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19 Signs a Karmic Relationship is Ending & a New Phase is Awaiting You

19 Signs a Karmic Relationship is Ending & a New Phase is Awaiting You

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

19 Signs a Karmic Relationship is Ending & a New Phase is Awaiting You

You must know about the signs a karmic relationship is ending if you’re indulged in one.

A karmic relationship brings intense lessons for the soul’s journey. Therefore, recognizing that it is about to end can give you valuable insights and prepare you for a new beginning.

But before that, here’s a quick recap to…

What is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is when two souls meet to work out their unresolved past-life issues. It presents an opportunity for learning and growth in the current lifetime.

It is believed that Karmic relationships are fated. Two souls are drawn to each other to work out their unresolved karma. These relationships can be emotionally charged and may throw a lot of challenges.

While they are meant to provide lessons that trigger personal transformation, they are not meant to last forever. The karmic bond starts dissolving once the lessons have been learned. This is a sign that the primary purpose is ending.

This process can be painful but it lets the individuals move forward in their individual journey.

19 Signs a Karmic relationship is ending

When a karmic relationship is about to end, you might feel a sense of growing detachment and a strange void.

But if you know about these signs, you will find it easier to find closure in your relationship. You will be able to navigate complex feelings with acceptance and clarity.

So, let’s delve into these 19 signs that show that a karmic relationship is ready to bid you adieu.

1. You will start noticing an inner shift

When the karmic relationship begins to dissolve you feel that your inner world has gone through a transformation.

You will find yourself behaving differently as if you have outgrown the lessons of the relationship.

You will feel that you are about to enter a new phase in your soul’s journey of self-discovery and growth.

2. There will be less intense emotional highs and lows

A karmic relationship is characterized by intense emotional highs and lows. You might go through phases of intense joy and then phases of depression, fights, fears, doubts, and insecurities.

When the bond is about to end, you will feel the growing need for emotional balance and stability.

The high emotional drama will stop providing you the hormonal rush and thrill it used to.

3. You will be ready to let go of resentment

When you are in such an emotionally wild relationship, feeling resentment and anger is natural.

Even though you know forgiveness is like calm to your soul, it may still feel difficult to let go of resentment and anger.

When the Karmic relationship reaches its last stage, you will find a renewed sense of compassion. You will be more willing to heal even if it requires you to let go of past negative emotions.

4. You will feel a renewed sense of self-love

Where once you were more concerned about making things better in the relationship or taking care of your partner, you will start taking center stage in your life.

You will understand that your source of happiness has to be nurtured from within you. You will begin to depend less and less on the relationship or your karmic partner to keep you happy.

Self-care and self-love will start becoming a priority for you. You will notice a calling to nurture your emotional and physical health, interests, aspirations, and dreams.

5. You will establish healthy boundaries

Personal boundaries often become non-existent in a karmic relationship.

As you begin to feel the importance of self-love more and more, you will stop vibing with the toxic patterns in the relationships. You will refuse to tolerate the behaviors that are detrimental to your sense of well-being. 

This is a clear indication that you are ready to leave your karmic partner and move forward in your individual journey.

6. You will have a newfound clarity and a fresh perspective

You will start defining the relationship from a better emotional space and also notice a shift in your perspective.

Further, you will be able to clearly see why your karmic partner came into your life and also reflect onto the lessons this relationship taught you.

7. There will be less dependency on external validation

The emotional rollercoaster that a karmic relationship puts one through, it is easy to lose the connection to the wiser self within.

When the karmic relationship is about to end, and you have integrated the lessons successfully, you will find the lost trust once again.

You will feel that you are not relying on external validation like before. Instead, you will feel more confident in your intuition and judgment. It will become easier for you to make decisions based on your values and desires rather than other influences.

8. You will feel more aligned and authentic

Hypocrisy will start falling away when your karmic relationship is ready to end and you are about to live a life based on the lessons you have learned.

