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When To Stop Waiting For Him To Propose? 15 Tips To Understand His Thoughts

When To Stop Waiting For Him To Propose? 15 Tips To Understand His Thoughts

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

When To Stop Waiting For Him To Propose 15 Tips To Understand His Thoughts

For a long time, have you been wondering when to stop waiting for him to propose? You’ve been with him for so long and stood by him through thick and thin. But he has yet to pop the big question.

Well, it can be so frustrating when you always dreamed about spending your future with your man, but he doesn’t take a step forward.

So, if he’s not ready to answer you, find it through the signs here!

When to stop waiting for him to propose? – 15 tips to know

You started dating him because he seemed like the perfect husband, father, and protector. You dreamed that you’d soon tie the knot and lead a satisfying life with little fights here and there.

However, it has been so long, but he just doesn’t talk about settling down. You hope it’ll happen any day now, but you only get disappointed!

So, now, don’t waste your time anymore and find the truth here!

1. He avoids proposal talks

You have repeatedly brought up the proposal topic in your conversations. But he always drifts away from it and switches to some other topic. 

If this is the case with you, know that he may never propose.

Moreover, if your and your boyfriend’s feelings about marriage don’t align, stop waiting and get to the root cause of his behavior.

2. He takes marriage as a joke

If your partner consistently makes lighthearted or dismissive remarks about marriage, it’s a red flag. It is a tell-tale sign that he’s not interested in marriage.

This might indicate that he doesn’t see marriage as a serious commitment. And he’s definitely not ready for this significant step. 

3. You have been in a very long-term relationship

In a long-term relationship, if there are no marriage talks, it can leave you uncertain… wondering where your partnership is headed. 

Many say that “it will happen when the time comes.” But that doesn’t guarantee a proposal.

So, instead of waiting for him to propose, you should reflect on your relationship and see if you have a future together.

4. His reasons for not proposing keeps changing

Notice if he always gives you a long list of reasons for not proposing. Or perhaps, his reasons always keep changing.

If yes, he can’t stick to the same reason, how will he stick with you in the long run?

He lacks clarity and is playing mind games. So, before things turn toxic, talk to him and reach a decision.

5. He is afraid of commitments

Fear of commitment is a real concern for some individuals. If he also suffers from it, it’ll significantly impact your partner’s willingness to propose, discuss marriage, or your long-term future.

If he’s ready to work on his fears, you can wait for him. But if he isn’t ready to embrace change, that proposal will never come.

6. He doesn’t stand by his old opinions on marriage

Consistency between words and actions is vital in any relationship. So, your man had positive views on marriage at the beginning of your relationship. But now, it is out of the question.

If this rings a bell, he was clearly just bluffing to win you. But now, he’s had enough fun to let you go!

7. He talks about marriages being pretentious

Everyone has different perspectives on marriage. But if he thinks negatively about marriages and thinks it is just pretentious, he may never propose. 

Your relationship will never move on to the next phase. So, get ready to move on soon.

8. He always says, “I am not ready yet.”

If your partner frequently drops the excuse of “not being ready” to delay marriage, realize his stance will never change. Don’t have false hopes or give him any more time.

Even if you think there are legit factors, he’s most probably just stalling, so you should stop waiting.

9. He is not serious about your ultimatums

So, you two had many fights about him not proposing, but he has constantly ignored them. 

If this sounds familiar, he doesn’t take your ultimatums seriously or disregards them altogether.

He lacks consideration for your needs and feelings. So, it indicates deeper issues in your relationship that must be addressed… or maybe those can’t be fixed at all!

10. He doesn’t honor your feelings

When you care about each other’s feelings, it takes relationships forward. However, it’s an issue if your man neither honors your feelings nor respects your opinions about proposals and marriages. 

That’s your cue to stop waiting for him to propose immediately. Someone who does not take your feelings seriously is only fooling around with you. He can’t even picture a future together!

11. He isn’t afraid of losing you

Men are always afraid of losing their women. But you have your answer if he does not fear losing you due to his reluctance to propose.

Respect yourself more and be with someone who actually values and respects your commitment. Don’t wait for this clown’s proposal! 

12. His family doesn’t approve

Family dynamics can significantly impact a relationship. If his family disapproves of you or your relationship, it might be challenging for him to ever make it to marriage. 

Especially if he is too attached to his family, you must give up ASAP. In the end, he will prioritize them over you. 

Assess whether most of his life decisions are influenced by family pressures. If yes, you have no future together!

13. Your relationship has changed its course

Relationships naturally evolve over time. Sometimes they may deviate from initial expectations. 

But, notice if your relationship shifted from a path to marriage and if there are no signs of getting back on that track. This is high time to stop waiting for his proposal.

Take some time to evaluate whether your long-term goals align. Have honest conversations about both of your goals. You’ll get clarity on whether you have any hope!

14. His end goals are far from marriage

Each person has unique life goals, and sometimes, marriage might not be a priority for everyone. 

So, if his long-term aspirations differ significantly from yours, discuss how you both look toward your future.

If you can reach a middle ground, that’s great. But your core values and life goals should be compatible to not just get married but STAY MARRIED!

15. He is not mature enough to think about future

Maturity plays a significant role in how individuals approach commitment and future planning. 

But, if he consistently avoids discussions about the future or seems reluctant, it indicates a lack of readiness for a deeper commitment. So, marriage might never be on the table, and you should start from scratch!

Now, if you want a specific answer to your question, your answer lies here… 

How long do people usually wait?

In short, there is no fixed timeline for how long you should wait for him to propose. But generally, proposals happen after an average of two years in a committed relationship. 

Of course, different couples take different times before making it to the aisle. While some men may propose instantly within six months, others take five or even more years!

Individually for you, the time frame depends on certain factors. 

First, know if he’s taking time to strengthen your relationship before taking the big step. If you’ve been dating only for a few months or have a long-distance relationship, things will take time.

Moreover, many couples need time to know each other better and analyze their compatibility. It may also be true for your relationship. 

So, don’t brood over the time frame, and understand that it depends on your relationship’s commitment level and depth.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Relationships need an ample amount of time to flourish. But it does not mean you should keep waiting forever for him to propose. 

Instead, use the above mentioned tips to determine if he will ever propose. If you don’t see a hopeful future, stop giving him endless chances. Know that you deserve better and move on even if it hurts.

However, if there are genuine reasons, decide what you want together!

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