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20 Signs a Married Woman Wants You to Make a Move NOW!

20 Signs a Married Woman Wants You to Make a Move NOW!

Updated on Sep 01, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

20 Signs a Married Woman Wants You to Make a Move NOW!

If you feel that there are signs a married woman wants you to make a move, there are ways to be sure. Since you can’t directly ask her, you must understand the hints behind her words and actions.

But worry not, because this think piece is here to help! So come on, let’s get started!

20 Signs a married woman wants you to make a move

The first thing to ensure is whether or not the married woman is making a move. You don’t want to get into a compromising position if you find out she’s just being friendly!

But if you see that she’s interested in you, you need to figure out her true purpose. Here are some hints that will help you to conclude.

1. She stares at you sensually

Staring sensually is one of the sexiest moves a woman can make, irrespective of her marital status.

If you notice that she has been staring at you in social environments, such as in a meeting or at a gathering, and isn’t afraid to do that, it’s a signal from her that she wants you to approach her first!

Remember, women flirt with their eyes more than their words.

2. She compares you to her husband

And mind you, this is in a good way!

If you keep hearing things like, “You’re so much more caring than my husband” or “My husband could never be as thoughtful as you”, you can be sure she wants you to make a move.

However, don’t automatically assume that her husband is a bad person or that their marriage is loveless. Maybe she does have a caring husband, but she wants something more out of her marriage. Perhaps she’ll make a joke about her husband and put you in a better light, so watch out for that!

3. She openly flirts with you

This can be a little tricky to understand because you need to identify if it’s just “healthy flirting” or something beyond that. You need to identify whether her jokes are harmless or if she’s truly interested in you.

If she also often touches you with flirty behavior, she wants you to get the hint and make the first move.

Married women are also slightly rusty at flirting, so her skills seem a little off to you. But look out for the finer signs to understand better!

4. She always asks you for help

She wants you to approach her if you’re her go-to person for everything. Even though most women’re interested in you, they won’t say it directly but keep showing in their actions. Moreover, a married woman will feel even more shy to tell you what she wants directly.

So, she may approach you to seek help and, in the guise, start a conversation. She wants you to take the hint and keep the conversation going so you can finally make a move someday. Once you help her out, she might even compliment or praise you!

5. She wants to help you in return

Well, not all married women will ask you for help when they want you to make a move! Many will try to help you in return. In fact, this is a way for her to attract.

She hopes you’ll notice how helpful and kind she is, and maybe finally, you’ll make a sexy move on her!

Therefore, depending on her status and position, she’ll probably find different ways to approach and help you, even if you don’t necessarily need it.

6. She get jealous when you’re with another woman

This sign will be impossible to miss out on!

A married woman shouldn’t have any problem with you hanging out with another woman, but if you notice her getting green-eyed whenever you spend time with someone else, it’s a clear hint that she’s interested in you.

Since she has a husband, she can’t express her disappointment openly, so she’ll display signs of jealousy. She might leave a sarcastic remark or make a disapproving face whenever you bring up the other woman.

7. Her body language changes

A woman who likes you will always exhibit specific body language. For example, touching her neck, playing with her hair, and biting her lip are some of the most common signs that her body will display if she’s interested in you.

Some other signs might also be tucking her hair behind her ear or rubbing her hands together. If she’s nervous around you, she’ll tap her feet or keep playing with her fingers. But if she’s confident about what she wants from you, she’ll appear much calmer.

8. She brings up intimate topics

Someone who is married might make a joke or two about sex or other intimate things but won’t keep bringing it up, especially when it’s only you both. However, married women are still women with regular needs and desires.

So, if she wants you to make the first move, she’ll indirectly convey it by talking about her fantasies. She probably doesn’t enjoy being intimate with her spouse but talking about naughty things with you turns her on!

9. She touches you romantically

A playful slap might not mean much to you, but to a married woman, it’s a way for her to tell you about her rising interest in you.

For example, she’ll lightly graze her hand on your thigh when you sit and talk. Or perhaps, she’ll pinch your cheeks and giggle if you say something adorable. All these little things are subtle hints from her that you must not ignore!

