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How to Be a Better Boyfriend? – 60 Foolproof Ways

How to Be a Better Boyfriend? – 60 Foolproof Ways

Updated on Sep 26, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to be a Better Boyfriend – 60 Foolproof Ways

So, you wanna know how to be a better boyfriend, but can’t find any reliable guide because everyone’s opinions are so varied.

Well, that was expected… After all, human beings and romantic relationships always vary. What may work for you may not work for your beau.

But does that mean you won’t get your answers?

I never said that, instead, I’m glad to announce the end of this hunt because this think-piece has everything you need.

So, c’mon, let’s turn you into the best boyfriend ever! 😉

How to be a better boyfriend? – 60 ways

From your desire to be a better boyfriend, I can tell that you’re a great man… so you’re already halfway there to attaining the “best-boyfriend-ever-crown”.

But being a better boyfriend needs much more effort than that. I hope that didn’t demotivate you… because though challenging, the end of this journey is exceptionally sweet.

So, with a little brush here and there, you can easily turn into the diamond she’ll ever desire. Whether by being a good listener or prioritizing her needs, multiple ways to level up await you right here!

1. Don’t always treat her like one of your homies

Girls desire to feel involved in your life… so, when you ask your girlfriend to join the video game, she feels ecstatic to be introduced to others and to join your inner circle. It’s like she feels accepted in a new way as a part of your life.

But don’t think that’s all she wants. She still wants to spend quality time all alone with you.

So, to be a good boyfriend, dedicate your undivided and uninterrupted attention from time to time outside group activities and make her feel loved.

2. Please don’t talk if she’s complaining

On some days, your girl will return home and start complaining about all sorts of things about the girls, her office, and so on.

She’ll vent out all of her thoughts and feelings about a situation or person. Most boyfriends ruin this moment with their urge to give their girls logical advice.

Honestly, she just expects you to be a good listener and lend her a shoulder to cry… not the practical answers. Even if you feel that her situation has an easy fix… tell her that later and you’ll be the perfect boyfriend.

3. Remind her she’s pretty like it’s a ritual

Women love it when their men say they’re beautiful. Oh, and for your information… it’s never because she doesn’t know about her killer looks.

She’s sexy and she knows it!

But she wants to know about your feelings for her and feel reassured. These feelings are common in long-running relationships.

Questions like “do you still feel attracted to her?” Or, “are your standards of a pretty girl different?” often keep popping in her head.

So, let her know how attracted you are to her and be THE man for her.

4. Put more effort in the dates

So, what’s the definition of a good date for you? How creative do you get?

If you come up with the same old coffee shop or lunch dates plans or rather your girlfriend plans dates more… you need to do better, bro!

Try paying attention to the kind of dates she plans or look up for some romantic, unique, and cute date ideas.

This will not only make you a better boyfriend but also make your girlfriend feel happy and appreciated.

5. Help her feel good in bed… seriously

Sex is important to make any relationship work… so, if you guys are sexually active, pay attention to her needs.

Most men think that since the ding-dong goes inside the hoo-ha… that’s enough to make her lose her mind because that’s what porn taught you.

Your girlfriend doesn’t even blame you for that … but she does hate that you never try to know her likes.

So, to amp your boyfriend game, learn where her clitoris is or how she likes to be touched… because penetrative sex isn’t enough.

6. Knock down the walls

You spend time with her, help her with her chores, give her a back rub after a long day, and hug her to sleep on bad days.

On your bad days, you take space from the relationship because you don’t want to burden her with your issues… after all, how can you let the love of your life worry?

Trust me, she appreciates every last bit of your actions… but sometimes, she feels anxious when you don’t express yourself. So, be more expressive of your feelings, whether it’s good or bad, to be a better boyfriend.

7. Send brief affectionate texts

Throughout the day, your girlfriend craves for you and she hits you up with sweet messages or memes to grab your attention. Sometimes, you might be busy and not get enough time to reply to her.

