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What is a Cuckold Relationship? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Cuckold Relationship? Everything You Need to Know

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Cuckold - Definition, Types, Lifestyle & More about Cuckold Relationship

Curious about the term cuckold? Perhaps, you heard the word, and searched for the meaning? Or, do you want to give it a try?

Whether you’re interested in a cuckold lifestyle or not… you found the perfect place. This think-piece will fill in every bit of info you need today!

Cuckolding relationships are different from romantic relationships or traditional monogamous relationships.

It is one of the wild sexual acts that involve sexual adventures outside commitment or marriage.

Before heading in, let me warn you… if you cannot stand when your partner flirts with other people, then cuckolding is not your genre!

But if it’s your cup of tea, leads jump in!

What is a Cuckold Relationship?

A romantic relationship where one needs to witness their partner cheat on them with their sexual encounter is called a cuckold relationship.

To answer this question, let me first tell you a story. I was talking to a couple, and let the names remain untold because umm… umm… we don’t get into personal details okay? 

During a relationship conversation, Mrs. B frankly revealed that Mr. A doesn’t get turned on until and unless Mrs. B was on a couch with another male partner.

This means that Mrs. B must have sex with another person to sexually arouse Mr. A. And only then can he satisfy the Mrs.

That’s a cuckold relationship. In this arrangement, one partner finds pleasure when their partner gets intimate with another person.

With a new name come some myths. One of the most common ones is that cuckold relationship is only for heterosexual males. But hey, Myths will be myths!

Anyone, who enjoys sex, can enjoy a cuckold relationship. It has nothing to do with gender. In fact, cuckold relationships consist of a man, a wife or girlfriend, and another guy. 

There are specific terms to address these participants. Want to know? Keep reading!

What is the meaning of Cuckold?

A man who likes to witness his wife’s infidelity for sexual arousal is called a cuckold or cuck.

The term cuckold refers to a man who enjoys watching his wife’s infidelity. The action arouses him and helps him get a hard-on. It helps him have full-on sex and bang-on ejaculation. In short, he’s called the cuck

Wondering if the wife gets a name? Let’s know…

Who is a Cuckold wife?

A cuck’s wife is called a cuckoldress or cuckquean. She likes to sexually engage with others in front of her husband. The act is called cuckolding.

A cuckold wife is a wife who enjoys having sex with other men in front of her husband. She is called a cuckqueen or cuckoldress. She is an adulterous wife or the wife of an adulterous husband.

When a wife enjoys sex with some other man, and not her husband, then she and her sexual partner are said to cuckold the husband. And therefore, we derive the word cuckolding – verb form of the noun.

But what exactly are cuckold couples? Are they married couples? Well… keep reading, you will know!

What is a cuckold couple?

A cuckolding couple refers to a couple who are committed to each other, but choose to have sex outside their commitment.

Many men get excited to see a woman have sex with another man. And at the same time, there are a lot of women who have sex with multiple partners without any marital alliance.

But does that mean they’re a cuckold couple? No, not really.

In a cuckold relationship, the husbands don’t get turned on by their partner, unless they watch them having sex with other people.

A cuckold marriage is basically where the husband gets physically turned on while watching his wife having sex with another person. It allows him utmost pleasure.

Sometimes, this involves agreement from both parties whereas sometimes it’s just a nasty act.

And who’s the other guy?

What is a Bull?

The other person, other than the primary partners, who have sex with a primary partner is called a bull. 

The sexual partner of the wife other than her husband is called the Bull. The cuckold couple uses the bull to satisfy their sexual desires.

There’s no affection or attachment towards a bull. A bull might be sexually dominant or submissive but once the cuckold gets aroused, they have to step down.

Curious where did the concept and word come from? Let’s learn from the…

The Cuckold History

The term cuckold derives from the cuckoo bird who has a habit of laying its eggs in the nest of other birds.

The term cuckold has been derived from the cuckoo bird. A cuckoo is known to lay its egg in other birds’ nests during the nesting season. The bird abandons her eggs and leaves them under the protection of some other bird, mostly crows.

The word cuckold is a noun referring to the practice where one partner derives sexual pleasure when the other partner sexually engages with another. 

