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Red String of Fate: Truth or Another Myth?

Red String of Fate: Truth or Another Myth?

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Red String of Fate - Its Meaning & 8 Signs To See Your's

Almost every human being in the world seeks love – the kind that is unconditional, giving, and eternal. When you meet someone with an ability to love you like no other, people say that it was destined to be.

And, when you separate from someone you have been with, they say ‘he/she wasn’t the one’. According to popular Asian fables, the legendary ‘red string of fate’ or ‘red thread of fate’ is anything but a myth.

Most people, especially the previous generation, like to believe that there is someone for everyone. And, that it is a matter of right time and right place that you meet the one who is meant for you.

People who believe in the myth, the red thread of fate say that you can be with several people in your life, but the one you are destined to meet and spend our life with is pre-decided.

Red String of Fate Infographics

Red String of Fate - Definition, Steps to Prepare Yourself
Red String of Fate – Definition, Steps to Prepare Yourself
Signs You Have Found Your Red String of Fate
Signs You Have Found Your Red String of Fate

Red String of Fate Meaning

Japanese legend says that everyone is tied to their soulmate via a red string on their pinky finger. It doesn’t matter where we are born or what our circumstances are, people tied to each other with this string will find each other.

According to an ancient Japanese legend, the gods tie an invisible red thread to the pinky finger of two people who are bound to find each other in life.

And, irrespective of where each of them is born, lived or any other circumstances, they would definitely meet each other to spend a life together. The legend says that no matter how much you stretch or tangle the invisible red string; but it can never be broken.

Another popular Chinese legend talks about the red thread of fate, according to which the lunar matchmaker god, Yuè Lǎo (月老), also known as the charge of marriages, is also the charge of the red thread of fate.

He is responsible for tying an invisible red string to the ankles of two people who are predestined to be each other’s soul mates.

Much like the Japanese legend, no matter where these people are born, who they become, and what circumstances they face, they will come together and live a lifetime.

The red string of fate in other cultures

There are several other cultures around the world who speak of the same belief. People living in the west know it as the belief of having a ‘soul mate’, a ‘twin soul or a ‘twin flame’.

Some know it as the famous western concept of promising by connecting the inky fingers. And, others give in to the notion that you cannot help falling in love with someone since it has all been written in the stars even before you were born.

Interestingly, the legend is not only true for lovers. The Japanese believe that the thread connects any two people who are bound to affect each other’s lives in one way or the other.

How True is The Red Thread of Fate?

Some people tend to dismiss the theory, but there is certainly some truth to it. We all meet people who feel connected to us in strange ways, whether it is partners or friends. Therefore, the theory may not be true in its entirety, but the legend does have some elements of reality.

Myth or not, it is true that we meet and share bonds with several people in our lifetime, but the ones we connect with and stay with for a lifetime are a handful.

For instance, ask yourself about how many friends you have made since you were a child. And, now count the ones that you still call a friend till date. Not many, are they?

To understand the reality of the red thread of fate, you must understand the fundamental essence of the legend. As the Japanese legend explains, the string isn’t only meant for romantic partners.

It includes anyone and everyone who is supposed to help each other or touch each other’s lives in some way. This is why, in many cultures, youngsters are known to promise things to one another by a ‘pinky swear’.

There are several real life stories that have been documented by people who experienced the red string of fate. These stories have been told by people who met their respective partners in strange, unexpected manners. Some of these documented journals also question the fundamentals of twin souls, however, a detailed study of these stories may help strengthen your belief in the concept.

How to Prepare Yourself for Your Red String of Fate?

To help yourself recognize when the string of fate may be at work, you  need to first learn how to differentiate love from fear. You also know need to know and love yourself, and start being more kind towards others.

A lot of people relate ‘fate’ with a fear of something uncontrollable. For them, fate is something they have no power over. It is the ultimate, and it is doomed to happen.

So much so that when something bad happens, they give in to the situation thinking it was their destiny to suffer. But what if you could look at fate positively?

To find the other end of your red thread of fate can be extremely intriguing. But it is important that you prepare yourself in advance for it.

Preparing yourself for your red string of fate mostly encompasses bringing a positive outlook to your life. However, the following suggestions will help you better in shaping that outlook:

1. Do not mistake fear for love

Do not mistake fear for love
Do not mistake fear for love

As strange as it may sound, fear can often cloak itself as love and trick you. If you feel that you constantly need someone else to approve of you or to show love, or that your happiness depended on someone else, that is not loving. That is fear.

