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15 Spot-On Signs A Guy Is Peacocking And Is Too Eager For Attention

15 Spot-On Signs A Guy Is Peacocking And Is Too Eager For Attention

Published on Oct 04, 2023

15 Spot-On Signs A Guy Is Peacocking And Is Too Eager For Attention

So you wish to know the signs a guy is peacocking… or what even if peacocking to begin with?

Well, in today’s dating era, there are new terms and lingos every other day. But while all these terms can get pretty confusing, the actual meaning is pretty simple and straightforward. 

It’s actually about someone who’s as much of a bragger as the peacock bird. 

Now, to understand it better, let’s dive right in!

What does peacocking mean?

Peacocking refers to a guy’s actions when he purposely tries to show off in front of a woman. If you wish to understand how and why this happens, then we’ll have to dig in a little deeper. 

Women love nice guys, the ones who help little children cross the street and walk their neighbor’s dogs. 

Talking to such guys makes a woman feel comfortable. But there are many men who don’t really care about being nice or helping others. They solely put up the act to impress a woman they like.

The term “peacocking” comes from the peacock bird that shows off its brightly-colored feathers whenever a peahen is around. 

Since a lot of guys also tend to bring out their own version of peacock feathers only around women, this term has recently been popularized in the dating world.

Wondering if a guy around you has been peacocking? Let’s find out!

15 Signs a guy is peacocking

If you feel that a guy is simply showing off to seem too nice to be true, it’s a big sign that he’s peacocking! 

But without knowing some of the most obvious peacocking signs, you won’t be able to tell for sure. So come on, let’s know all the signs here!

1. He has a perfect social media profile

When you’re interested in a guy initially, you’ll most probably visit his social media handles, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. And guys know this really well. 

Therefore, peacocking men have a perfectly crafted social media profile that contains only their best photos. 

So, if he’s a peacock, his profile pictures will also have pictures that portray his best angles. On the other hand, his posts will seem too humble and generous.

2. He fixes his appearance the moment he sees you

If you walk into a room and he instantly starts to fix his shirt or hair, know that he’s peacocking! 

It shows he’s planning on wooing you very soon. He always makes sure his appearance looks as stylish as possible so you get interested. 

3. He keeps asking questions to look interested

Suppose you’re talking to a guy, and the moment you spill out a few words about yourself, he bombards you with questions. 

Well, this is also a classic sign of peacocking! 

The questions will mostly seem irrelevant and unnecessary. But a guy will do it anyway to show that he’s interested in whatever you’re saying. At one point, you might even seek excuses to leave!

4. He acts overly casual about his looks

There are two kinds of peacocking men – one is obsessed with how he looks on a date; another will spend a lot of time dressing up but won’t ever admit it. 

If he behaves overly casually about his looks and tells you that he spent absolutely no time or effort behind his appearance, you must know that he’s peacocking! 

It’s his way of saying that he’s naturally that handsome!

5. He dresses up weirdly

Dressing up well is great, but have you seen a guy who takes way too much care in planning might end up looking weird? 

For example, someone might dress up in a black tie formal at a neon-themed skating party. 

Or maybe the guy who’s constantly staring at you wants you to know how chic he is, so he brought along a cowboy hat to impress you

Well, this is definitely a sign of peacocking.

6. He overdoes the knight in shining armor act

Men’s tendency to keep an eye out for “damsels in distress” and help them out has always been there.

After all, men always wish to appear too good to be true and help out a woman who needs his help. 

So, if you see your date opening jars for you or holding the car door open, you may call it chivalry. 

But if he tries to help you with the smallest things that aren’t necessary or tries to help every possible damsel around, it is actually peacocking!

7. He keeps mentioning how different you are

Does he REPEATEDLY say how “different” or “unique” you are? Or how other women have never made him feel the way that you have?

If yes, then it’s a clear sign that he’s peacocking. 

Sure, he might be more interested in you than he was in other women. But if he is being genuine, he won’t keep bringing it up.

8. He makes it clear he wants short-term dating

Someone who makes it very clear right on the first day that he’s looking for a short-term partner might be trying to peacock. 

Peacocking men don’t only wish to flaunt their looks or financial statuses but also their availability. 

In many cases, it does work because a lot of women find that particular man more desirable. However, this attraction only lasts for a few weeks or months.

9. He behaves in a way that doesn’t match his looks

One of the biggest signs that a man is peacocking is when his behavior is very different from how he’s dressed up. 

For example, you’d expect a guy wearing a leather jacket and jewelry to be a bad boy. Instead, if he seems uncomfortable or simply doesn’t give out those bad-boy vibes, it means that he’s dressed up solely to impress someone. 

Or it also indicates that someone influenced him to look like a bad boy.

10. He is arrogant

If a guy shows off to the point where he’s just being plain arrogant, that’s peacocking. This includes talking rudely to people around you, especially waiters, drivers, and anyone belonging to the working class. 

He can also give the impression that he just doesn’t care about what people think of him.

11. He can’t stop checking himself out

It’s one thing to look at yourself in the bathroom mirror once or twice to fix your appearance. It’s a completely different thing to be obsessed with mirrors! 

If your date can’t seem to stop checking himself out or keeps showing off about how amazing he looks, it’s a big sign that he’s peacocking. 

Not only does he wish to impress you by checking himself out, but he also wants you to realize how good-looking he is!

12. He is loud

This might not always be a sign that he’s peacocking. But if he is unnecessarily loud, he wants to show you that he’s bubbly and outgoing. 

While his intentions might be good, the outcome isn’t. He might even use exaggerated body language, such as flailing his arms around to look cooler or laughing too loudly. All these put together show that he’s only trying to impress you.

13. He keeps crossing social boundaries

Another annoying thing that many guys do while trying to peacock is not maintaining social boundaries. 

For example, if you both are meeting for the first time, he might try to flirt a little too hard or wish to jump right into the bedroom. 

Many men often forget social and personal boundaries when it comes to peacocking. They’re too busy trying to look impressive and manly.

14. He seems too eager to do everything

Imagine you’re on a date with someone amazing who seems quite eager to try out new things. That is until it feels like he’s too eager to do absolutely anything. 

Notice if he’s way too enthusiastic about every kind of activity, beginning right from roller skating in the park to eating all-you-can-eat meals. 

It indicates that he’s actually not interested in doing any of these things but is only trying to impress you.

15. He talks as if he has rehearsed his lines

If you constantly feel that all his actions and words are carefully rehearsed, it can mean that he’s peacocking. 

Sure, all of us often rehearse a few lines to make ourselves more desirable. Nut if this guy’s every action makes you question his authenticity, it’s a warning sign.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Peacocking isn’t really a bad thing, but there should be moderation. But if any of these signs are noticed excessively, he may truly turn out to be fake and inconsiderate later on. 

Now that you know these signs, next time a guy approaches you and starts peacocking, think hard. 

Ask yourself whether he’s genuinely interested in you or if he is simply trying to show how cool he is. Give him a chance only if you believe he’s not fake!