While, cuckolding is the verb form of the word, which refers to being in the action. In medieval times, cuckold was used for a man whose wife had other sexual encounters.

Some other man might impregnate her. And her poor husband fosters the children of another man.

However, that does not mean that a cuckold relationship always involves cheating.

It also described a man who couldn’t impregnate his wife. So she got pregnant with another. It was usually to save themselves from the taboo of being infertile.

So basically the word cuckold revolves around the idea of parenting children who are fathered by another man.

After reading this, I’m sure you think that man has greater control in a cuckold relationship. Time to bust a myth…

What is a female-led relationship cuckold?

A cuckold relationship where the female is the dominant partner is called a female-led cuckold relationship or flr relationship.

An flr relationship is different from the conventional and basic definitions of a cuckold relationship.

The man of the house is no longer the boss. Here the man is more submissive whereas the female partner becomes the queen of the relationship.

The cuckoldress is the dominant partner, and she enjoys having sex with a man other than her husband.

She likes cheating on her husband in front of his eyes, acts promiscuously, and bosses around. A female cuckold is called a cuckoldress.

She takes advantage of his jealousy, and addictiveness to cuckoldry, and makes him kneel to her demands. 

The cuckqueen orders and the cuck follows. She might give extra powers to the Bull, to make the cuck suffer even more.

Having said that, a relationship where either the male or the female takes the lead can become emotionally dangerous for the partner being dominated.

The one leading the cuckold relationship starts controlling the other partner’s actions and life, often leaving them with some lifetime emotional traumas.

But what leads to the interest in cuckolding? Here’s your answer…

Why do people get into a cuckold relationship?

People choose to cuckold to experiment, learn each other’s desires, and achieve sexual satisfaction even if they can’t satisfy each other.

If you are wondering why anyone wants a cuckold relationship at all, well let me tell you, there can be several reasons for this.

Not all men are endowed with satisfactory penis size, and at the same time, not all women are good at doing the promiscuous stuff that excites a man.

They might not be able to satisfy each other’s sexual fantasies, but they make up a good pair because they are the best partners. They love each other’s company.

They don’t want to part ways for sex alone when their chemistry is splendid.

It pretty much depends on the couple… how well they discuss their needs and comfort, to draw a mutual agreement. They must take care of each other’s turn-ons.

Having a mutual agreement about it is always better than divorcing each other for sexual dissatisfaction.

For some, cuckolding helps get rid of boredom and monotony in their sexual relationship. Cuckolding gives them a deeper knowledge of what their partner enjoys.

The jealousy that they feel when they watch their partner having sex with someone else excites them and adds a new dimension to their sex life.

Cuckolding can be enjoyable because it strengthens the communication and bond in a relationship, where both the partners talk about their sexual fantasies, desires, jealousy, and discomfort.

Nobody fakes orgasms and they talk openly and truthfully. Being honest with each other helps them establish a trustworthy relationship.

Does it mean that men and women engaged in cuckold relationships live a cuckold lifestyle?

What is a cuckold lifestyle?

While the basic meaning of a cuckold relationship remains the same, a cuckold lifestyle is when you make cuckolding a part of your daily life.

One can draw a lot of similarities between polyamorous relationships and a cuckold relationship. In a cuckold lifestyle, cuckold sexual adventures add up to your daily routine.

Every cuckold relationship has a different lifestyle. With varied interests and choices, people have a wide range of adultery to choose from.

Every cuckold couple has a different approach to this practice. But the basic element revolves around some lusty elements that drive the couple crazy enough to set their passion ablaze.

Men and women might have different turn-ons from a cuckold relationship.

Some husbands like to watch their wives having sex with another man, whereas others don’t prefer. Some husbands demand humiliation to arouse them.

Some wives want their husbands to watch this act, while others want to spend alone time with the bull.

But all in all, the lifestyle takes off a form of open relationship where both partners agree with having a sexual relationship outside their commitment.

I know after knowing this you still have a WHY AND WHAT banging your head. Let’s find the answers in…

The Psychology of Cuckold fantasy

The cuckold fantasy is constituted from the pain of humiliation and the wife’s infidelity.