Love is when you can be grateful for what your partner offers you. When two people are truly in love, they not only respect each other but also help each other in being the best version of themselves.

2. Appreciate yourself

Appreciate yourself
Appreciate yourself

You need to love yourself first for others to love you. At the same time, if you don’t appreciate yourself or don’t feel happy about who you are, you won’t be able to spread joy around you.

If you are constantly grumpy, negative, and low, your red string of fate or solumate is less likely to be attracted to you. In other words, people who live a happy life are known to be more approachable and likable by those around them.

3. Spread kindness

Spread kindness
Spread kindness

True bonds, love, or friendship, are born out of compassion and kindness. Those who are selflessly kind to others are loved by one and all.

Being kind not only means making kind gestures, but it also includes being there for people. Be patient and listen to people with a genuine interest in their lives.

Don’t be selfish and don’t think about what’s in it for you. Don’t try to dominate, manipulate, or control anybody.

Instead, let them be free and fearless around you. When you are honest and kind, true love is predestined to find you.

4. Know yourself

Know yourself
Know yourself

More often than not, relationships and friendships fail because you don’t know what you want out of them. And, sometimes, you give in too much and give up out of frustration.

To avoid these circumstances, it is important that you know what you want in your life and out of the people in your life.

Ask yourself what you like and believe in. Find out what brings happiness and serenity to your mind. Look for what matters to you. Only when you have an answer to all of these would you be truly ready for companionship.

5. Pay attention to things happening around you

Pay attention to things happening around you
Pay attention to things happening around you

Do you know how people talk about ‘unexpectedly bumping into someone who is now their partner’? Things happen around us constantly.

And, they happen for a reason. Nothing is a coincidence. In fact, everything that happens in your life is to bring you closer to what is meant for you.

More often than not, people are so busy with materialistic things around them that they wouldn’t notice their soul mate even if they stood right in front of them. Pay attention to these events.

6. Have fun and be fun

Have fun and be fun
Have fun and be fun

Finding true love or real friends are two of the most beautiful feelings in the world. And, no one has ever found love or friendship being serious and negative all the time. If you can’t smile or enjoy your life, you will never attract positivity.

Understand that it is not enough to want to find real friendship or true love. You must reflect positive energy that brings people closer to you.

Have fun, enjoy your life, and at the same time, be ready for when the universe brings you face to face with those that you are meant to spend a lifetime with.

How to see your Red String of Fate? (Red String of Fate Signs)

When you feel indescribably connected to someone, that you complete each other and make each other happy – you will know you have found your red string of fate or soulmate or red string of fate. You will also find that you love them for their flaws, and feel quite intensely for them. Other signs to look out for are – feeling other’s joys and sorrows, having easy conversations, and respecting each other’s space.

Finding your red string of fate or soulmate is extremely different than being with your life partner. You may spend an entire lifetime with someone and not feel content.

At other times, an unexpected encounter with a stranger may keep you thinking about them for days, even years.

Your life partner may make you feel loved, may support you every way, and may make you happy, but a soul mate enriches your spirit.

So, how do you know if your partner is your red string of fate or if you have met them already?

1. You can’t describe how you feel with your Red String of Fate

You can’t describe how you feel with them
You can’t describe how you feel with them

Trying to put how you feel with your red string of fate or soulmate into words is not just difficult, it’s impossible.

Being with your soul mate makes you feel a profound sensation and tenacity than words can’t ever justify.

2. You complete each other

You complete each other
You complete each other

Have you ever met a couple who are known to finish each other’s sentences, or know what the other person is thinking without even asking them?

People make fun of it as ‘spending a lot of time together’, but that is what a soul mate connection looks like.

3. You love them with all their flaws

You love them with all their flaws
You love them with all their flaws

Like usual relationships, soul mate relationships also undergo ups and downs. But, difficult situations don’t have the ability to break their bond.

Instead, they are capable of loving each other with all their imperfections and become stronger with every hurdle they face.

4. You feel intensely for one another

You feel intensely for one another
You feel intensely for one another

As mentioned before, soul mate relationships can’t be put into words, however, they are intense. This means that they feel every good and bad thing more intensely than anybody else.

However, the most important factor is that they are able to look past the bad experience and resolve problems to strengthen their bond.

