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25 Amazing Signs A First Date Went Well And You’ll Land A Second One

25 Amazing Signs A First Date Went Well And You’ll Land A Second One

Updated on Aug 28, 2023

25 Amazing Signs A First Date Went Well And You’ll Land A Second One

You’re looking for signs a first date went well after you spent time with this wonderful person. 

Well, if you had a great impression of them, it’s normal to feel nervous about their thoughts about you. Even if they show clear signs of liking you, it’s hard to identify because they have that kind of effect on you. 

But don’t worry, here you’ll get all of the answers. So, head right in!

25 Signs A First Date Went Well

First dates are always confusing. Even if you’ve talked to this person online, you’re anxious if they’ll be as charismatic in person. With all that overwhelming emotions, you often miss the green flags about your date progressing perfectly. 

But if you remember every moment during the date, you can easily figure out the situation with these signs…

1. There was laughter 

Life has its highs and lows, so you want to spend it with someone you can share joy with. And shared laughter is the ultimate way of connecting with someone. 

If you could not help but laugh out loud with your date, you two share a sense of humor. So, this might predict that you’ll be together even when things get tough – a great sign of a good date!

2. The conversation flowed easily

In the dating world, awkward pauses can get pretty uncomfortable. Especially if those pauses are more than a few, then it is a problem. 

So, another sign that a date went well is when the conversation flowed easily. If you spoke like you have known each other for ages, then it is a good sign. 

3. Your date was genuinely interested in you

Recall if your date paid attention to everything you said. Another sign that your date went well is when your date was genuinely interested in talking to you. It means that the first impression you made piqued their interest. 

4. You have a lot in common

People date to find someone they can really connect with. So, it is crucial to have things in common to understand each other. 

So if both of you dream about traveling the world, have similar interests, and aligned goals, the date definitely went well. 

5. Neither of you touched your phones

Even though it is impolite to check your phone when someone is talking, you might still do so now and then. In today’s day and age, everyone is almost addicted to these gadgets. 

So, if neither of you touched your phone, you were really engrossed in the conversation. It shows that the date definitely went well. 

6. Your date had good hygiene

If your date made sure that they have showered and even added a nice cologne, you might feel like hopping into bed with them at the end of the day. Yep, good hygiene can impress you enough to say a date was marvelous! 

7. Your date remembered all the details

Another great sign is when they recollected all the details of the previous conversations. It means that they were paying attention to whatever you were saying. 

Since their interest is apparent, you can take it that the date went well. 

8. Your date was respectful

Recall whether your date maintained a comfortable distance, even when they wanted to get intimate. Perhaps, they also waited for you to kiss them first. 

Not everyone is respectful toward their date, and some people even lack an understanding of boundaries. If they respect you and your boundaries, that’s the most favorable sign that your date is going well.

9. The date lasted longer than expected

Perhaps, you spontaneously went to dinner after a movie and then went home to get a drink. You just couldn’t seem to leave each other!

One of the major signs that a date went well is when it went longer than you initially expected or planned. After all, no one will try to prolong a bad date. 

On the other hand, when people don’t like anything about their date, they often bail out with some excuse. 

10. You got intimate just before saying your goodbyes

Loosen up because intimacy does not ALWAYS have to mean that you got into each other’s pants. 

So, if you kissed and even hugged each other at the end of the day, the date went well. It is clear that you both want more. 

11. You made further plans

A second-date plan is the most obvious sign that the first one went well. Because if the two of you are not interested in each other, you would not ever bring up the prospect of a second date. 

The sign is even stronger if they pick up a common interest, a romantic movie, or even a trip with you for a second date. 

12. You added one another on social media

Sure, not everyone is selective about the people on their friend’s list. But you will not add someone with whom you have no intention of staying in touch. 

So, if both of you made sure to add each other on social media, it means you want to pursue this relationship further. You both want to stay in touch even if things don’t take a romantic turn. 

13. Your date was thoughtful

Perhaps they offered you their jacket when you were cold. Or they let you eat their dessert because you have a sweet tooth.

If anything similar happened, the date definitely went terrific! That’s why they wanted to impress you and act thoughtfully. 

14. The butterflies in your stomach stayed until the end of the night

People usually feel butterflies in their stomachs while getting ready to meet prospective romantic partners. 

But, it vanishes if the date is disappointing. However, if the feeling persisted even after the date was over, it is clear the date went well. 

Whether it is because of how they looked at you or touched you, they are the reason behind these butterflies.

15. Your date followed up

The standard after-date follow-up is a call or text within twenty-four hours of the date.

If your date not only asked whether you reached home safely but told you they had a great time, it’s obvious they want more. They cannot wait to go on a second date. 

And something is definitely brewing if this conversation was much longer than needed!

16. You were not afraid to pull each other’s legs

Teasing is the finest way of flirting with someone. So, if you and your date were not afraid to poke a little fun at each other, the date went well. 

Obviously, this does not mean that either of you were rude. Rather, it’s when they throw sassy comments that make you think that they are witty, confident, and unquestionably attractive. 

17. You participated equally in the conversation

The last thing you want on a date is for either of you to take up all the talking space. If your date went on talking about themselves, chances are they do not have the space to include anyone else in their life. 

But, if they gladly give you the center stage sometimes, it means that he or she was genuinely interested in what you had to say. 

18. You were equally intrigued by each other’s differences

It’s easy to connect with your date through shared interests. But if you were even interested in each other’s differences, chances are the date went well. 

After all, it shows that the two of you like one another enough to work through your differences and find common ground.

19. You talked about your family and friends

People mention their loved ones to people they want in their life. So, one of the clearest signs that your date went well is when you both spoke about your family and friends. 

It means that you both want to include each other in your social circle or even introduce each other to your respective families. You may also find that your date can’t wait to impress your loved ones. 

20. There was rarely any small talk

Most people somehow make do with small talk on dates. But if the conversation went deeper, it means that you both put some effort into it. 

It also indicates that you were comfortable enough to reveal more about yourself, and the date went great. 

21. You seldom felt anxious or nervous during the date

If you connect with someone, you won’t feel nervous, anxious, or intimidated around them. One of the biggest signs that your date went well is when you can feel comfortable in each other’s presence. Your instinct somehow knew that you could trust this person. 

22. Your date dropped you at home

This one especially works if your date is a man!

Your date won’t bother dropping you home if you did not have a good time together. It means they enjoyed your company, did not want the evening to end, and were keen on making a good impression. 

If they lingered around your house for a while, it could also mean they wanted a goodbye kiss. 

23. You told your friends about the date soon after getting home

If you could not wait to tell your friends about a date after it was over, it means the date did more than meet your expectations. You want all your friends to cheer you on this new journey!

24. Neither of the two of you talked about your exes

People usually talk about their exes when they miss them or when something or the other reminds them of the past. 

But if they did not make you think about your ex at all and they didn’t mention their exes, it means that the date really went well.

25. You felt like you could be yourself

When you first meet someone, you keep your behavior in check, making sure that the first impression is great. 

But, if you both were being yourself, you already trust them enough. It also shows that they are quite good at making you feel comfortable. This sign not only shows that the date went well but also that you two are a good match. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

From these signs, if you found that you had a great first date, congratulations! 

You might soon land a second date. But don’t feel pressured to make it even better than the first one. Rather, go with the natural flow and let them understand your true self. 

But if you feel the chances are low, remember there are plenty of fishes in the sea. Keep dating until you find the perfect one for yourself!

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