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22 Signs He Wants More Than Sex

22 Signs He Wants More Than Sex

Updated on Sep 27, 2023

22 Signs He Wants More Than Sex

Signs he wants more than sex are just what you need if you want to date your hook-up partner!

You both gave in to your desires… but you want something more. Somehow, your heart wants to believe that he’s a keeper!

Though you want to give him a chance, you’re just not sure and definitely don’t wanna make a fool out of yourself.

Well, to end your train of thought and know his true plans, just dive right in! 

22 Signs that he wants more than sex 

In the bedroom, you have the steamiest sex with him, and his hunger for your body makes you feel alive. But outside, he treats you like a princess. He makes you hope, but you also wonder if he also treats his other sleeping partners the same.

The sweet gestures leave you confused. You fear that you’re setting yourself up for a big heartbreak.

But you don’t have to worry anymore because you’ll get your answers once you go through these…

1. He just wants to hang out sometimes

One of the biggest signs that a man wants more than sex is when he wants to hang out just for the sake of it. 

He genuinely wants to connect with you if he takes you out for lunch or movies. It means that he wants to make memories with you outside the bedroom.

2. He asks for your opinion before making decisions

Another sign that a man wants something more than sex is when he asks for your opinion before making decisions. It indicates that he thinks highly of you and values your opinion. 

This shows he wants you to be a part of his life. He would never ask for your opinion if he only looked at you as a one-night stand

3. He respects your boundaries

A man who solely wants sex would not even bother trying to understand your personal boundaries, let alone respect them. 

So, if this guy goes out of his way to make sure that your boundaries are not violated, it means that he genuinely cares about you. He would never push you to do something you don’t want to do. 

4. He believes in you

When anyone wants to hook up only, they rarely care about their hookup partner, let alone believe in that person. 

So, notice if he encourages you to pursue your dream career, grab that promotion, or tell you that you are capable.

This shows that he deeply cares about you and wants you to be successful. It is likely that he also wants the chance to celebrate your achievements with you… you’re definitely not a sex friend!

5. He’s often the one to text first after having sex

A guy who just wants sex from you would never care to text you immediately after he has got what he wants. He would only contact you when he wants to have sex again. 

But if he’s often the first one to text after having sex, it means that he wants more… not just your body, but you! He is genuinely interested in you as a potential partner. 

6. He says that he wants more

The clearest sign that he wants more than just a physical relationship is when he says it verbally! 

You may think that he is saying so just so that he can get into your pants, but the reality is actually quite different. 

How so? 

Well, since he is willing to open himself up for rejection, it’s quite obvious that he is dying for more. 

He may not be able to define ‘more’ perfectly, but he definitely doesn’t mean just sleeping around. 

7. He often calls you up

Does he call you up in the middle of the night just to ask how your day went? 

A person seeking a sex-only relationship hardly calls a hookup partner. This happens only when they fall in love, trust and care about them. 

So, if he calls you without any reason, he definitely wants to share more than just his bed with you.

8. He remembers your favorites

A man who just wants to get laid won’t care about your favorites. But you are important to him if he often brings you your favorite snacks or flowers. 

So, notice if he knows exactly which toppings you like on your pizza or what ice cream you love. If he remembers a few things, he pays you much attention. He wouldn’t do so if he only wanted your body. 

9. He often opens up to you

A person who just wants you for your body will never open up to you, especially if it’s a man. Because of all the stigma around their emotions, men are only truly vulnerable with people whom they consider close. 

But if he trusts you enough to let his guard down around you, you are actually an important person… much more important than a sex buddy! 

10. He is interested in your life

Notice if he takes an active interest in your passions, interests, and hobbies. Or if he asks you a lot of questions. 

If yes, it shows that rather than looking at you just as an object of desire, he actually cares about you as a person. If he never forgets to ask you about your day, it’s not just sex in his mind. 

11. He talks about his life

A man won’t share the details of his life with someone if he only wants to get laid. 

So if you know things like his school life or his favorite memory with his parents, chances are that he looks at you as more than just a hookup buddy. He might even be interested in sharing a life with you.

12. He gives you a lot of compliments

Men compliment women once in a while out of courtesy. But when a man really likes and cares for you, there will be a shower of compliments. 

Again, how he compliments you says a lot about his feelings for you. So, if he often compliments you, he wants more than sex. 

This might be praise for your personality traits or things that are attractive to him personally!

13. He’s not afraid to display his affection in public

If a man wants you just for sex, he usually avoids being seen with you in public. But if the man does not flinch to display his affection for you in public, he definitely wants more. 

So, if he holds your hand and kisses you spontaneously in public or posts pictures with you on social media… he can’t wait actually to show you off as his girlfriend. 

14. He actually listens

If a man just wants to get in your pants, he won’t pay attention to you when you speak. Instead, he’ll just zone out. 

So, if the guy in question makes an effort to listen to you actively and even remembers what you have said to him, it is obvious that your bond isn’t just about sex. 

15. He gets a little jealous

Another indication that a man wants more than just sex is when he gets jealous of the other men in your life. 

If he is not romantically interested in you, he will not bat an eye even if you flirt with someone in front of him. 

But if he is indeed interested, even the prospect of you dating another man can make him lose his mind. So, try to flirt with someone in front of him and see how he reacts. 

16. He encourages you to open up to him

If a man just wants you for your body, your feelings won’t matter to him. He would never ask you to open up to him. 

But if he actively creates a safe space so that you can be vulnerable, it obviously means that your connection is much more than just sex!

17. He tries to please you

Remember if he often makes you breakfast in the morning, plans elaborate dates, and makes grand gestures just to put a smile on your face.

If he goes out of his way to please you, it shows that he cares about you and wants you to be happy. 

He sees you as an individual with wants, needs, and desires, not just as an object there for his gratification. 

If he puts a lot of effort into just giving you a good time, that alone shows he desperately wants you to like him back. 

18. He stays over for cuddles

Honestly, men that just want sex never engage in snuggling. Rather he would pull away after he has finished. Some even go to sleep right after!

But, if he stays over just so that he can hold you in his arms, chances are that he wants a lot more than sex. 

19. He desires to travel with you

During vacations, people unwind and make memories. So, even men in casual sex only go on vacation with guys, and not with a f*@# buddy he doesn’t care about!

And if he needs to satisfy the itch in his pants, he can just pick up a local beauty for a night… after all, that costs much less!

But, if he takes you on vacations and spends time with you, he wants more than just a few casual nights together.

20. He wants you to meet the people he holds dear

Men always want their loved ones to approve of their romantic interests. But, of course, they’d never let their family know about someone they’re just messing with!

So, if you already know his friends and family, he definitely wants to take things out of the bedroom. 

21. He’s there for you

If a man is only interested in a casual hookup, you can never rely on him. Instead, he will contact you only when he wants your body. 

But if this guy is there for you on good and bad days, chances are that he is there for good. He wants to ensure you get all the emotional support you need… because you smite him!

22. He wants to meet your friends and family

A man who is just interested in getting into bed with you won’t bother about meeting your loved ones. If he only wants a physical release, then he does not have any business with your folks. 

So, if he expresses the desire to meet your friends and family, he definitely wants to be there for the long haul.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If his actions checked most of these signs, this man is interested. So, congratulations to you for hitting the jackpot! 

However, if you still have some doubts, directly ask him about his feelings. Once you get the green signal, take it slow and enjoy the ride.

But things can turn toxic if he just wants to sleep with you, but you want more. So, move on before you hurt yourself. Focus on your life while you wait for a better man!

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