5. You feel like it’s the two of you against the world

You feel like it’s the two of you against the world
You feel like it’s the two of you against the world

Red string of fate or Soulmate bonds often make people feel so linked and attached to each other that they would be ready to overcome any challenge as long as they are together.

These relationships are founded on trust, loyalty, and unity.

6. You feel each other’s joy as well as sorrows

You feel each other’s joy as well as sorrows
You feel each other’s joy as well as sorrows

When you are with your soul mate, you tend to be happy in their happiness and hurt when they are sad.

You are able to experience all of them emotions, even before they tell you anything. Both of you can look at each other and feel what the other person is experiencing.

7. You find it easy to hold conversations with your Red String of Fate

You find it easy to hold conversations
You find it easy to hold conversations

The red string of fate or Soulmates never shy from having deep conversations. In fact, it is one of the best ways they connect with each other.

They find it extremely easy to express their respective opinions and share their concerns whenever the need arises. They aren’t afraid to talk about what makes them happy and what doesn’t.

8. You respect each other’s space and don’t feel threatened by it

You respect each other’s space and don’t feel threatened by it
You respect each other’s space and don’t feel threatened by it

With soul mates, there’s barely any room for insecurities. They know what they mean to each other, and that they would never do anything to be apart.

This is why they don’t feel threatened when one of the partners requires some time off to be on their own once in a while or catch up with friends once every week. They trust each other, and they are capable of respecting each other’s need for space.

It is important to note that not everybody finds their twin soul. Sometimes, it takes multiple lifetimes before you are united with the one destined for you. If you are in a loving relationship, try and analyze it before you decide they are not the ones. Maybe, all you need is just another thorough look to realize you have been with your soul mate all your life.

Red String of Fate Tattoo

Red String of Fate Tattoo
Red String of Fate Tattoo – (Source – Tattoo)

Nowadays, many people are sporting a tiny red string tattooed on their fingers. Most people assume that all of these tattoos mean the same thing, but the truth is that there are quite a few meanings attached with these tattoos. 

This simple design is very personal, and it really comes down to what the owner wants their tattoo to represent.

Why some people want it is totally a personal thing, but in most cases, it is a tribute to true love. Here are the most common reasons for people wanting this tattoo:

1. A sign of true love

The red string in most cases refers to the red string of fate talked about in this article. It is supposed to represent their connection with their partner or their spouse.

The East Asian myth that the red string of fate is tied to the pinky finger, toe, ankle or any other part of two lovers is indeed the most prevalent meaning. 

Since the myth goes that the string will help the lovers find each other, you will see that in most cases, the tattoos have broken ends on each lover’s body.

When they are placed together with each other, they line up perfectly. This is meant to represent the true love of two people who are whole only with each other.

2. A replacement of wedding rings

In certain cases the tattoo is also used by a married couple as a replacement for their wedding bands. Two partners may choose to have this tattoo made on their left ring fingers instead of the rings.

The tattoo can be a straight string stretched or tangled, and when it is placed with the other partner’s tattoo, it completely lines up.

3. The search for true love

If a person who is single gets the red string tattoo made, it can denote a search for one’s destined, true love. Some people believe that there is a single person out there who is made for them, and they just haven’t found him.

They get this tattoo to represent that search. And when they do find that person, they can have the tattoo made on their pinky finger as well, so that it perfectly lined up with their own.

4. The Jewish Meaning

In the Jewish religion, the red string is tattooed on one’s wrist as a symbol of protection from the evil eye.

It is believed that this tattoo can ward off any curses as well. Some people like to tie in this protective meaning of the red string with the true love meaning as well.

5. A symbol of platonic love

Some people like to have the red string tattooed as a way of remembering a loved one. It does not have to be a lover – it can be a parent or a friend that has passed away.

The tattoo in such cases is seen as a memorial for them. In such cases, the tattoo is placed at places that are not visible to outsiders – like the shoulder or on the chest, near the heart.

Some Red String of Fate Tattoo Designs

Red String of Fate Stories on Instagram

Video for the Concept of Red String of Fate

Here’s a detailed video to understand the concept of Red String of Fate :

Final thoughts

In this world full of affordable duplicates and manipulative relationships, the hope for finding your one true love still exists. Your perfect partner has already been decided by the red thread of fate. All you have to do is be open towards meeting them, and when you do, embrace them with all your love and compassion.

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