So, does she not understand that?

OF COURSE, she does! But the heart wants what it wants!

To be a great boyfriend, show affection with “I miss you” or “Hope you’re having a good day” texts throughout the day.

And when you’re available, send “How are you?” or “What are you up to??” texts to show her you crave her.

8. Soak in physical intimacy minus the sex

All women want to be hugged and snuggled without feeling your boner hitting her cave. You might argue “I love her… so, obviously, my body reacts to her. Who can deny physiological reactions?”

If you always get aroused by her, that’s flattering. However, think about it from her point of view.

Your girl feels special when you indulge in loving cuddles, so be a better boyfriend with that in mind. And refrain from always getting sexual, as she feels you have ulterior motives or only want her body.

9. Grab some cooking and kitchen skills

Some men can cook and keep the kitchen clean, you’re already a great boyfriend, so don’t mind and move on to the next point.

But the rest of you must follow suit. Learn to cook everyday recipes… nothing too fancy. If you live with your girlfriend, she’s tired of cooking or getting takeout when she can’t cook.

So, on the weekends, practice cooking basic meals without turning the kitchen into a slaughterhouse. Hopefully, you’ll soon ace these skills, and become an even better boyfriend.

10. Split the chores fairly

If you guys live together, sharing your daily chores is a must! No if’s no but’s.

Even if you’re a full-time worker and she’s a complete homemaker, know that your work ends in 8 hours… while hers continue 24/7. You have to work 5-6 days a week, she never has an off day

So, what makes a good boyfriend? Give her a hand in her daily chores and don’t act like it’s a huge deal, otherwise, she’ll never allow you to help her ever again.

11. Chant the mantra “We’re a team!”

If you wanna know how to be a perfect boyfriend… Remember you guys are on the same team. It’s always you both vs. the world and not you vs. your girlfriend.

Whether you fight among yourself or your girlfriend gets into quarrels with your friends or family, remember that at the end of the day, you guys are one.

So, despite what happens, try to stay calm and think of her issues as your own. You’ll find the solutions a lot faster that way.

12. Don’t just hear, listen

While your girlfriend rants about random things, you might zone out because she told you the exact same thing yesterday. You feel it’s alright if you don’t focus on her… and mess up big time.

So, how to be the best boyfriend in this context?

Focus when she talks and remember the key points.

For instance, if she complains a lot about her back pain lately… take up some of her chores that make her bend down or seek a different solution.

13. Compliment her before other dudes

Whether it’s a date night or a family gathering, she dresses up her best but you don’t spare a word of praise. When other guys tell her she looks fabulous, she feels great but also sad that her boyfriend didn’t notice her.

So, another way to be a good boyfriend is to compliment her and mean it.

Moreover, don’t compliment her only for her looks, look deeper and you’ll notice she does so many praiseworthy things throughout the day… but everything goes unappreciated.

14. Send updates about major things

If you don’t know already, your girlfriend is a big worrywart.

Suppose, you’re nervous about your interview or a presentation… or, your close one is in a bad shape in another state and you are left to take care of them.

She can’t sit still until she hears from you. So, send her quick updates to ease her worries and become the best boyfriend ever.

Even if you’re busy, a short text will help her know things are stable… otherwise, she can’t stop overthinking.

15. Be more decisive and specific

Oh boy, before you start screaming that “women are the most indecisive being on this planet”… let me remind you how you’re the same and it just gets on your woman’s nerves equally.

For instance, she asks you what you want to have for dinner, and you answer “anything’s fine”.

Guys probably don’t say when they don’t like dinner, but the faces you guys make because she made veggies and no meat… that’s enough to let her know your thoughts.

So, next time, think more before you answer and be a better boyfriend.

16. Sometimes, stay away from the screen

Women understand that you have many obligations like work, family, and friends. You can’t ignore emergency updates from crucial people.

However, if you’re on a date or if you guys only get to spend a small time throughout the week, your undivided attention makes your girlfriend happy.

