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How To Make Your Husband Love You Again? 30 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Fix Things

How To Make Your Husband Love You Again? 30 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Fix Things

Updated on Nov 10, 2023

How To Make Your Husband Love You Again 30 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Fix Things

You must learn how to make your husband love you again if your marriage encounters a roadblock.  Perhaps you feel disconnected and distant from your man. 

What was once a loving and passionate connection now only has silence, indifference, and a sense of formality. It feels as though you are drowning in the void with no one to reach out and pull you upward.

If you find this relatable, dive in to find a solution!

How To Make Your Husband Love You Again? – 30 Ways 

At the beginning of a marriage, there’s lots of affection, seduction, effort, and no complaints. But with time, expectations rise, which leads to dissatisfaction and fading love. 

Possibly, your man is also so distant because of such issues. But don’t worry, there’s always a way to reverse it. So let’s return the love and affection with these small yet impactful ways!

1. Always talk things out

Oftentimes, marriages fall apart not because of a lack of communication. Remember, everything can be solved if you both are willing to sit together and communicate. 

With honest and open communication, let go of your grudges and reconnect emotionally. 

2. Reflect on yourself

Before you identify the cause of the rift in your marriage and work on it, take time to understand your own feelings first. Confront yourself and admit your weaknesses. Give yourself enough room to grow so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. 

3. Express your love for him

Marriages are not easy, and as couples muddle through them year after year, love takes a back seat. You both forget to express your love for each other. Or you feel that it doesn’t need to be said more frequently. 

But out of all the emotions in the world, love needs to be expressed the most. So, show him how much you care for him, how much he means to you, and what you are willing to do for him.  

4. Stop finding flaws

Arguments and fights are inevitable in a marriage. It is bound to happen. But don’t let it define your entire relationship.

He might have flaws, but it is not appropriate to constantly nag about how awful he is. His imperfections don’t define who he is. They simply make him a unique person. 

5. Look your best for him

As the years pass by in marriage, couples become less aware of each other. They don’t make an effort to look attractive. They prefer comfort over style, and that’s absolutely OK. 

But you must choose to look good for him as it makes him feel desirable. It conveys your efforts to keep romance alive in the relationship

6. Apologize sincerely

If you have made a mistake, take responsibility and apologize sincerely. Acknowledge that you were wrong and that you have caused hurt to your husband. 

Your apology must express remorse and regret, and it should not sound like, ‘I am sorry, but…’

And make sure that once you apologize, you don’t repeat the same mistake. 

7. Listen attentively

If your husband is sharing something with you, give him your undivided attention. Listen attentively, and let him know that you value his thoughts and opinions. Don’t judge or interrupt him in between. 

8. Understand his needs

Men are socially conditioned in ways that prevent them from expressing their needs in relationships. So you need to understand his emotional and physical needs and support him accordingly. Find a way to make him communicate his needs.

9. Don’t forget to have fun together

Marriages grow mundane because couples forget to add fun to them. Responsibilities take over, and you don’t remember the last time you had a good laugh together. 

So, look for things that interest you both. Watch a movie or play a game once in a while. Even everyday chores can be fun if you do them together.

10. Plan for occasions

Whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary, or any special date for him, plan well for it. Make it an eventful day with lots of surprises. Make him feel special and let him know that you did it all for him. 

11. Be grateful for him

Every once in a while, tell him that you are grateful for his existence in your life. Tell him that his presence makes a difference to you. Sometimes, telling your partner that you love him isn’t enough. You must express that you are grateful for his love and support as well. 

12. Plan quality time together

You live with your husband. You spend the most time with him, but spending time doesn’t mean quality time. 

Quality time is when you two are together without any interruption. It could be a date night, binge-watching Netflix at home, or simply a heartfelt conversation. The choice completely depends on your connection! 

13. Leave a note

If you want your husband to fall in love with you again, you need to find ways to reach his heart. Leave cute little notes for him occasionally. 

Write some words of affirmation and stick them on his wardrobe, purse, or lunch box. Make sure you are not around when he reads those. You never know what brings the spark back!

14. Be patient

You need perseverance and a positive attitude to bring love back into a marriage. It’s a long journey, and it won’t happen overnight. So, be patient even if you feel hopeless and heartbroken at times. 

Remember, it’s the same person who once loved you with everything he had. So, things will eventually fall right on track!

