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How To Play Mind Games With A Guy Over Text? 15 Clever Ways To Get Him Hooked

How To Play Mind Games With A Guy Over Text? 15 Clever Ways To Get Him Hooked

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

How To Play Mind Games With A Guy Over Text 15 Clever Ways To Get Him Hooked

In modern dating, you need to know how to play mind games with a guy over text. Otherwise, you’d seem too easy and available, and men would lose interest pretty quickly. 

Gone are the days when men liked easy courting. Nowadays, most men want to chase women and feel like they’ve WON something. 

And mind games over texting will make you seem like a challenge… thus it’ll pique his interest!

So, if you’re eager to do this the right way, head right in!

How To Play Mind Games With A Guy Over Text? 15 Tips

To play mind games over text, you need to focus on how you play with your words. Otherwise, the meaning can be completely changed. You must think twice before replying to this guy. And, of course, you can’t always be straightforward with your answers. 

So, if you’re ready to commit to this fun strategy, dive right in!

1. Don’t Be An Open Book

If you let him know too much about you, it takes away the mystery from you. 

If he thinks he knows everything about you, there is a high possibility that he might lose interest in you

Even if you are texting, keep the mystery on under all circumstances. This will make him try hard to get you and talk more with you.  

2. Play ‘Hard To Get’

If he asks you on a date, don’t say yes immediately. Instead, tell him, “I have some plans on that day. But I’m free on <some other day.>” 

You can also tell him something vague like, “Let me check, and I will get back to you.” 

This way, he will feel he has to work harder to be on your priority list.

3. Be Flirty But In The Right Way

Include a flirty tone in your text, which doesn’t sound too enthusiastic. Being too vulgar can take away his interest from you. You must be subtle while doing this.

Tease him a little and ensure your texts are not extremely serious. This will allow him to open up more and come closer to you.

4. Act Oblivious

This means that you have to prove you are unaware of playing any mind games. Stick to your game, but if he asks whether you’re just playing, deny it. 

Wait for a while until he trusts you and puts his guard down again. Once he does, resume your game all over!

5. Don’t Be Predictable

If you play mind games of a similar pattern, it might not always work in your favor. Hence, mix it up to not get caught easily by the guy. 

Ensure that he can’t predict your next move or reaction to an instance. Send him mixed signals so he takes time to think about you and how he can approach you. 

6. Tell Him You Have Options

You must let him know that he is not the only guy you are talking with and that others are interested in you. 

It will let him know about the competition. So, if he does not try hard enough, there are chances that he might miss the chance. 

Remember, do this, but not directly. Don’t say it in a way that may backfire.

7. Keep It Cool And Be Nonchalant

Being nonchalant is extremely important, and this will keep the situation light. Convey the texts in a manner so that he thinks you do not care enough. 

For example, he tells you that he is sorry he could not reply for two hours. 

In this scenario, reply in a short and simple text, “OK.” 

He will get crazy to understand why you are so cool with being ignored.

8. Don’t Text First

This is the golden rule when playing mind games with guys over text. Never text the guy first, and let him approach you always. 

When you initiate the conversation first, it shows that you are too eager to communicate with him. 

Don’t do it even if you have the indomitable urge to text them first. Wait patiently. This will give you an edge and keep the reins in your hands.

9. Give Him Delayed Responses 

Never reply to him promptly, or it’ll ruin your mind game. 


It will make him think that you are too available and do not have anything better to do. You need to avoid this notion if you want to win. 

On the other hand, when you send him delayed responses, it will make him worried. He’ll think that you are super occupied and have other better things to do in life.

10. Tease Him Playfully

Mind games are not only about planning and strategy. Sometimes, it is about having a little bit of fun as well. 

How can you have that? 

The best way to go about it is by involving a little bit of teasing. You can send him a sneak peek of a flirtatious dress that you are wearing. Or tease him about something he had shared with you, which is a bit embarrassing.

11. Use Emojis

If you think you can master mind games over text without using any emojis at all, then you are making a BIG mistake. 

Emojis bring depth and playfulness to your conversation. This is one of the major reasons you should add them.

However, do not use too many emojis together. One or two correctly placed emojis can completely change the vibe of the conversation.

12. Avoid Big Paragraphs

So, why avoid sending big paragraphs? 

Big paragraphs in texts make you look too needy and enthusiastic. 

Instead, send texts that are short and yet have an impactful meaning. It will allow him to think more about you.

13. Be Extremely Confident

If you want to be the master of mind games, it is crucial that you behave confidently. Otherwise, it won’t take much time to mess up and make a blunder. 

Moreover, most guys find confidence extremely attractive and will be drawn toward you. If you seem to be secure in your skin, that is quite promising, and guys love it.

14. Don’t Be Vulnerable

The goal of playing mind games over text with any guy is to win him over and make him attracted to you. 

However, it can be extremely unaesthetic if you are too vulnerable to him in the first go. The guy might end up thinking that you are a crybaby. 

He may also perceive you as clingy and ready to share all your pitfalls with someone you do not know very well.

15. Avoid His Messages Even If You Are Online

It’s vital to stay online but not reply to him. It will make him wonder what you are doing and what might be so important that you are not replying to him even after coming online.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

Remember, be playful in mind games and avoid any such instances where you might come off as cheap. 

Before you send any text, read it at least twice. Check whether the tone is correct and if you can convey what you want. 

Lastly, play mind games only as a tactic to attract him. If he’s already hooked, don’t stretch it any longer. Otherwise, it might turn him off. So, once you’re sure about his intentions, stop and give a chance to a deeper bond!

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