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25 Interesting and Enlightening Psychological Facts About Soulmates

25 Interesting and Enlightening Psychological Facts About Soulmates

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

25 Interesting and Enlightening Psychological Facts About Soulmates

You must know the psychological facts about soulmates because there are too many myths about it. 

Many people believe it’s just another popular buzzword because of the contradicting things heard about it. 

However, if you want to understand what “soulmates” truly imply and how soulmate relationships work, the facts will help!

So, c’mon let’s dive right into it!

25 Psychological Facts About Soulmates

The concept of soulmates holds a special place among human beings. People hope to find an irreplaceable partner with aligned choices that will never disappoint them.

However, is that what a soulmate truly is?

Let’s dig in to figure out the truth…

25 Psychological Facts About Soulmates

The concept of soulmates holds a special place among human beings. People hope to find an irreplaceable partner who’ll have aligned choices and will never disappoint them.

However, is that what a soulmate truly is?

Let’s dig in to figure out the truth…

1. Soulmates can make you addicted 

When someone is your soulmate, the bond can be so strong that you feel addicted to them. This happens because your brain releases chemicals that make you feel perfect when you’re with them. 

You might become dependent on them to feel happy and want them all the time. Even if you’re usually happy on your own, you may want constant attention from them. 

2. More than 70% of American believe in soulmate

In the United States, various surveys and studies revealed that more than 70% of Americans believe in soulmates.

This belief in soulmates reflects that a person out there is a perfect match for them. It influences how people approach dating, relationships, and their search for a partner.

3. Soulmates can’t keep secrets from each other 

The connection between soulmates is extremely deep. So, when it comes to secrets, you naturally come out because you’re so used to being open and honest with each other. It’s a sign of strong trust and understanding.

4. Soulmates can’t be sought out

Trying to find a soulmate actively only sometimes leads to a successful or fulfilling relationship. 

Desperation can sometimes create unrealistic expectations. It puts unnecessary pressure on finding a perfect match.

So, you can’t find your soulmate by looking for them. Rather, this connection is cultivated through authentic bonds.

5. Soulmates are intuitive

If you have a soulmate, you’ll understand each other so well you can read each other’s thoughts without confessing anything. You know the other person’s needs or feelings, even if they don’t discuss it. 

It’s like having a secret language that only you two understand. This intuitive connection makes the relationship feel special and unique.

6. Soulmates discover differences later on in the relationship  

Initially, everything seems perfect because soulmates connect so well. But as time passes, you might notice little things you disagree on or do differently. 

It’s like realizing that even though you’re close, you’re still individuals with different ideas and habits. 

And it’s okay to have differences. In fact, discovering them as the relationship continues is a normal part of getting to know each other even better. 

This doesn’t mean you’re not soulmates anymore. It’s just a reminder that everyone has unique qualities.

7. Soulmate connection is not lust

Soulmates aren’t just about physical attraction or “liking” someone romantically. It’s deeper than that. This bond is based on understanding each other deeply. For instance, it tells how you know what makes them happy, sad, or excited. 

This connection goes beyond just physical feelings like attraction or desire. It’s about having a strong emotional and mental connection that makes their relationship special. 

8. Soulmates have similar life stories 

Sometimes, the things that happened to you and your soulmate before you met are surprisingly similar. 

You might have faced similar challenges, had similar interests, or even experienced similar ups and downs. Further, these similarities make you feel like you’re truly meant to be together. Your paths seem to have crossed for a special reason.

9. The soulmate belief can lead to a violent relationship 

The soulmate concept makes people assume that your and your soulmate’s minds are so similar that you won’t ever have fights. 

So, when disagreements or differences arise, you feel hurt or frustrated. This makes arguments even more heated than normal. 

You may even feel the urge to make your partner behave a certain way – all because of the abovementioned assumptions. 

This becomes a harmful and violent relationship because of the pressure to be perfectly in sync.

10. Soulmate relationships work better when both partners are spiritual 

When you and your soulmate are both spiritual, you share a similar way of looking at the world and life. 

You might believe in things like fate, purpose, and connections beyond the obvious. This shared spiritual outlook helps you feel even more connected.

You have aligned beliefs and perceptions. This can strengthen the relationship because you have this special bond beyond everyday stuff.

11. Soulmate experience deja-vu

Because of the deep connection, sometimes you experience déjà vu. 

Simply put, your thoughts and feelings work in a way that makes you feel you’ve already lived through a moment. It’s not that you have. Rather, your connection is so strong that it creates this unique feeling. 

The experience reminds you of how closely connected you are and how much you share in your journey.

12. Soulmates often share common values and belief

You and your soulmate have common values and beliefs due to overlapping missions in life. 