The basic psychology behind the cuckold fantasy depends from individual to individual. 

Though the exact reason is unknown, the fetish arises from the feeling of inadequacy which somehow lets the partners experience sexual pleasure.

Some people enjoy being losers and getting cheated by their wives right in front of them.

They might get jealous seeing their partner cheating on them. The sexual jealousy and the fear of losing their partner turn them on.

Some like to dominate their wife watching her act like a prostitute and being dominated by others.

For others, the cuckold fantasy is an escape from accepting reality – they cannot satisfy their wives sexually, so they allow temporary affairs with other men.

So can we see that cuckolding is good?

What does science say?

Mutual cuckolding strengthens the bond between partners, whereas partial or cuckolding can be detrimental to romantic relationships.

Many people believe cuckolding is a creepy practice where a man forces the wife into prostitution without understanding the consequences.

However, science has altogether different opinions.

According to traditional belief, cuckold happens when sexual fantasies overtake the feeling of love.

But the study reveals that cuckold couples might be the most honest couple because they can be frank about their sexual fantasies to each other.

When a cuckold watches his wife having sex with another man, that not only arouses him but also helps him ejaculate hard. That increases the chances of extra sperm release in a short refractory period, without devouring him.

So, if there’s mutual consent then cuckolding is good. 

On the other hand, if it’s partial consent and dominating there is nothing as bad as cuckolding. Because once you are in, there is no going back!

Wondering if this is a common practice? Let’s know from…

How common is cuckolding?

Well surprisingly, this is an act that has been practiced for a longer period than you could imagine. Google has the maximum searched ratings for this term. So, it is gaining popularity or even more people practice it.

We cannot determine the actual audience or the practitioners of Cuckolding, but with modernization, it has become more famous.

Wanna try this? Let’s show you the ropes…

How to Cuckold?

Cuckolding took your mind by storm? Ready to give it a try? So long it’s consensual, why not have the best of your life? This is your one-stop guide for your fantasies… And you’re just 5 steps away!

1. Acknowledge your desires

Are you feeling guilty about this? Well, stop calling yourself unfaithful over a thought. These fantasies are natural and common nowadays. You aren’t the only one with such desires.

Understand that there’s nothing wrong when it’s consensual. Rather, it will just help you enhance your sex life. 

Also, sex is a natural process to attain pleasure. Do not let society make you think otherwise.

2. Communicate with your heart

Discuss and notice how comfortable or serious you are to consider it. It is off zone for newbies, and to live it, you must level up your mindset and comfort. Be more open while you handle this matter.

For example, if you are really ready and want to push it a bit further, try making your partner flirt or talk dirty to a stranger. 

Ask them to make out with them and later convey back every little detail of the scene.

3. Know: There’s no going back

Make sure that this is what you really want. Because once engaged there’s no going back. You must accept everything that triggers your insecurities.

Speaking in this context, let’s also be clear that I have come across couples who want to go back into their original relationship, but simply cannot. Because, now, they got addicted to the cuckold lifestyle.

Unlike you, your partner might not be comfortable with this. So, evaluate their mindset too. This is not mandatory, so don’t coerce them. Be open and convey your heart’s desires.

If you hesitate to allow a bull in the relationship, then there are other ways available too. 

For example, ask your partner to imagine themselves with someone else and spell out their desires towards them. Those encounters and interactions will make you wet.

5. Educate

That’s exactly what you are doing now! So a very smart step…

Before you proceed, discuss more about how this works. Since it is completely new to you and just based upon conception, you need to be more educated about the subject.

Wanna be a good cuck? Let’s know from…

How to be a good Cuckold?

Being a partner, assure that your spouse is enjoying it. To fulfill the goals, come out of your comfort zone. Go all out to reach your partner’s heart. Here are the only tips that you’ll need to become a good cuck.

1. Her health should be your first priority.

Your wife’s physical and mental health must be very important to you. She mustn’t compromise on such precious aspects just to fulfill your sexual desire.

Allow your wife her sexual freedom and take care of her health.

2. Let her live her life!

Take her shopping and let her bag some kinky outfits for herself.

Decorate or renovate your bedroom just like a hotel room. Make it a very comfortable and wonderful experience for her.