So, how to be a good boyfriend material?

Keep your phone on vibration when you spend time together, don’t reply to texts if it’s not urgent, don’t stay on calls for too long if you can push it back, and don’t scroll through social media

17. Follow through with your promises

For most women, their boyfriend naturally becomes the best man ever when they don’t forget their responsibilities and promises.

If you think your girlfriend nags you too much, that’s a sign you have more space for improvement.

Probably, you don’t take care of your part of the deal which forces her to say “Babe! You forgot to take out the trash again” or “Sweetheart, why do you always forget the laundry?”

Imagine how much more pain she goes through when she covers for your chores too.

18. Share your interests

Your girlfriend wants to feel closer to you and know you better… So, to be the best boyfriend she ever had, introduce her to your interests.

Talk to her about what you do in your pastime and ask her out on a date with these activities. Don’t smother her with everything at once. Let her experience one thing at a time, and learn about her feelings regarding it.

If she responds positively, score! Look forward to more exciting dates.

19. Show interest in her likes

A healthy relationship is always about you both… so just as you include her in your interests, familiarize herself with hers and you’ll rank even better as a boyfriend.

Ask her what she does for leisure. If you find anything interesting, suggest trying it together on a date. If you’re confused, tell her you wanna spend a day doing things she likes.

She’ll feel extremely happy that you want to know her better. She’ll be so glad to know she chose a good man.

20. Be unapologetically and unashamedly you

Just like men, women also dislike it when a man pretends to be something they aren’t. Though every girl dreams of a perfect partner, women aren’t fools. They know nobody is perfect and is ready to accept the real you.

So, to be the best boyfriend, be genuine and candid. Let her know what you’re truly like. Show her your vulnerabilities and let her know you’re as much of a flawed human as her.

She’ll love to be the closest to your heart and accept you wholeheartedly.

21. Don’t let the issues pile up

Since your girlfriend is also a human being, she’ll have quite a few flaws. However, men suppress their feelings when they’re irritated, the resentful feelings snowball, and your relationship approaches its doom.

To be a better and more responsible boyfriend, tell her when her actions, behaviors, or words hurt or disturb you. Communicate whenever anything bothers you… and be respectful during it.

Don’t expect her to read your mind and get angry when she can’t… communication is a must for healthy relationships.

22. Don’t ask, just give her a hand!

So, you saw that she was working late and didn’t take the trash out. You remind her that she didn’t do it and that it’s her turn.

You guys have equal responsibilities and share your chores… that’s cool, but if she’s already busy, your comment will only get her irritated.

On the other hand, if you ask her whether she needs your help with it, she might decline because she feels guilty for depending on you so much.

So, be a better boyfriend and lend a helping hand… without asking.

23. Don’t compare while complimenting

Complimenting always makes you the better boyfriend, but some men compare their women with other girls to make it more believable.

They say “this color looks so much better than your sister”… however, this unhealthy comparison makes your girl feel that she’s competing with others.

Even if you call her better than others, she feels anxious that someday she won’t be the better one… will you fall out of love then?

So, refrain from toxic comparisons to be a good man along with a great boyfriend.

24. Find out your love languages

There are five languages of love: affirmative words, physical touch, acts of giving gifts, service or devotion, and spending quality time.

So, everyone doesn’t feel loved and appreciated with the same ways of showing love. So, if you want to be a better boyfriend, you must know your girlfriend’s language of love.

In fact, choose a day to find one another’s love languages together and learn to understand one another better. With this, you’ll understand each other much better and feel like you’ve found true love.

25. Remember she’s neither your mom nor your maid

In our parent’s house, we didn’t need to take responsibility. Even if our mom nags us for not cleaning after ourselves, she still completed the tasks for us. Moms are selfless and they can’t really abandon their kids when they don’t listen.

However, your girlfriend isn’t your mom… not that she doesn’t love you enough, but she knows what she deserves.