You both believe in being honest, treating others kindly, or having similar goals for the future. 

This makes you feel like you’re on the same team and help you understand each other better. 

13. Soulmates make you more positive 

Being around your soulmates brings out your best qualities and makes you happier. You feel safe and loved, which can boost your mood. Their presence can make even tough situations seem easier to handle. 

You’ll laugh more, feel more hopeful, and look at life with a brighter perspective. When you have a deep connection with your soulmate, they bring out the sunshine in your heart, making you feel more optimistic.

14. Soulmates have a special way of connecting through words

Soulmates often have a remarkable ability to communicate with each other. This sets a bond with a soulmate apart from other relationships. 

The deep understanding makes conversations flow easily. You can talk about anything without fear of judgment. You both listen attentively and respond with empathy, creating an open and safe space for expression. 

This unique communication style stems from an intense emotional connection and shared experiences.

15. Soulmates often meet in the time of distress 

Some soulmates have this special radar that helps them find each other during the toughest life phase. 

For instance, you may find your soulmate only once you face a major life crisis. Since soulmates have a powerful bond, they can sense that you need them.

16. Soulmates show their vulnerability 

Since you feel close and connected to your soulmate and vice versa, you comfortably show your vulnerable side to each other. 

You share your fears, insecurities, and feelings that you might not show everyone. This is all due to the immense trust. This vulnerability helps build an even stronger bond.

17. Soulmates accept each other for who they are 

You and your soulmate won’t try to change each other. You both won’t try to make each other someone they’re not. Instead, you appreciate each other’s quirks, strengths, and flaws. 

18. Soulmates are not singular 

The concept of soulmates isn’t limited to a singular, one-size-fits-all notion. It’s not just about finding one specific person who is your “one and only” soulmate. 

Instead, people can have deep, meaningful connections with multiple individuals throughout their lives. 

These connections might manifest as close friends, romantic partners, family members, or mentors. 

Each connection can hold a unique significance, and the idea of soulmates can encompass a range of relationships that provide understanding, support, and a strong bond.

19. Soulmate relationships might be karmic bonds

Karmic relationships are fated souls drawn to each other to resolve issues from past life. 

Some soulmate connections are like these karmic connections. They enter your life to teach you important lessons. But once that’s over, your soulmate will leave you. 

All soulmate relationships are not meant to be forever.

20. Soulmate meets when their stars align 

It’s often believed that when your stars align perfectly, you cross paths with your soulmate. The universe has set things up just the right way for you both to meet.

It might feel like destiny, where everything falls into place, and you find that special someone who feels like a perfect match. 

This perfect “star-aligning” moment usually means that both partners magically meet each other in the perfect time and circumstances.

21. By believing in soulmates, you fall into the soulmate trap

Believing in soulmates can sometimes lead to the “soulmate trap.” This means you have such high expectations from a partner who’s a soulmate that you ignore all other connections.

You can’t focus on one relationship for too long and lose precious people. You don’t put the right effort into it. There’s a high chance you might split from your actual soulmate in the process.

22. Soulmates are not always opposite 

Contrary to the idea that “opposites attract,” soulmates don’t always have to be complete opposites. While differences can bring excitement and variety to a relationship, similarities and shared values also play a significant role in forming strong connections. 

Soulmates can share similarities and differences, and what matters most is the depth of connection and understanding you have for each other.

23. Soulmates constantly learn from each other 

You and your soulmate will constantly teach each other new lessons about life. You both share your experiences, ideas, and lessons you’ve learned. 

This helps you both grow and become better versions of yourselves. It’s like having a never-ending learning journey together. 

24. Soulmates are not just people you click with 

Not all soulmate connections are instant or marked by an immediate click. People’s experiences with soulmates vary widely. Sometimes, the bond forms and deepens over time rather than from the beginning. 

Various factors, including personal growth, shared experiences, and communication influence relationships. This contributes to a soulmate connection even if the initial “click” isn’t immediate.

25. Soulmates can be animal  

Some people use the term “soulmate” to describe a close and special bond they have with an animal, like a pet. 

You might feel like you understand each other without words. Your pet seems to know how you feel. This kind of relationship can be significant and robust, almost like having a soulmate in the form of an animal companion.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Keep these facts in mind while you await a soulmate in your mind. They’ll help you understand whether you found them or not. 

Just remember, a soulmate is not a person that’s “meant to be” or someone that’s completely like you. It’s best to keep such expectations and assumptions aside and think rationally. 

You’ll find or identify your soulmate much faster with a clear mind. Until then, be optimistic and treat the people around you kindly. You never know which one of them might be your true soulmate!

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