15. Learn new things together

To rekindle your marriage, you need to do things you haven’t done before. The best way is to find something that you want to learn together. 

For instance, join a dance class, enroll in a cooking class, or hike local trails. Pick something that suits both of your interests and let it do wonders for your relationship.

16. Restore trust

If you and your husband have fallen out due to trust issues in the marriage, then regain that trust. Show him that you are not the same person, and now he can rely on you. 

Rebuild the trust by doing the needful. It may take a while, but your sincerity will make him come around. 

17. Spice up your sex life

During the early phase of a marriage, couples can barely keep their hands off each other. But the adrenaline rush you once felt by just looking into their eyes is now gone. 

So, spice up your sexual life to infatuate him once again. Don’t refuse his sexual advances. Take charge and initiate things if he doesn’t. Put on sexy lingerie or try different positions to make it more interesting.

18. Be positive and supportive

Support him in all his endeavors. Check with him if he is going through any problems at work or if there’s a crisis in his family. 

Show him that you want to be involved in his life more. Make him feel that he is not alone in dealing with the difficulties in life. Share his happiness as well as his miseries. 

19. Cook for him

Food and men have an extremely platonic relationship. The proverb “the best way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach” is true! 

Now, you may not be into cooking, or it’s not your strong suit. But if you come up with a simple dish occasionally, it will mean a lot to him. After all, it’s the effort that counts. 

20. Plan a romantic getaway

Most often, the husband is expected to organize a trip or take his wife out. But there’s no need to adhere to social conventions. 

So, plan a weekend getaway from the chaos to somewhere your husband has been longing to visit. Give him royal treatment, do his shopping, and get him some alcohol.

21. Find more common goals

As a married couple, you guys already have many goals. It might be buying a new house or moving to a new city. Find many more such common goals. It will help you two come together and make decisions. Plan and coordinate towards these goals to have a sense of unity. 

22. Appreciate his efforts

You may frequently become so engrossed in your surroundings that you fail to see his attempts. No matter how little he does for you, be grateful for it. Make him feel seen. 

23. Buy him gifts

So, he has had his eyes on that game console? Or did he fall in love with the Jordan sneakers or the Balenciaga blazer in that store?

Depending on what you can afford, save up and give him a nice gift. Surprise him with that, and his face would light up like a child! 

24. Be less demanding

It’s okay to tell your husband about your needs and wishes. But it’s not appropriate to make him comply with them all the time. He can feel uncomfortable and irritated if you often demand things that are high on your list of priorities.

If you are trying to win back your husband’s love, this is the last thing you would want to do. 

25. Let him have a good time with his friends 

Marriages involve a lot of sacrifices. And many spouses sacrifice their precious friendships in the process. 

Well, you should definitely come first on his priorities list. But your husband shouldn’t stop having fun with his pals. So, give him adequate space to engage socially.

26. Agree to disagree

You will both have to make a lot of decisions throughout your marriage, albeit you may not always agree on them. 

A healthy marriage doesn’t require agreement on each and every decision. It is knowing that there is a difference of opinion but respecting that difference. So don’t allow it to ruin your day or your relationship.

27. Maintain your work-life balance

You need to understand the demands of your personal and professional lives. Make a conscious effort to maintain your work-life balance. 

This balance directly affects your physical and mental health, which will eventually reflect on your personal relationships. 

So, don’t be so consumed by your work that you hardly have any time left for him.

28. Admire him publicly

Let it be known to the people around you that you admire him. Talk about his qualities in front of others when he is present. Let everyone know how fortunate you are to have him in your life.

29. Take time for self-care

While chasing his love for you, don’t forget to look out for yourself. Cultivate self-love and self-acceptance, as it will positively impact your relationship with your husband.

30. Seek professional help

Even with your best efforts, it might not always be possible to improve your marriage or win back his affection. If there are more serious problems in your marriage, consider couples counseling. 

Your relationship may be greatly impacted by therapy. It can also assist you both in improving communication and forgiving one another. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, the process of winning back your husband’s love requires patience, effort, and a commitment to the bond. 

It is important to identify the root cause of the problem, develop an action plan together, find ways to reconnect on a deeper level, communicate openly and honestly, and be patient. 

Follow the above steps, you can work towards a stronger and more loving relationship with your husband!

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