She won’t stay around if you treat her likewise, so show her you’re a good boyfriend by cleaning your own dishes and clothes.

26. Listen to her requests, it won’t hurt you

Sometimes, your girlfriend might ask you to pick up the groceries or laundry on your way back from home… or she might say, don’t smoke around me. Try to keep these requests.

She won’t ask too much from you, so if you just listen and do what is needed, you easily become a better boyfriend.

However, once in a while you might forget your tasks… So is it fine?

Well, it won’t hurt if you forget only once. Learn from the mistakes and set a reminder for next time.

27. Find a middle ground when you can’t accept her requests

If she asks for too much or her requests put you in a tough spot, it’s okay to not agree. Remember, being a better boyfriend doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize yourself.

So, in these situations, communicate about the clashing needs or perspectives. Try to compromise and do something so that neither of you loses.

This naturally makes you more mature and likable as a boyfriend. But make sure you break the word gently and don’t blame her for anything.

28. Lose your cool façade

Many men like to show off an ice-cold personality even when they discuss the most exciting things.

Well, it’s time to break that mask and let your face light up because that makes your girlfriend feel uncomfortable. She feels that you act distant because you don’t enjoy the conversation. She might even feel the need to follow suit.

So, show your girlfriend how you truly feel about your interests. Let her see your glowing face with a childish grin plastered and feel connected… This also makes you a better boyfriend.

29. Verbally mention what’s so likable about her

Your girlfriend is one in a billion and you can’t help but observe from a distance thinking “what did I do to get an amazing girlfriend like her?”

Well, that’s great but do you know she can’t hear that?

BUT she needs to know that you think so highly of her. If you don’t, she’ll feel unappreciated… in the long run, she might even lose confidence in herself.

So, to be the best man for her, tell her how highly you feel about her.

30. Stay calm when you’re irritated

Relationships aren’t always rosy and sometimes you’ll have tough conversations… you guys won’t be on the same page and you might even feel “Do we really match?”

So, next time you feel frustrated because of your girl, take a deep breath and don’t lose your cool… This will make you a much better man. Otherwise, your girl feels worthless and that you don’t love her at all.

She knows that clashing thoughts don’t change your feelings… but when you lose your patience, she feels that you don’t cherish and respect her enough.

31. Don’t get defensive and blame

During fights, it’s hard to stay level-headed. Some men can’t communicate their thoughts when they’re angry and take the worst possible actions.

They might get defensive and blame the girl for their choices or they might stop talking to her completely to make her feel guilty. Either way, a girl feels she isn’t worth a dime in a defensive boyfriend’s life and slowly but surely grows apart.

So, what makes you a better boyfriend?

Try to communicate openly and honestly when you face ugly situations in the relationship.

32. Don’t use white lies

For the record, men… please, stop thinking you can fool your girl. She’s sharper than you can ever guess.

Suppose, your girlfriend got on your nerves on the call and you disconnected it out of fury. Later when she asks what happened, you say “My phone died”.

She may not say anything but deep inside she can tell you used a white lie to avoid confrontation. Moreover, she feels disrespected in the relationship. So, avoid using white lies and own the truth as it makes you a cooler man.

33. Make a list before visiting the stores

So, how many times did you visit the grocery store or the mall… only to call her and ask “Bae, what else did you mention?” or “Do you want anything?”

If she told you what to bring, write it down instead of depending on your memory.

If she didn’t ask you anything and you just want to pick something special for her, then depend on your wits. You know her well enough to choose a gift. This makes you so much cuter of a boyfriend!

34. Cultivate mutual respect in your relationship

Needless to say, society treats women like breeding objects. Some people believe women must bow to their men… no offense but you might even find such crazy people in your family and friends.

So, make sure you don’t let their thoughts manipulate yours.

Treat your woman respectfully and she’ll know you’re the best boyfriend she can get. But when you demand equal respect, she’ll know that you’ll make a good husband and bring up confident kids.

