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35 Signs He Wants to Marry You & Is Hopelessly in Love with You  

35 Signs He Wants to Marry You & Is Hopelessly in Love with You  

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

35 Signs He Wants to Marry You & Is Hopelessly in Love with You  

The realm of relationships is multifaceted, and each person’s road to marriage is unique. And if you’re in a serious relationship, it is common to look for signs he wants to marry you and reach here.

Don’t worry; this think-piece will answer all your questions and tell you as many as 35 signs that show his willingness to make a lifetime commitment.

35 Signs He Wants to Marry You & Take this Relationship Ahead

As the love grows in your heart and the relationship develops, you may begin to worry if your partner sees a future that includes marriage. You’re in the middle of a fantastic chapter but curious about his motives. How do you interpret his emotions?

Fear not, since this guide will reveal all the signs that say he’s seriously thinking about life together. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. All his future plans have one thing in common – You!

When he openly shares future plans, including long-term ambitions, with you in it, it’s a sure sign that he’s in it for the long run. So, if you’re confused about this, try asking him, “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?” the next time you meet him and you will have your answer.

2. You are his constant companion

If you’re present at all his events, from family gatherings to work-related meetings, it clearly shows that he wants you to meet the important people in his life. This displays his admiration for you and his hopes for a future together.

3. He is punctual and respectful

If he is always on time on dates, it shows that he values and respects you. But if he is punctual with you even when he’s not in real life, it may be because he is extremely serious about this relationship.  

4. He is extremely affectionate towards you

He may be thinking about marriage if he suddenly becomes more affectionate than before. He will hug you more often, tell you how much you mean to him, or kiss you unexpectedly.

5. Your phone bings with his name 24*7

It is certain that you have a huge impact on him when he frequently sends you texts saying how much he misses you when you’re apart.

Further, if he constantly finds excuses to talk to you all the while that you’re away, he is already seeing you in his future.

6. He is dedicated to you, ONLY you

He seems uninterested or indifferent towards other girls or their advances. This dedication is only possible when he is in love with you out-and-about, and looking at a solid future with you.

7. He talks about moving-in together

Suggesting moving-in is a serious commitment to the future, even though it is not a straight proposal. He is willing to take a step closer to marriage and test the waters before he goes all in.

8. He is vulnerable around you

His willingness to open up emotionally and display his vulnerability is a sign that he trusts you. No one lets their walls down around a temporary person.

9. He is there with you through all the thick-and-thin

From tough nights to bright days, if you always find him beside you, he is certainly ready to commit to you forever. If he has seen all shades of you and never wavered, girl, he’s a keeper!

10. He likes to give references to married life

He’s thinking about you as a life partner if he often brings up marriage in conversations. It indirectly reveals his hope for a future with you as his spouse.

11. He is comfortable sharing his family history with you

No one likes to talk about family unless you’re in their absolute innermost circle. So, if he’s doing that, it’s already a green flag.

12. You are often involved in his career

If he values your opinion in his work life, it’s certainly because he trusts you blindfolded. This action also hints at a deeper goal, which could be a long-term relationship where every part of life is shared, honored, and loved.

13. He gets along well with his married friends

If he spends a lot of time with his married friends, it shows that he wants a similar future. Further, if he has a keen interest in knowing how they are spending their married lives or asks about the tricks to long-lasting success, it is a glaring flag that this guy wants to marry you.

14. He digs-deep into your financial status

This is one of the most important rules of a successful marriage – financial transparency. So, if he strikes conversations about financial goals or suggests a joint account, it’s because, mentally, he is already building a life with you.

15. He showers you with small and big surprises

Right from ordering your food to gifting you your favorite makeup – he has done it all. This shows his commitment to bring a smile to your face and start a life together.

16. He often hints at marriage (directly!)

He often makes comments about wedding-related things, like how you would look in a wedding gown or how he is the right fit for you jokingly (but not as much).

These things imply that you will soon find him on his knees with a ring in his hand! 😉

17. He shows interest in your everyday life

His interest in your job, hobbies, and friendships directly shows his interest in a future with you.  If he asks you a lot of questions and doesn’t shy away from answering as well, it is because he wants to ensure you both are compatible before he calls out the “P” word.

