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25 Amazing Things That Bring Couples Closer Together And Keep Them Together In The Long Run

25 Amazing Things That Bring Couples Closer Together And Keep Them Together In The Long Run

Updated on Oct 27, 2023

25 Amazing Things That Bring Couples Closer Together And Keep Them Together In The Long Run

You need to know things that bring couples closer together, especially to maintain a healthy relationship. 

After all, it is much tougher to build a happy relationship and make it last than it looks. It takes equal dedication and effort from both partners to make the relationship work. 

But if you don’t know how to do that, dive right in to know it all!

25 Things That Bring Couples Closer Together 

Whether your relationship has turned rocky or you’d like to get to know your partner better, both can be done easily!

All you need to do is try out simple ways to get closer to them like these!

1. Write down a bucket list

If you’re ever confused about how to reconnect with your partner, making a bucket list is the best way to get started! 

You can simply write down a list of different activities that you wish to do together. Start right from scuba diving to a romantic hot-air balloon ride! And don’t be afraid to go crazy!

2. Live in the moment

Couples are often so preoccupied with thoughts of the future that they forget to appreciate each other in the present. 

So, take a moment to appreciate the present and the moments that you spend with your partner.

3. Show appreciation toward each other

When was the last time you hugged your partner for making your favorite dish? Or when did you last thank them for doing household chores? 

Well, appreciating each other is an important part of staying close together. So the next time your significant other does even the smallest thing, thank them.

4. Allow each other to vent

Even though relationships can be beautiful most of the time, they can also make you angry and miserable. 

During fights, it’s crucial that you both allow each other to vent. This will ensure that neither of you bottle up your anger and hurt. 

5. Don’t nag each other

It’s very easy to tell your partner, “I told you so!” when they mess up. But that only worsens their already upset mood. 

Instead, be more empathetic and understanding. Tell them that it’s perfectly alright to make mistakes. Sometimes, all your partner needs is a reassuring hug.

6. Do a DIY project together

A DIY project can be really fun, but it’s even better when you do it with your special someone! 

You don’t need to make anything fancy. Instead, go simple and make greeting cards for friends and family, or install a shelf together from scratch to deepen your bond.

7. Set some future goals

Oftentimes, you face problems in your relationship if you’re not sure of where it’s headed. 

Then, it might be a good idea to sit down and set some future goals. If either of you is afraid to think further in the future, start with small steps and then move on to bigger things.

8. Send a sexy text or photo

If bonding with your partner in bed is challenging, it can create friction in your relationship. But it’s also easy to bring the spark back! 

Just send a sexy text or photo to your partner! If you send it to them when they’re having a rough day in the office, it’ll liven up their working hours!

9. Make eye contact during sex

Some believe that eye contact during sex isn’t that important. But honestly, it can make all the difference! 

If you’re constantly thinking of something or someone else while having sex with your partner, it’ll show on your face. 

Instead, focus on the lovely moment by looking into their eyes.

10. Work out together

Hit the gym not only to spend more time with each other but also to release those happy hormones and fall in love again! 

Moreover, you can support each other through your fitness goals. Figure out innovative ways to keep the workout sessions pumping!

11. Practice listening

After a tiring day at work, your partner can’t wait to talk to you about it. Instead of being attentive, if you fidget or question them, they’ll lose interest. 

Therefore, be an active listener and let your partner speak so that you can understand them better.

12. Practice non-sexual physical intimacy

Physical acts of intimacy don’t always need to lead to sex. Many times, they can truly help you to be closer to your partner. 

For example, giving each other a hug right after you wake up is a great start to a new day. Or hold hands while walking to the supermarket. These small gestures go a long way.

13. Don’t assume their thoughts

In any relationship, crystal-clear communication is extremely important. Since we can’t read each other’s thoughts, it’s best to stop assuming and start asking. 

For example, if your significant other seems to be in a bad mood, don’t simply assume that they’re angry with you. Instead, be gentle and ask them why they look irritated.

14. Give each other surprises

Spice up your love life with small and sweet surprises! For example, buy him tickets to his favorite game on a dull Monday morning or take her shopping in the evening.

15. Don’t hold grudges

After a nasty fight, it can be tough to accept your partner’s apology. But you must also remember that you both are different individuals with different wants and needs. 

If you focus on letting go of grudges, you’ll find it much easier to be closer to your partner. Similarly, they’ll also feel more attached to you.

16. Write small notes to each other

This tip is for the ones who aren’t that confident about being loud or verbal about their love. 

If you feel your partner is moving away from you emotionally, rekindle the spark by writing small notes. Write a line or two on some Post-it notes and stick them on their bathroom mirror, car seat, or even lunch box!

17. Focus on compromising

A lot of people feel that compromising leads to problems in the relationship, but in reality, it’s the opposite! 

Compromising the right way at the right time can do wonders and make you both feel grateful for having each other. It makes you see why you fell in love with your significant other.

18. Brag about your partner

To deepen your bond, never stop appreciating how amazing your partner is. 

Look at them the way you did when you first fell in love. Try to remember all the lovely things that you both did together. Show them off in front of your friends, family, and even colleagues!

19. Go for a couple’s massage 

You may not realize it, but the reason for the fading spark in your relationship might just be caused due to stress! 

And what’s the best way to get rid of stress? 

A soothing couple’s massage! So don’t wait anymore and book two tickets to your nearest luxury massage center. Try out everything, from facials to luxury pedicures!

20. Take a trip somewhere

If you have a limited budget or time, you can simply take the day off and visit some of the local sightseeing spots in your city. 

And if you wish to add some more love to the trip, visit the spot where you first met or had your first date!

21. Send flowers to each other

Flowers have always been the language of love, and it’s great to show your partner how much you love them. 

If you’re bored of conventional red roses, opt for a bouquet of fresh daisies or purple orchids! 

Take note of which flowers your partner likes the most and surprise them at work!

22. Have an impromptu dance session

Dance is the most fun language of love. So, if you both have had a long week of deadlines, let loose and put on some groovy music! 

Wear your sweatpants and turn the volume up loud in your speakers. Even if you both are terrible dancers, keep dancing your heart out!

23. Ask about each other’s day

It’s easy to ask each other, “Honey, how was your day?” when your mind is actually preoccupied with grocery lists and baby diapers. 

But to actually sit down and listen to what your partner did all day, you’ll need to be completely focused on them. 

To be more specific and show your attention, ask questions about ongoing situations.

24. Assign funny nicknames 

This will make you relive lighthearted past moments. You may also feel like you’re part of a corny romcom movie.

Each name will make you feel closer as it shows how cutely you picture each other in your mind.

25. Ask each other for advice

If you’re ever confused about what to do next, consider asking your partner for advice. 

This not only gives them an ego boost but also makes them realize that their opinions matter to you. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

These little activities and actions are only a few ways to rekindle that special spark in your love life. 

But remember, there are lots of other ways to do it. Ask your partner’s likes and find what you both have in common to figure it out. 

So don’t wait anymore and try them out!

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