35. Don’t bring up her ex

Even jokingly, never say that “I’m better than your ex, right?” Many guys do that and that’s an a$$ move. Whether your girl’s last relationship ended on good or bad terms, she might still feel hurt or offended by it.

On the other hand, don’t mention the last guy even if you’re angry. If she was so fond of that guy, why’d she be with you?

If you keep her ex’s name out of your mouth, you’ll be much better as a person and a boyfriend.

36. Never bring up your ex either

Suppose, you hate your ex and you wanna make your girlfriend feel good about herself. You tell her “You’re much better than my ex. She didn’t make me as happy as you.”

Even if you put your girlfriend in a superior position, your words make her feel that you’re still hung up on your past. She’ll feel that for you, she’s just a trophy you can show off to your ex.

A good boyfriend mustn’t mention his ex randomly like this.

37. Don’t try to change her

I came across many couples where partners fell in love, found a flaw in their partner, and took up this “project: change my partner for the better” arbitrarily.

If you want to change anything about your partner which isn’t a serious issue like gambling, addiction, or health concerns, your relationship is unhealthy.

Accept her as she is… and if you can’t, talk to her. If she’s not willing to work out major issues, you’re free to leave… but never try to change her.

38. Stop calling her cute when she’s angry

Every romantic movie ever shows the female lead angry, frustrated, or tear-stained and the male lead finds it amusing and calls her expressions cute.

The question is… even if that’s what men truly feel about their lovers, why do they mention it?

Would you like it if your girl called you cute when you’re distressed?

No? Well, it’s the same for her. Such comments make a frustrated person’s blood boil. So, don’t do that and you’ll be so much better naturally.

39. Trim your nails

Men with long nails are a dealbreaker for some women. Most women can’t exactly understand what irks them about it, but practically there are a few reasons.

In the bedroom, you might hurt her insides while pleasing her with your clawed fingers. Some women feel it’s too feminine for a man. While some get scared because it reminds them of Dracula.

Lastly, many women believe men with long fingernails are drug addicts. So, if you don’t want to make your girl uncomfortable, just trim your nails regularly.

40. Show her you care with your actions

While you tell her you care for her and say how grateful you feel towards her… what’s the proof? Though she may never ask you to prove your love, is it fair to leave her in doubt?

So, instead, take your time and think about what will actually make her feel special. For instance, surprise her with flowers after work.

If you can afford more, invest in dresses or jewelry. If you can’t afford a fancy bouquet, get her chocolates. Remember, the price of the gift doesn’t matter, it’s all about the thoughts.

41. Send her memes

On some days, you might be available while she’s busy. You miss her so much but can’t intrude on her working hours. Though she may not say but she also wants to spend the day with you leisurely, she hopes that you really miss her.

She’d love to receive short “I miss you” and “thinking of you” messages, memes, songs, and the likes throughout the day from you.

This will make her happy, convey your love, and that you miss her. She’ll know that you’re the only man she’ll ever need.

42. Stop stereotyping women

Some men think that “All women are bad at…” Well, even if you only met women that are bad at video games or women that are good at babysitting, don’t stereotype your women as one of them.

She might be great at games or her professional life and suck at cooking. Human beings are unique and just as you’re different from your siblings or friends, she’s also different.

So, what makes you a great boyfriend? Try to know her instead of assuming and guessing.

43. Prepare to deal with sudden issues

Men are quite methodical and they have different times to deal with certain issues. Though this is a great way to declutter your life, you can’t use the same strategy in your relationship.

Sure, you can’t spend time with your partner while you’re busy with work. But, remember that your partner may seek or need your time unexpectedly.

If she falls sick, she needs you to take care of her and postpone your night out. She won’t force you into it, but if you’re open to canceling on others for her, you’re her true love.

44. Never dictate her

Society believes women can’t be responsible for themselves or can’t decide well. Are you one of them? If yes, bro we gotta revise a few things.