10. She laughs at all your jokes

So, you might have cracked a really funny joke long back, and she had laughed. But do you keep noticing that she laughs at all your jokes, regardless of whether they’re funny?

If yes, she wants you to keep making her laugh and maybe take things further.

11. She always wants to hang out with you

Even though she’s “legal” with someone else, that won’t stop her from hitting on you. If she’s interested in you and wants you to reciprocate her feelings, she will find excuses to be close to you.

It can be as simple as joining you for coffee breaks or volunteering to work with you on projects. She’ll always want to be near you so that you start liking her presence and ask her out.

12. She’s interested in your personal life

Sure, a friend will be interested in your personal life, but a married woman showing too much interest in what you do daily is a little off! And when it comes to your romantic life, she’ll surely be interested to know who you’re currently dating.

This sign will be easier to understand since married people don’t unnecessarily involve themselves in other people’s love lives. But if she’s constantly asking you about your whereabouts, something is cooking.

13. She dresses to impress you

Of course, many of us like to dress but does this woman always dress up in your favorite color? Does she touch up her makeup or adjust her dress whenever you’re around?

Well, this can hint that she’s into you and wants you to do something about it! Moreover, if she displays her cleavage or wears sexy clothes and flaunts them in front of you, you should already ask her out.

14. She talks about being unhappy in her marriage

Well, this is a no-brainer! A married woman might come to you once or twice and tell you how unhappy she is with her husband. But if she only approaches you or constantly tells you she isn’t happy in her marriage, it’s time to sit up and take notice!

This is her way of indirectly telling you that you should be the one to make a move on her and pursue her. And if she’s telling you things like, “I wish I could be married to someone else”, understand that the <like you> is hidden!

15. She avoids talking about her marriage

On the other hand, she may be entirely silent about her marriage.

This might be because she feels uncomfortable mentioning her husband in front of someone she likes. And this can be especially true if she’s quite open about talking about her friends and others in her social circle but not her husband.

16. She invites you in everything

Why would a married woman insist you be a part of her life? Simple, it’s because she wants you to know her better!

This way, she hopes you’ll like her back and make a move. She wants to feel special, especially by someone who isn’t her husband.

This is why she’ll ask you to join her when she’s attending a themed party or simply going out grocery shopping. She might even introduce you to her friends and family, which is another big hint from her side.

17. She texts and calls you at odd times

It might be an uncomfortable truth, but someone who wants you to make the first move will keep you on her flirting radar. This includes calling or texting you late at night or early in the morning. And many of these texts or calls will probably be unrelated to work!

She might start with a work-related agenda, but her real intention is to spark flames between you both. She wants you to take the hint and steer the conversation from boring to hot and heavy.

18. She behaves differently with you

Pay attention to how she acts around you versus with other people. If she’s open and casual with others but flirty and shy around you, it’s a big hint.

For example, she might blush a lot more when she’s around you or when you compliment her. Or she might try to give you back a flirty compliment to see your reaction!

Even small things like her walk or her choice of words will change drastically if she’s interested in pursuing you.

19. She is always concerned about you

Imagine a situation where you’re running a mild fever. All your close ones are concerned, but they know it isn’t anything major. But is “she” overly concerned?

Does she behave strangely to the point where you’re not able to understand why she’s investing so much of her time in you?

Well, a married woman is supposed to show this kind of care to her husband. But if she’s into you, she’ll focus all her attention on you. She’ll bring you a bowl of warm soup or buy you medicines to help you feel better.

20. She notices small details about you

Someone who wants you will always notice little things about you, from your favorite color to what you like to eat on weekends. And if she’s trying really hard to grab your attention, she might even point those things out to her.

She’ll say things like, “I know you don’t like regular ice cream, so I got you a different variety”.

She’ll remember little details about you that you wouldn’t normally expect her to. Well, it’s a message from her to look beyond what she’s saying.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Now that you know the signs to look out for, it’s time to focus on whether you want to lead it with a married woman.

While risky and embarrassing, it can also result in something wonderful. So, the ultimate decision will be yours, but choose wisely!

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