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25 Brutally Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You 

25 Brutally Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You 

Updated on Oct 23, 2023

25 Brutally Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You 

If you’ve wanted to take the next step, but he doesn’t respond, it’s high time you check for signs he doesn’t want to marry you!

He might be busy with work for a few weeks. He might be too swamped with family responsibilities to talk about it. However, if it’s been too long, girl, listen to your instincts. Know the truth right away here…

25 Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You

You’ve gotten your nails done so many times for the big question. But the proposal never comes. Now you’re wondering whether he’s even serious about you… but you don’t know how to have this difficult conversation.

Well, just check for these signs to know what’s up! 

1. He avoids conversations about the future 

If your partner ignores future discussions, including topics related to marriage and long-term plans, it might be a sign of disinterest in marriage. It’s all because he doesn’t plan to stay in the long haul.

2. He avoids making commitments

If he always breaks promises or doesn’t even promise anything, now that shows he doesn’t want to commit to a future together. 

Probably, he’s not interested in the idea of marriage at all. It’s clear that you two are not on the same page!

3. He restricts meetings with family and friends 

When a man introduces you to his inner circle, that’s a great feeling. Especially when you’re thinking about marriage, he must invite you to his friend or family gatherings. 

But if he always denies introducing you to their family and friends, that’s fishy. His resistance indicates he might be with you just for fun!

4. He shows a dismissive attitude toward marriage 

If your partner frequently dismisses the idea of marriage or makes negative comments about marriage, he may not see it as part of his future. 

It might be because he has other career goals, which isn’t a clear red signal. But still, if the plans of you both are not aligning.  

5. He fears losing independence 

He fears that marriage will limit his freedom and independence, which causes him to avoid the idea of marriage. 

This mindset is again a wake-up call for you. Even if he says that he’ll marry you, you better be cautious!

6. He never compromises

A lack of willingness to compromise on important issues is another red flag. After all, marriage is full of adjustments, so he may also not be ready to marry at all! 

7. He avoids discussion about children

Notice how he reacts when you ask, “How many kids do you want?”

If he doesn’t show interest in having children or never discusses any plan relating to parenthood, he may not envision a future together as a married couple.

8. He maintains a separate financial life

There is no need to hide financial problems. A couple that’s about the get married must be transparent about each other’s financial updates. After all, neither of you wants to get in a mess from the other’s messed up finances!

However, if he keeps financial matters separate and doesn’t want to discuss joint finances, that’s an alarming sign. 

This shows he doesn’t feel secure discussing it with you. Or, you’re not important enough for this, showing his disinterest in getting married to you!

9. He makes emotional distance

Is it getting difficult for you to get emotional support in the relationship? Do you always have to seek your friends and family for it?

If your partner seems emotionally distant or disconnected, it may indicate that he’s not fully invested in the relationship. So, marriage is a far-fetched dream!

10. He refuses to share living space

When he’s uncertain about living together or sharing a home, he lacks commitment to build a life together.

He might also have someone else on his mind. Probably he doesn’t want you both to frequent his home… lest he gets caught?

11. He doesn’t make an effort  

Notice whether your partner shows no effort in the relationship. If this is the case, you’re unimportant to him. 

He might not even be invested in a long-term relationship… and marriage is just out of the equation!

12. He has postponed the wedding date a lot

Issues may arise after choosing a wedding date, and you might need to delay the wedding. 

However, if he has postponed the wedding date more than twice, girl, run for your life. He’s only toying with you with no desire for a future together!

13. He ignores relationship issues 

When you guys have fights, notice who tries the most to make up with the other. 

Of course, you can’t keep score of such things. After all, he matters so much to you that you want to get married soon.

But if he avoids addressing conflicts or relationship issues, girl beware! This indicates he may not be interested in working towards the present bond. 

14. You’re feeling an inconsistent behavior 

Notice if he’s sometimes extremely lovey-dovey… and then later acts pretty distant. Perhaps, there are days when he expresses a lot to you. And then he goes MIA out of the blue.

Such inconsistency in his actions or behavior can be a sign of uncertainty about the relationship’s future.

15. He never posts you on his social media

If you’re close enough to get married, he’ll definitely post about you and your pictures on social media. Of course, some men aren’t interested in updating everything online… but at least there’ll be something!

But if he hasn’t even changed his relationship status or never tags you in anything, he’s keeping you on the low. He doesn’t really want to marry you!

16. He resists joint decision-making 

You will make most decisions together if your relationship is serious enough to get married. Whether it’s about a job switch, buying a car, or something as simple as going on a holiday with his friends.

However, it’s not normal if he hesitates to make joint decisions or doesn’t include you in important life choices. This indicates he may not view you as a long-term partner.

17. He doesn’t care about relationship milestones

Relationship milestones are not celebrated just for show. It helps you bond further and feel stronger. 

But notice if he downplays and dismisses relationship milestones. If yes, he doesn’t see the relationship progressing toward marriage.

18. He shows indifference to your needs

Observe if he’s hesitant to meet your physical, sexual, or intellectual needs. 

If he’s indifferent to your needs and dismisses your desires, he’s not invested in building a future together or not ready for marriage.

19. He focuses on individual growth only

Is he solely focused on his individual growth and development? Or does he often motivate you to reach your goals?

If it’s the former, it indicates that he’s not prioritizing the relationship’s growth.

20. He never asks for your updates

Another red flag is when he resists integrating you into his daily life. Neither he asks about your day, nor he shares about his own. This shows he’s not willing to deepen his commitment through marriage.

21. You feel a lack of affection and intimacy

A lack of affection and intimacy in your relationship is also a poor sign of the doom of your relationship. 

So, check if he doesn’t compliment you, indulge in cute romantic chats, or kiss you every now and then. These are the signs that this relationship won’t lead to marriage!

22. He flirts with others or is interested in others

A man who wants to marry you will make you feel special at every point. You’ll be his one and only lover… unless the relationship is nonmonogamous.

So, if he frequently flirts and shows interest in others… lady, it’s a big red flag. he’s not serious regarding the bond, and of course, doesn’t care about your feelings. 

23. You feel like an option, not a priority 

Ever felt you don’t get much attention? Perhaps he does a raincheck on your dates if his friends are available. Or, when his friends bail out, he asks you out randomly. 

This shows you’re only an option rather than a priority in his life. So, this relationship isn’t important enough to marry you! 

24. He denies seeking professional help

If your relationship has lots of issues, it’s wise to seek couple’s therapy and sort out your issues.

But he never agrees and makes excuses whenever you try to set an appointment. Despite knowing the benefits of therapy, he still avoids it. 

If this rings a bell, he just doesn’t want anything serious like marriage!

25. He never apologizes

An apology doesn’t have a solution, but it has the power of healing. If he wrongs you, you deserve respect and apology… and vice versa!

But if he values his ego more in place of love, he has no plans of marrying you!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you got most of the signs, it’s time to take a stand. Have an honest conversation about your insecurities with him. 

If he can’t answer you properly, move on for your own sake. Don’t break down life always finds a way. Remember your worth, get all the help, heal, and be optimistic!

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