For women, a supportive man can make the best boyfriend. So, your girl hopes that you’ll support her dreams… even if you don’t agree with them. Never stop her from living her life.

If she wants to take a huge leap of faith, don’t say “You might regret it”… say “go ahead, I’ll always catch you if you fall”.

45. Avoid doing things you don’t want her to do

A good boyfriend never hurts his girl…

So, how to never hurt her? Great question! Well, understanding what might hurt your girlfriend isn’t as hard as it seems. Think about the things that might hurt her if you did it.

For instance, cheating, flirting, checking out another person, talking behind your back, siding with others when they accuse you… all of these make your heart sink with pain, right?

So, avoid doing anything that you don’t want her to do.

46. Spontaneously say “I love you”

Does this one even need an explanation?

In relationships, a ritualistic “I love you” at bedtime, when one of you leaves for the office, or when you return after a long day is great. However, with time the magical words lose their effect because it becomes expected.

So, don’t let these special words lose their charm. Randomly use them when she least expects it. Don’t wait for a reason to say it… just blurt it out and watch her turn red from it. She’ll love you even more and think she got the best boyfriend ever.

47. Show gratitude for the little things

After being together for a long time, couples forget to show gratitude for the little things they do for each other. Remember, your girlfriend isn’t obliged to do anything for you.

You both are independent and responsible adults, so you must both take care of yourselves. And don’t even get me started at “cooking/cleaning are women’s responsibilities”… who even introduced gender stereotypes in chores?

So, from now on, thank her for every little thing she does for you and be a better boyfriend.

48. Never ignore her health concerns

If she ever mentions something about her health, be alert. Women usually try to avoid the hospital or try to get better all alone at home. On the other hand, I’ve seen plenty of men who don’t even consider accompanying their lovers to the hospital.

So, change this saga…listen to her issues, and even proactively take her for checkups. Women love it when their boyfriends get protective and worry about their health.

They feel cherished and loved, so you naturally become a great boyfriend.

49. Never ask “Are you on your period?”

During menstruation, hormonal fluctuations keep her on the edge and she’s always close to losing her fuse. So, even if the date is close and her anger makes no sense… dude, just avoid it!

It aggravates her foul mood and the situation worsens… So if you don’t wanna meet She-Hulk, don’t wake her.

Girls hate it because it’s stereotyping of women and many men use it jokingly. You might not mean anything bad, yet she might get hurt. So, be a gentleman and hush!

50. Prioritize hygiene over appearances

Most men think attractiveness ends with their looks. They pump their muscles and forget to shower… they groom their faces without cleaning them. This is gross and will turn off your woman.

While your girlfriend doesn’t need you to undergo 20 steps of an Asian skincare routine, she demands basic hygiene from you. She can’t fall asleep when you expose your stinky underarms beside her at night.

So, do her a favor, shower regularly, clean the stinky parts, and you’ll become her thoughtful boyfriend.

51. Avoid violence during fights

Many men can’t control their anger and break random objects to vent their anger and frustration while fighting with their partners.

Though you didn’t hurt her physically, she feels psychologically afraid of you. She thinks “Someday, he might throw an object at me or hurt me”. She feels uncomfortable and unsafe, so eventually, she becomes quieter to avoid any conflict.

Due to a lack of open communication, she feels resentful and changes entirely which might even lead to a breakup. To avoid it and be a better lover, stop the violence.

52. Be mindful while venting

She undoubtedly wants you to express your feelings despite how heavy they might be. However, make sure you don’t do it when she’s already down.

If you rant about your issues, she might feel overwhelmed during such situations. Over time, she might even resent you for not thinking about her situation.

So, always know if anything is on her mind before you pour your emotions out. Your thoughtful side will make you the perfect boyfriend she needs.

53. Remind her of good memories

Remember the first time you watched the sunrise and kissed? Or, the time when she stole your heart? Spontaneously bring up sweet memories of your relationship and lovingly talk about it.