3. Bring her out of guilt

Make her understand that this is something that both of you want. However, if she is not prepared for it, don’t force her.

4. Find her good bulls

Give her every opportunity to celebrate her womanhood. Find her good bulls, who can satisfy her to the core. Make sure that the Bull does not go against her will.

If you want her to have loving and wild chemistry with the bull, then you have to give them some personal space and time.

5. Take care of her

After you’re done with the sesh, serve her nutritious and tasty food.

Appreciating her looks and skills, making her feel special, and cuddling with her will raise her confidence. She will become more bold and beautiful. Surprise her with gifts. 

Don’t let her do a lot of housework if she is unwell or tired.

Now that you are all set to welcome a bull, get into action. You can lead the whole act or be involved in a threesome or a gangbang too. If you want, you can also arrange double penetration for her. The choice completely depends on how she wants to be pleased.

But what if you want to be a bull and not a cuck…? Let’s know…

How to spot a cuckold couple?

Cuckold couples may connect physically or virtually. The cuck’s partner is usually very promiscuous and tries everything to catch your attention. Usually, cucks won’t mind raunchy remarks about their partners either.

A cuckolding couple tends to remain lowkey and not act like the same when everyone’s around. You need your observation skills to identify them. 

A cuckolding couple will either be physically present for the meeting or contact significant bulls virtually. So one of them will give you insights about their partner. 

If the cuck is present to meet you, then they will convey to you all of his wife’s stories and convince you to be the bull.

The partner of the cuck will try their level best to attract your attention towards them. They will try to be seductive on the screen. 

You won’t be able to resist yourself when she makes her move. The cuck will give a hideous smile when he realizes how much you are controlling yourself.

Even if you want to get more details about her partner, he will give out everything with pleasure. 

Wanna try your luck?

If you want to see if all this can actually be practiced in real life, try it.

For example, make smutty compliments for the cuck’s partner and wait for his reaction. If he doesn’t mind, rather gives you more information, then Voila! He is a cuck looking for a bull.

And in case you want to find a bull…

How to find a 3rd party?

Pick favorable features of a bull. Hunt them on dating apps. Communicate and discuss your boundaries properly.

Before you begin, decide your favorable bull’s characteristics. Be clear with whatever you are looking for because the bull must know what they are getting into.

Download dating apps like LocalCuckold, AdultFriendFinder, or even Tinder. Search for the bull of your choice and discuss your boundaries beforehand. More importantly, communicate clearly before getting involved.

But are all cuckold relationships the same? Let’s find out…

Types of Cuckolds

Before introducing Cuckolds to your partner, know your preferred genre. This helps you know your type of Cuckold and experiment with others.

However, it’s difficult to share similar thoughts without a clear idea. So, borrow some ideas from here….

1. The fantasy cuckold

Fantasy leads to the beginning of a cuckold marriage. But, in fantasy cuckold cases, it remains a fantasy and does not turn into reality.

The wife or girlfriend might feel turned on by the idea of cuckolding alone. The man in the relationship fulfills his deep desires with only sexual fantasies.

So, there’s no actual transformation of cuckolding sexual fantasy into reality. The couple might roleplay cuckolding to satisfy their fantasy-like desires. 

2. The oblivious cuckold

In this, the male partner is unaware of being cuckolded by their partner. They might be genuinely unaware or intentionally refrain from finding out the truth.

If the male partner is uncomfortable with this idea, then the partner is possibly indulging in infidelity. He might be too scared or unwilling to admit it.

The male partner might pretend to be ignorant about the cuckolding to save the marriage or protect their feelings.

If the man accepts the cuckolding, then it can be called a case of reluctant cuckolding or forced cuckolding.

3. The chastity cuckold

The chastity cuckold is also known as pussy-free cuckold. It may be the case that the husband is sexually bad in bed, so the wife does not have sex with him.

Or, the wife is serious about her extramarital relationship and won’t have sex with her man. In both cases, the cuckold guy enjoys this humiliation.

To keep the primary partner really pussy free, they might use sex toys like fleshlight, masturbator, or cock-cage.

These practices further degrade and humiliate the cuckold and help maintain the femdom relationship. 