18. He sounds certain about the future

If his conversations have suddenly moved from “if” to “when” while talking about the future, congratulations, he’s soon planning to propose you.

19. He shares his life with you

He feels so at ease and confident in your company that he is willing to open up about both his personal and professional life. This openness highlights his desire for a long-lasting connection built on trust and open communication.

20. He always seeks your opinions

He seeks your advice on crucial issues and considers it wholeheartedly, not only because he loves you but because he knows you’d always want the best for him.

21. He is extremely comfortable around you

If he chooses to spend a night with you at the drop of a hat and doesn’t feel any discomfort even when you both are alone, it is because he is already considering you as his “wife”. If you feel the same, take the jump; he will hold you!

22. He cracks jokes around marriage

This is his way of testing the waters to see how you react to topics related to marriage. So, while you take this as lighthearted banter, reply to his jokes smartly if you’re equally interested. If not, you need to put a full stop to these advances.

23. He likes to spend his holidays with you

He plans all his holidays with you or around you. Not only that, he’s also super excited about it. This excitement is not about the travel enthusiast in him but his fanatics about you.

24. He is committed to play the “Hero”

He takes the job of a loyal partner very seriously and makes sure he never fails at it.

This promise isn’t just about the present. It’s a promise that he’ll be there for you through good times and bad and that his desire to turn this relationship into a lifetime of love, friendship, and unfailing support.

25. Unlike other men, he is in favor of the constitution of marriage

His faith in the institution of marriage shows that he wants to live a long, shared life with someone. This confidence resurfaces when he has already found this special someone – which, in this case, maybe you!

26. He also strikes conversations about parenthood

If he is positive about parenthood and discusses his well-settled word buddies, it hints towards his own desire to have that.

In a casual discussion about weddings, if he expresses his desire to marry with specific details, it is definitely a huge sign.

Further, if he is looking up hotels or googling things like “when is the right time to marry”, you don’t need any more validation.

28. Jealousy is nowhere to be found

While some insecurity is also a form of love, toxic jealousy is not. So, if this man trusts you with his eyes closed and never bothers you with any kind of suspicious questions, it’s because he is already thinking of a life with you.

29. He’s careful with money

If you find him not spending carelessly like he used to earlier, it may be because he is preparing himself for a big commitment, like marriage. He’s saving so that he can invest in a shared future and also give you a dream life.

30. He asks you about your ring size

Nothing can be more definite than this. If he musters up the courage to ask you about your ring size, get ready for a big surprise in the coming days!

31. You know his credit card details

If you don’t think twice before giving you his credit card, it’s because he already considers you as his own. He thinks his money is also yours and gives you all the freedom to spend it just as you want. All this is because, in his mind, he is already married to you.

32. He wants to know about your “dream” wedding

Everyone has their own version of a dream wedding. While you may want a grand, luxurious affair, he may want to keep it as low-key as possible. So, if he is asking about your desires, it may be because he wants to find common ground before he goes down on one knee.

33. He often window shops in jewelry shops

And why not, he wants to propose you with the best ring and hence leaves no chance to achieve that. Adding to that, if he also asks for your review on everything he lays his hands on, it is because he wants to know more about your likes and preferences.

34. He brags about you in public

If you find him talking about your successes in public and taking pride in it, well, there’s nothing more beautiful than this. He is not only ready to marry you but also values you.

35. He adjusts for you

Most men are rigid and don’t care about your schedule or behaviors until the special someone knocks on their door.

So, if he doesn’t mind waking up early because you like to watch the sunrise, despite him being a night owl, he is certainly thinking of a life with you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

As you try to figure out the signs, keep in mind that every relationship is different and moves at a different pace. While this guide may help you figure out what he really wants, you must not take any step further until you’re sure about what you want.

Now, if you relate with all the signs in this think-piece and want him just as much, wait for him to propose. But if you don’t, the sooner you tell him that, the better. It will save both you and him from heartbreaks and bitter memories.

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