Wondering how it’ll help you score as a good boyfriend?

Well, it’ll show that you still cherish the memories and feel lucky. She’ll know exactly how precious she is to you.

She’ll be surprised that you remember the incidents in detail and understand how deeply she impacted your life. It’s a major ego boost for her.

54. Be patient with her

You both are human beings with quite a few flaws. In your journey of love, you’ll learn to be better people together. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So, how can you expect her to understand you instantly or expect her to be satisfied with the least improvements?

Try to learn together and be patient and persistent. To build a good relationship, you both need time. So, never rush her and let her get used to it comfortably at her own pace. Eventually, she’ll know she has a great boyfriend.

55. Prioritize her without expectations

The art of being a good boyfriend is all about understanding her heart. Sometimes, all you gotta do is put her before yourself just because you want to… not because this think-piece told, she asked, or that society expects it from you.

Surely, you can’t always do this, otherwise, you’ll feel unhappy in the relationship. Of course, changing your habits will be hard if you were single for a long time.

But then, love makes people crazy and brings about miracles. I’m sure you’ll also be one of those crazy lovers soon.

56. Brush away her tears

Being a good boyfriend is also about understanding when she’s ranting and when she’s undergoing an emotional breakdown. When she tells you she’s scared or anxious about something, it’s not the same as complaining.

She needs emotional support ASAP. So, hold her tight, touch her face, caress her tear-stained face, and tell her “everything will be fine… we’ll overcome all problems together.”

Listen to the urgency of her voice or notice if she’s shaking or curling up. If you get the hint, be proactive and don’t just be a good listener.

57. Show off your sense of humor

This is something that everyone wants… not just women, So, if you wanna level up from a good boyfriend to a better boyfriend, make her laugh at every instance you get.

Oh… are you about to find some jokes online?

Well, you don’t need to… women don’t need a jester. Rather, try to keep your daily conversations fun.

Don’t read out jokes from a book, don’t try to joke about serious things, and keep your fun topics to yourself… otherwise, she might feel you want to attract others’ attention. 

58. Use constructive criticism only

Remember, a perfect boyfriend doesn’t call black “white” or white “black”. Your girl doesn’t expect that from you. So, whenever you feel she isn’t on the right track or she can do better, tell her as it’ll help her a lot.

However, don’t just criticize her choices, or you’ll sound like a whining child. Rather, come up with a good idea for her.

59. Take relationship advice only from good men

Men, don’t deny this… you take relationship advice from siblings, friends, and colleagues. You may say your ideas are all unique… but everyone knows men discuss relationship stuff among themselves.

Despite knowing it, your girlfriend loves this because you want to be a good boyfriend to her and treat her well. However, make sure the advice is always from a valid source with similar tastes.

If you’re monogamous and your “relationship advisor” is non-monogamous, you might wreak havoc in your relationship, so be careful!

60. Forgive her

Your girlfriend will try but might still disappoint you at times. To be a great boyfriend, take note of whether it’s a forgivable mistake. If it is, don’t hold grudges, forgive her and move on.

If it’s a major deal breaker and you can’t seem to forgive her, don’t continue the relationship.

We definitely want you to be happy in your relationship, but you can’t stay together happily with grudges. Even if you force yourself, you’ll have your limits.

So, think again… if the issue isn’t a big deal, try to work on it together and soak yourselves in each other’s love.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

You found multiple ways to become a great boyfriend to your partner… so, make sure you don’t apply all the tips and tricks at once. Otherwise, you may not focus well on either way and mess up big time!

So, allow yourself and your girlfriend time to register these small changes and read her feelings.

Though all of these ways can melt any girl’s heart, if something doesn’t work with your girl… don’t feel disheartened… perhaps, she’s a bit unique and a bit challenging.

But don’t worry, your love and a few rounds of trial and error will make you the best boyfriend ever and her the happiest lover in the world!

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