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How To Date Your Best Friend? 15 Ways To Become Lovers From Besties 

How To Date Your Best Friend? 15 Ways To Become Lovers From Besties 

Updated on Oct 06, 2023

How To Date Your Best Friend 15 Ways To Become Lovers From Besties 

You just can’t keep your feelings down on the low and want to know how to date your best friend

It’s been so long since you became friends, and you feel nervous about their feelings. This is normal because you don’t want to lose your friend either. But there’s no reason to suppress your feelings for that.

So, plan the perfect way to work on your heart’s desire here!

How To Date Your Best Friend? – 15 Ways

For a successful romantic relationship, you need love, respect, and friendship. Since you guys are already best friends, the chance of building a wonderful relationship is even higher. 

However, you need to step forward carefully to avoid messing things up. So, read on to get your answers…

1. Find out if they like you too

Find out whether they feel the same way before you do anything to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. 

A romantic relationship with your best friend is a beautiful thing. But you have to handle it sensitively so that you don’t lose your best friend.

2. Be sure that you want a romantic relationship

Do you really want to date your best friend?

Think again and see whether there is any other reason for your sudden romantic feelings for them. 

Did you break up recently, and your best friend is your place of comfort?

Then, you might not be romantically interested but just feeling vulnerable.

3. Figure out if you both are compatible romantically

You and your best friend are two peas in a pod and feel very comfortable with each other. But that does not necessarily mean that you’ll be romantically compatible.

Since you see each other as friends, it’s hard to make things romantic. 

There are also some habits of your friend that you don’t mind because you’re just friends – like ghosting people or flirting a lot. But these might cause problems if they become your partner.

4. Consider whether you want to risk the friendship

If you have a break-up or experience a bad date, you go to your best friend to rant.

But when you start a romantic relationship with your bestie, and something goes wrong… what will you do? 

You will lose your partner and the most precious friend of yours in one go. The stakes are high here as this is no stranger who you can ghost later.

5. Think about how you will move forward if they reject you

You can’t tell if they also want you romantically. So, if you confess your feelings and they reject you, things will become awkward.

If you want to preserve your friendship with them no matter what, think about how you will deal with this situation.

6. Hint at them that you like them

Try to find out whether a romantic relationship is possible with your friend with a few hints. 

Talk about how good it would be for both of you to date and what an imaginary life together can be like. Give them signs about your romantic feelings for them.

7. Go on a few platonic dates first

This is another way to see if both of you have the chemistry for a romance. Do not confess your feelings, but ask them out on a platonic date with just the two of you.

See if you feel the butterflies. Use this opportunity to hold their hand and mimic a first date to see their reaction.

8. Flirt with them

Flirting is a great way to tease them and open up a new side of your bond. So, flirt a little to see how they respond to it. 

Wear suggestive clothes when they are with you or put on a nice perfume. Show them with your body language that you are interested in them.

9. Make sure you don’t cross boundaries

Tease boundaries to change your set habit of being friends. But don’t make them uncomfortable because it might scare them away.

Many things can go wrong if you jump into a sexual relationship with your best friend. So, take it slow and move at their pace if you want to begin a romance.

10. Change up your style

Your best friend will notice you as a potential partner if you catch their eye. But this is difficult to do as they have seen all your lazy no make-up days.

So, change up your style, and put on some makeup if you have never done so before. Throw on a great outfit to show them just how attractive you are.

11. Keep your other friends out of this

When you are trying to date your best friend, all your mutual friends will become very interested in this situation. But keep them away from this as too many opinions will confuse you.

Push your best friend a little to convince them if any friend tells them otherwise. Don’t doubt yourself about the rights and wrongs of things if anyone demoralizes you.

12. Increase casual physical touch

Slowly increase the casual touches between both of you to see if you enjoy this closeness. This will also give them a sign that you are interested in a physical relationship with them and want to have a romantic connection with them.

You can hold their hand, cuddle when you are watching TV together, and likewise.

13. Confess your feelings clearly

To have a romantic relationship built on trust and good communication, begin with a clear confession. So, plan what you want to tell them in your mind.

Take them to a calm place with just the two of you. Honestly let them know how your feelings have changed and what expectations you have from them.

14. Ask them out on a romantic date

Finally, ask them out on a romantic date. Go all out on this one because you need to impress your special person.

You know what they love to do the most, so you have an added advantage here to make this first date perfect. 

It doesn’t have to be a classic dinner at an expensive restaurant. So, if they like a picnic in a park that is what you should arrange.

Do not feel pressurized to be perfect and figure out this new relationship together.

15. Accept that you’re in a sexual relationship now

Many friends who become lovers make mistakes when it comes to sex.

Sex is a natural and enjoyable part of a romance that brings both partners closer together. So, do not shy away from touching them or feeling sexual pleasure from their touch.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

While you follow the above steps, remember to do your best. Make sure your actions convey what you truly feel. 

Try to know their feelings beforehand. If that’s not possible, seek a friend’s support. 

If you still can’t find out. play your cards right. Even if the relationship is not an option, make sure you can maintain your friendship. 

Lastly, if they don’t agree, take your space to work on your feelings. Don’t force yourself to smile. 

Find happiness in yourself and slowly try to convince yourself into being friends again!

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