You won’t sacrifice your values or needs for your relationship. You will not allow anyone or any situation to damage your authenticity and honesty anymore.

9. Communication will be off!

You will find it increasingly difficult to have a conversation with your karmic partner. There will be frequent disagreements and misunderstandings between you both.  

You might feel that you are going around in circles without resolving the issues.

10. You will realize that your goals and paths do not align anymore

You both may have wanted to grow together when you began the relationship. Or, you might have desires and aspirations that complement each other.

But things will seem different when the karmic relationship is ending.

Both your karmic partner and you will begin to realize that both your journey is calling you to take different ways.

You will be forced to choose between the relationship and your personal growth… and most likely, you’ll be attracted to the latter.

11. There will be a deeper sense of inner peace

It is often painful, if not chaotic, to navigate the emotions that come up when you know your relationship is ending.

However, you will sense a deep sense of inner peace when you are truly ready to let go of the karmic bond. You will handle the emotional challenges and complexities with more grace.

You will feel that better times are waiting for you, a brighter future where you will be happier, more loved, and successful.

12. Growth will be stunted

Though a karmic relationship is the bedrock for personal and emotional growth, a sense of stagnancy will grapple you when the bond is about to end.

You will feel that there’s nothing left in this relationship.

You will feel in your heart that it’s time to move on to keep growing and developing.

13. The intense chemistry between you both will fade

Most karmic partners experience an intense, often magical chemistry. When they meet, sparks start flying, and they feel magnetically drawn to each other.

If you notice that you don’t feel those intense pangs of desire anymore, it might be a sign that your karmic bond is about to end.

It is natural at this point to wonder what went wrong or seek ways to deepen the chemistry. However, it would be wise to allow yourself to let go of the relationship rather than holding on to it.

14. You will feel a strong urge to identify yourself

Often karmic partners become codependent. They get trapped in each other’s emotions, taking part in activities that the other partner likes, often at the cost of dismissing their own interests.

When the karmic relationship is about to end, you will find a strong urge to express yourself without any conditions.

You will want to pursue your passions and define your own identity. You will feel ready to become your own person.

15. You will start feeling drained

The connection that once used to make you feel fulfilled and energized will begin to feel distracting and draining.

You will get emotionally exhausted when you are around one another.

You will begin to notice how the intense emotional highs and lows are taking a toll on you. Further, you will yearn for a more stable state of mind.

16. You will be seeking closure

When the karmic relationship is in full swing, the partners don’t want to let go of one another. Many of them keep breaking up, only to patch up again. Things change when the karmic bond is about to disintegrate, and all the lessons have been learned.

Deep within your subconscious, you start noticing that you are longing for completion and closure.

You begin to feel a desire to tie the loose ends and move on. This is a clear indication that a cycle is about to reach completion.

17. You will sense emotional detachment

If you are the committed kind who is all-in in a relationship, this sign will come as a surprise for you.

You will suddenly feel emotionally detached from the relationship and your partner. Their state of being will not affect you anymore.

18. You will break free of the repetitive patterns

A lesson often keeps presenting itself till one learns from it. A karmic relationship is generally filled with such issues.

They keep showing up as patterns of sabotaging behavior and negative experiences that look similar.

When you notice these patterns are not presenting them to you anymore, or you are not in their grip, it is a clear sign that your karmic connection is about to end.

You will finally be able to embrace newer, healthier behavioral patterns and positive experiences.

19. New connections and opportunities will present themselves to you

Every ending is merely a new beginning.

So, when the karmic relationship is nearing an end, new connections and opportunities will enter your life. These people will resonate with your journey and personal development.

You will find yourself in the company of more balanced and healthier connections.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you can relate to these signs in your relationship, embrace them. Know that you are about to enter a new phase of fulfillment and growth.

New doors will open for you, meet new people and build healthy bonds.

Though it might feel chaotic and confusing when the relationship ends, trust that the universe has a better plan for you.

As the poet Rilke writes, “Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance”. Be patient. Allow it to come to you.

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