4. The Sissy Cuckold

Another term for this is a feminized cuckold. In this, the man does all that a girl does, like giving oral to other males and even swallowing their ejaculation. 

It becomes so prominent in him that the next thing he might do is to wear lingerie.

He doesn’t use his genitals for sex and takes up more feminine aspects like appearance and behavior for greater pleasure. He might even agree to have sex with a man if there’s a willing bull.

5. The Selfless cuckold

As the word suggests, this man doesn’t care much about himself and is entirely focused on sexually pleasing his woman. He is fine to see his partner talk nasty with other men.

It might be the case that he can’t satisfy his partner, he experiences premature ejaculation or any other sexual issue.

This type of cuckold doesn’t do cuckolding for the sexiness, but actually because the woman keeps comparing him with her other lovers.

6. Cuckold sex life

Here, the wife frequently sleeps with other men without any bother.

The couple has a robust cuckold sex life and plays many cuckold games with each other. Cuckold date night is also a thing here.

They are not jealous of each other as their relationship tends to become very strong.

Apart from this, they enjoy a normal life. They also go on vacations at least once a year.

Not many people know about their personal life and they lead a normal life like any other person/couple and go for dinner parties with their friends. They lead a normal life even after having kids.

Their sex life doesn’t disrupt their personal life as they keep it private and separate.

7. Lifestyle Cuckold

When we see people fantasize on Twitter, the only thing that comes to mind is lifestyle cuckold. This lifestyle requires a lot of work hence the cuckold lifestyle is not suitable for most of them.

Cuckold sex life is pivotal, and it becomes a daily life habit.

The husband takes good care of his wife in all capacities as a cuckold. The wife usually has multiple Bulls… to be precise even lives with bulls.

The husband does not sexually engage with his wife for years and lives on his own. The couple goes for swingers and fetish parties and carries a long list of bulls.

8. The Modern Cuckold

The man enjoys seeing things that he perhaps has never seen his wife do. He is a part of all sexual acts and even joins in.

He helps his wife complete all her fantasies like interracial, group sex, big dick, gangbang, and threesome.

He enjoys seeing the one-night stands of his wife. These couples are also known as Stag and Vixen couples.

9. The Dominant Cuckold

The husband wishes for full control over his wife and her newfound love. A case of a sexually dominant husband!

He joins as he pleases and orders them to perform sexual actions in front of him and dictates to them what they can’t or can do. He might use blindfolds, BDSM toys, and restraints.

10. The Pornographer

They make their personal life like a scene from a porn site. They enjoy watching their partner’s infidelity. To him, his wife is no less than a porn star of the cuckold porn world.

The man never feels satisfied until he sees all this captured in a video. He does not care even if his wife cheats on him.

11. The Sperm Competitor

Nearly all cuckolds are sperm competitors. This happens when they get to know that another man is seeking attention from the woman, the cuckold’s testicles and glands start producing more amounts of semen and sperm. Sexual excitement and ejaculation become more intense.

Often cuckolds let their wife have sex with her bull which excites them more. It also helps him to compete with another male.

12. The Humiliation Lover

In Humiliation, sexual feelings can multiply to create strong emotions.

The male loves hearing he’s a physically poor specimen who does not have any manhood in him, that:  his genitals are very small, he can’t please his partner sexually, he lacks the alpha male quality that his woman desires.

This type of cuckold usually has sex with his girlfriend or wife which is completely denied to him. They also lock his genitals in a chastity device.

This type of humiliation is not limited – there might be public humiliations in exposing him to public situations and telling family members or friends.

13. Submissive

Often some cuckolds want to be dominated by their wife, girlfriend, or by her bull. They like being submissive. The wife lives her own life and does what pleases her the most. Chastity is a fetish. 

You may have other duties or cleanup, and even wish to have sex with her after the bull but all this completely depends on your relationship with her.

Such cuckolds might feel less masculine than other hefty males. 

Some submissive cucks financially provide their mistress. And during their leisurely times, he serves her bull with meals, sex toys, hotel rooms, or lingerie.

He wants to free her from household duties to please her and give her more time to enjoy herself with others.

