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20 Lowkey Signs Of Indifference In A Relationship That Tell You To Fix Things ASAP

20 Lowkey Signs Of Indifference In A Relationship That Tell You To Fix Things ASAP

Published on Oct 04, 2023

20 Lowkey Signs Of Indifference In A Relationship That Tell You To Fix Things ASAP

Are you concerned about the signs of indifference in a relationship?

Well, both in old and new relationships, sometimes you both will feel a particular low between yourselves. 

In fact, it’s natural to feel bored and indifferent toward your partner, especially if you knew your partner well before you guys started dating. 

But if you both don’t get to the bottom of the relationship rut, things will start to deteriorate.

So, dive in and figure out if indifference crept into your bond…

20 Signs Of Indifference In A Relationship

Most people assume that indifference in relationships shows up when partners stop catering to each other. However, indifference can appear in different forms. And if you don’t know those, it might be too late when you actually notice the issue.

So, know all the signs of indifference here…

1. There’s a lack of sexual intimacy

This is a very obvious sign of indifference in the relationship. 

Earlier, you both probably made excuses to sneak out and have fun. But now, even having sex with them feels boring and lifeless. 

If you and your partner are facing this particular situation, it indicates that your relationship needs some help.

2. The usual traditions stopped

Have you both stopped going to your favorite restaurant? Do you feel that going to the movie theater where you had your first date seems boring now? 

If the answer is yes, then it’s a big sign that your relationship has become dull. You both are now indifferent toward each other.

3. You only have surface-level conversations

Meaningful conversations are an essential part of a healthy relationship

If you feel that the conversations you have with your significant other are surface-level and there’s nothing much to talk about, it’s a sign of indifference. 

You might simply wish each other “Good morning” and “Good night” and be done with it.

4. There are no more requests or demands

If your partner constantly nags you or tells you to do something, it’s because they truly care about you. 

But if your partner doesn’t bother to make the same demand or request again, it’s because they’ve given up. They’re indifferent and won’t try to make you understand them.

5. The fights end abruptly 

Fights will always be a part of even the healthiest relationships. But how you and your partner resolve that fight is what matters. 

If you both talk it out or go to therapy and the fight ceases, it’s amazing. 

But if the fight abruptly stops and neither of you discusses things anymore, you both have become indifferent.

6. Not bothering about where your partner is

If your partner tells you they’re going somewhere and won’t be home until late, you’re supposed to be concerned. You might even call them up once or twice to check on how they’re doing. 

But if you shrug it off and don’t really bother about their whereabouts, it indicates indifference in the relationship.

7. There’s silent resentment in the relationship

Resentment can actually kill relationships. Without even realizing it, people tend to bottle up their anger and resentment

This causes them to either lash out at their partners or simply start disliking the relationship. 

Resentment can slowly build up as frustration and then turn into complete indifference.

8. There are minor signs of lying

Even though nobody can always be truthful, it’s always best to be as honest as possible. But when lying becomes easier than telling the truth, it’s a red flag

This usually happens because the person in the relationship doesn’t bother about whether or not their partner will be hurt on hearing the truth. This again shows indifference.

9. You stay in the relationship because it’s easier

Are you staying in the relationship just because it’s easier than starting from scratch? 

If these thoughts keep running in your mind, it indicates that you have become indifferent.

10. You don’t care about whether they are lying

Many times, indifference in the relationship can cause people to stop bothering about whether or not their partner is lying. 

It gradually makes you lose the spark, and then the relationship starts crumbling.

11. You’re engaging more with other people

Having a love life doesn’t mean you can’t have friends. But your partner is supposed to occupy a major portion of your life, right? 

However, when there’s indifference in the relationship, you’ll want to spend more time with your friends and other people.

12. Time apart from your partner makes you more comfortable 

All couples need some time apart because distance does make the heart grow fonder. 

But does staying apart seem to be a much better alternative than staying together?

Then, you both are becoming indifferent toward each other. Since indifference can cause a decrease in efforts, staying away from each other further increases that gap.

13. You’re interested in someone else

Sure, it’s perfectly fine to perceive someone else as attractive. 

However, do you feel that dating someone else or flirting with them can actually spice up your life?

If you fantasize about an outsider, it definitely means there is a lot of indifference in your current relationship.

14. You’re cheating on your partner

We all know that cheating, in any form, is wrong. Not only does it hurt your partner, but it also makes you feel guilty and horrible. 

But it’s a major sign of indifference in the relationship if none of that matters. 

One partner can go ahead and cheat on their significant other simply because they have stopped caring about consequences.

15. You won’t make an effort to break up

This, again, is a major sign of indifference. 

You feel that you’d be better off after breaking up, but there’s no reason to actually end things with your partner. 

You guys don’t hate each other, but you’re not in love either. And breaking up needs effort – and you guys aren’t ready to give the bare minimum. 

16. You guys use “whatever” and “okay”

If you keep hearing phrases like, “Yeah, whatever,” or “Okay, whatever you wish,” it’s time to know that something is wrong in your relationship. 

Whenever people say that, it usually means, “I don’t really care about what you said,” and they want the conversation to be over. This is a tell-tale sign of indifference.

17. There’s less emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is one of the most important pillars of a long-standing relationship. Without it, you’re bound to become indifferent toward each other. This doesn’t happen overnight, but you can definitely start seeing the cracks forming.

So, if you guys hardly open up emotionally, that’s a big red flag!

18. You don’t feel happy to see each other

Imagine coming back home after a tiring day at work. You’d want to meet your partner before going to anyone else and telling them all about your day, right? 

Well, in an indifferent relationship, people stop caring about whether or not their partner will be waiting for them. 

Even if they do greet each other, it’s always half-hearted.

19. You’re drifting through the relationship

Drifting through the relationship implies somehow passing every day with the bare minimum effort.

If this happens, you and your partner are indifferent toward each other. 

Neither of you really wishes to put in any effort to solve any problems, nor do you want to sit down together and communicate.

20. You’re not interested in anything in your love life

At the start of any relationship, couples are often excited to do new things with their partners or buy them something unique. 

But when you become indifferent, all of that changes. You stop taking any interest in what you or your partner likes. You even stop caring about showering them with meaningful gifts.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you can relate to most of the signs given above, don’t lose hope. Indifference in the relationship can be sorted out with a few simple steps. 

All you have to do is talk to your partner, be transparent with them, and figure out the best way to bring back the spark. If necessary, seek a couples therapist ASAP!