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15 Clear Difference Between A Date And Hanging Out To Define Your Connection With Them

15 Clear Difference Between A Date And Hanging Out To Define Your Connection With Them

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

15 Clear Difference Between A Date And Hanging Out To Define Your Connection With Them

So, you’re curious about the difference between a date and hanging out.

You like this person and feel they probably like you back! You begin to spend more time together, but you’re not really sure whether these meetups are simply two friends hanging out or something more romantic.

Well, this article will help you understand the basic differences between the two. So, come on, let’s get started!

15 Difference Between A Date And Hanging Out 

A date happens when two people spend some romantic moments alone while hanging out doesn’t involve any deeper feelings. However, there are many deeper and more detailed indicators that define the two separately. 

But if you’re in a hurry, then check out the table below.

1. ExclusivityIt involves only two people.It can involve more than two people.
2. Prior planningIt involves prior planning.It can happen all of a sudden.
3. Feelings involvedIt involves romantic feelings.It does not involve any romantic feelings.
4. Dressing upIt involves dressing up and looking good.It doesn’t involve too much dressing up.
5. Sexual implicationsIt can lead to sex.It does not lead to sex.
6. Engagement in activitiesTwo people do different activities together.Two people may or may not do the same activity together.
7. Type of conversationsIt involves romantic conversations.It doesn’t include any romantic conversations.
8. Emotional connectionIt involves a deep emotional connection.It generally doesn’t involve any emotional connection.
9. Post-meet contactTwo people call or text each other romantic things.Two people may or may not call or text each other afterward.
10. Frequency of meetingTwo people meet each other frequently.Two people may or may not meet each other frequently.
11. Body languageIt involves romantic body language.This doesn’t involve any romantic body language
12. Asking outIt occurs in a special and cute wayIt occurs in a casual and non-romantic way.
13. Relationship statusTwo single people meeting.Two people may or may not be single.
14. Future intentionsIt can lead to a serious relationship.It generally does not lead to anything romantic.
15. Talking about othersIt focuses only on two people.It can focus on talking about others.

However, to understand the differences better, you should check the in-depth details. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Going on a date is exclusive, but hanging out can include others

When you are going out on a date with someone else, you both know that you’ll be the only ones spending time with each other. 

But when it comes to a simple hangout session, you can involve all your friends and close ones!

2. A date is prior-planned, but a hangout can be very sudden

Even though dates can also happen out of the blue, most of them are prior-planned. Since both you and your partner wish to look and feel good, you both will take time and plan well. 

However, hanging out requires no prior planning. All you have to do is put on some clothes and grab your purse!

3. A date involves romantic feelings, but hanging out can be casual

Another major difference between a date and two people hanging out is the feelings involved. 

On a date, you both know that there’s romance and a bit of tension in the air! 

But hanging out is purely casual. You both can have the time of your lives without reading too much into anything!

4. A date involves two people dressing up, but hanging out does not involve anything as such

Imagine a situation where someone has asked you out on a date. 

Wouldn’t you spend hours thinking of the perfect outfit to wear? 

Not just that, you’d also be thinking of which perfume to put on and how to look irresistible! 

On the other hand, hanging out is a casual situation where you don’t have to think anything about what to wear!

5. A date often leads to sex, but hanging out does not 

A date can often lead to sex. And if not sex, then definitely a sexy makeout session! 

However, the same doesn’t hold true for a hangout. Since it’s just a casual meetup between two friends, there are no sexual implications involved. So it doesn’t lead to anything in the bedroom.

6. A date involves doing things together, but hanging out can involve people doing things separately

A date typically involves a lot of planning, so you both will naturally wish to spend as much time together as possible. This leads to doing different kinds of activities together, starting from ice skating to candlelight dinners. 

But when you’re simply hanging out as buddies, you don’t necessarily have to do things together.

7. A date includes romantic conversations, but hanging out does not

When you’re on a date, you’ll definitely understand the vibe in the air. Even if you’re not sure of the relationship that you share with the other person, a date will always have romantic conversations included. 

But in a hangout, the atmosphere is completely non-romantic. Here, you can have a conversation about anything and everything!

8. A date has an emotional connection, but a hangout does not

A date will always include some kind of emotional intimacy. This is the stage where you both want to know each other better. You’ll exchange stories about your childhoods, likes, and dislikes. 

But if you’re only hanging out with the other person, you might feel great. But there won’t be much of an emotional connection.

9. A date involves calling or texting later, but a hangout does not always include that

One big difference between dating and hanging out is what you both do afterward. 

If you both call each other up or exchange flirty emojis, it’s a sure sign that you both have a definite spark! 

But if you both spend some great moments with each other and then simply exchange casual good-night messages, it’s hanging out.

10. Dating involves meeting regularly, but hanging out can be inconsistent

So, you’ve just had a wonderful first date with someone special, and you can’t wait to meet them again. 

Well, good for you because dates are almost always consistent! 

If both of you wish to make things work, then you’ll go out on many more dates. 

But when it comes to a hangout session, the frequency of meetings can get very inconsistent.

11. Dating involves romantic body language, but hanging out does not

If you’ve frequently been on dates, you’ll understand how body language works. For example, the other person might lean in toward you while talking or hold your hand. 

However, hanging out doesn’t involve anything romantic, so neither of you shows any change in your body language. Both of you are calm and composed.

12. Dating involves asking in a specific way, but hanging out involves asking you out casually

When someone asks you out for a date, you’ll clearly see the nervousness and hopefulness on their faces. 

Since asking someone out can take quite a bit of courage, that person will do so in a specific and romantic way. 

On the other hand, if someone is asking you to just hang out, they’ll casually slip in the question without feeling nervous.

13. Dating involves two single people, but hanging out is irrespective of relationship status

Even though committed people can date others, the general norm for dating is two single people meeting and igniting a spark between themselves. 

But if the meeting is just a hangout session, then the relationship status of either person doesn’t really matter because there are no feelings involved.

14. Dating can lead to a serious relationship, but hanging out will not

If two people have been going out on many dates, they will probably end up getting into a full-fledged relationship sooner or later. This is because initial dating leads to deeper feelings. 

However, if you’re only hanging out with a friend, you won’t really do anything that will lead to the development of romantic feelings.

15. A date involves focusing on only each other, but a hangout can involve talking about others

When you’re out with someone, and you keep mentioning or talking about another friend, check whether the person in front of you gets jealous or not. 

If they show visible signs of jealousy, then your meetup is most probably a date! 

But if you both talk about other people and even speak to them over call or text, it indicates hanging out.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

So, dear reader, you can easily understand whether two people are going out on a special date or simply hanging out with each other if you notice these.

Therefore, the next time someone asks you out, and you feel confused about their intentions, refer to this think piece!