He will help her dress up or undress her for the bull. Such males overlap their service with their next type of cuck which is the bisexual cuck.

14. The Bi-Cuck (Bi-Cuckold)

The husband does not mind if his wife’s lips are around another’s genitals. He might masturbate to it or fantasize about pleasing the bull.

Cum play or creampies meaning to eat the cum of the bull out of his hotwife’s vagina are mostly a part of such cuckold fantasies.

Bi-cucks usually cross the line and sexually engage with the bull. They enjoy the fact that they might be physically forced to have sex with the bull.

Found out your type? Let’s set…

Some safety measures before cuckolding

Of course, the first step will be communication. Ensure that the boundaries are crystal clear. You do not want yourself to fall into a mess. Also, be sure to follow the below-given list of risk factors:

1. There’s always a matter of risk in whatever you do. Like you don’t know what underlying diseases this person has, so prioritize safer sex. That way you have fewer chances of sexually transmitted diseases during intercourse.

2. Next, even after knowing the mental challenges and feeling ready to face them… there’s still a time when you lose patience. You don’t want to move further but now that what’s done is done, you cannot undo it. So move ahead at your own risk.

3. This act requires good communication and faith between the partners, otherwise, the slightest mistake will cause you great damage.

4. Never perform the act in your home. Just keep your information private. For the first meeting too, prefer going to a neutral place.

5. Don’t take help for the ride back, use public transport or take your own. Be certain that your partner knows your whereabouts if you’re going alone for meet-ups.

 Since this is a new topic, that wasn’t all. So, time for….

FAQs about cuckold

This might be a whole new world for you. So, better stride forward safely. To ensure your and your partner’s safety physically, emotionally, and even legally, check this info…

1. Is cuckolding consensual?

Consensual cuckolding is a little different from other aspects of consensual relationships because here the basic idea revolves around watching your partner getting intimate with another person.

This process involves observation, hence it is different from polyamory. Cuckolding is more of adultery than being romantic.

Why is it called consensual then?

The reason is a mutual agreement between partners. When both the partners make a healthy discussion and come down to a mutual agreement the decision becomes consensual.

2. Don’t people get jealous by seeing their partner with someone else? 

Well, people enjoy cuckolding because it’s making them more goatish and jealousy isn’t a factor here. In fact, it’s the feeling of jealousy that arouses the husband.

The mental preparation is firm and it doesn’t let you think otherwise. People knowingly involved in this lecherous act.

3. Does it feel compressed?

Feeling compressed is just the opposite of what jealousy stands for. You will not feel jealous to see your partner with someone else, rather seeing your partner happy will give you satisfaction.

This feeling is common in a polyamorous relationship, where the partner is happy for their spouse being amused and satisfied. They will encourage their partner to continue with their happiness.

4. Are betrayal and humiliation a factor?

No, since this is an agreement between partners and they want to enjoy life this way, there’s no question of betrayal or being humiliated.

And just like jealousy, there are husbands for whom sensual humiliation becomes a turn-on factor.

5. Is cuckolding a Taboo?

We live in a society where such ideas cannot prevail even in the darkest dreams. The proposition of having engaged in a polyamorous relationship is something that is not commonly seen.

You can fantasize about these concepts behind closed doors, but to put it before the world outside, that’s clearly not happening.

This often leads to cheating and infidelity, so communicate properly over the issue and handle it sensitively.

Well, it’s your life, live it your way but never cross the boundary of respect. That is what matters the most. Until you are on the right path of enjoyment, there won’t be any problem. Let society deal with it their way and you have it as yours.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

In the end, it is totally your decision if you want to roll into cuckolding. But in case, at any stage of the relationship, you feel stuck and you realize the meaning of “There Is No Going Back”, it might traumatize you.

Cuckolding gets addictive too. The practice sometimes makes you incapable of getting turned on without cuckolding. 

At the same time, you might want to get rid of this habit because jealousy and other dominant factors have taken a toll on your mental health. Don’t worry. Remember only one thing: Time Heals Everything.

If you don’t feel like being involved in cuckolding any longer, stop it right then and there. You won’t die if you don’t have sex for a couple of months or years, gradually you’ll return to the normal flow of life.

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