but isn’t close to any of them. Perhaps he does not wish to hang out with any of his friends or family. 

Instead, he focuses on spending all his time with you. He only talks with you or shares his problems with you. 

While being your man’s only go-to person is a dream of many, it creates a lot of dependency on you. And this is all because of his insecurity!

13. He constantly guilt trips you

An insecure boyfriend knows how to make you feel guilty about everything that’s going on in your relationship. 

He will guilt trip you for not loving him enough, not giving time in your relationship, and all the arguments. He will always make you feel miserable and accountable for all things bad going on in your relationship.

14. You can’t mention another man

While talking to him, mention how your boss complimented you at work or how that stranger at the supermarket helped you pick the fresh lettuce. 

If his tone shifts from sweet to suspicious, he’s insecure!

For instance, he’ll bomb you with questions like “What was your reaction to the compliment?” or “How long did the conversation last with that other guy?” 

And in no time, he will blame you for dishonesty. 

15. He interferes with your dressing style

If your boyfriend is insecure, he will try to change the way you dress and the way you look. He will tell you that your bodycon dress doesn’t suit you or that red lipstick doesn’t go with your skin tone. 

It’s not because you don’t look good in those. Rather, he doesn’t want you to go out looking that good. He doesn’t want other people to look at you or admire you.

16. You feel compelled to hide things 

If you have an insecure man, after learning about his ways and tricks, you’ll feel compelled to lie to him. You won’t want to share whether you went out with friends or met a new guy at the gym. You can’t be honest because of the aftermath!

17. He has a low self-esteem

Observe if he’s always anxious and suspicious. You two rarely have any quality time because of excess negativity in the relationship. 

He often feels that you will choose someone else over him or you are ignoring him. Or, he jokes about himself negatively. 

If he’s never confident about your relationship and always puts you down, he’s insecure.

18. He brings up your past

Another glaring sign is if he often discusses your past relationships. He’ll try to know what happened in your past relationships, who dumped whom, or who was more invested in the relationship. He’ll ask you about your ex and if you still have feelings for him. 

19. He often threatens to end the relationship

Whenever there’s a disagreement, if he doesn’t focus on talking it through and resolving the issue, that’s another red flag

If he’s insecure, his only answer to any argument is BREAK UP

He doesn’t utter these words because he wants to end it all. He wouldn’t! 

But he doesn’t mean it. Rather, he says this to threaten you. He makes sure that the entire focus shifts from the argument to you saving your relationship.

20. He questions your loyalty 

An insecure boyfriend will always question your loyalty. He’ll always doubt that you are planning to leave him or cheating on him. Despite how much you try to make things right, you will always be the one taking in all the accusations and going through the trial.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

If your boyfriend has all these signs, it’s time you question your relationship. Remember, it’s not easy to deal with an insecure man. It takes a toll on your mental and emotional health. So choose wisely before you are too invested in your relationship. 

You may think a little insecurity is healthy. But if it goes beyond an extent, then you need to decide what you are gonna do next!

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