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What is a Platonic Soulmate & 30+ Signs to Identify Them

What is a Platonic Soulmate & 30+ Signs to Identify Them

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Platonic soulmate - Definition, Signs, And How To Find One

Wondering what’s a platonic soulmate? Perhaps you find someone irresistible in an unromantic and non-sexual way… and wonder what’s with the chemistry?

Well, you possibly found your platonic soulmate! 

And even if you didn’t find your platonic soulmate yet, I’ll help you find them through my think-piece. 

Some people get scared of their platonic soulmates because of the intimate connection without any romantic strings.

If you’re one of them, let me tell you that this is natural so never refuse such connections. Also, having a platonic soulmate doesn’t imply you’re cheating on your romantic soulmate either.

So, quickly hop on to know more about this pure love…

Platonic Soulmate Infographic

Platonic soulmate - Definition, and Signs
Platonic soulmate – Definition, Signs, And How To Find One

Platonic soulmate definition

A platonic soulmate is a friend who relates with you deeply and your bond with this person surpasses all other bonds in the world. Also, there’s no romance or sexual connection with them.

A platonic soulmate is one you feel the most connected and intimate with over any other friends or family. There are no romantic feelings but you’re still the most comfortable around them.

The essence of this kind of relationship is extremely pure because nobody demands anything in return other than what’s already present in the bond.

A platonic soulmate relates closely with your feelings, opinions, and attitude towards life.

The love for a platonic soulmate surpasses understanding due to its intimacy and tender nature without any desire for romance or physical pleasure.

The connection with a platonic soulmate instead of feeding your worldly needs – like romantic love – helps your and your friend’s personal and spiritual growth.

Wondering if you found your platonic soulmate? Know from some…

Platonic soulmate signs

Wondering if you’ll ever experience platonic love? Perhaps they’re already around you but you didn’t identify them yet.

Sometimes, you can’t spot what you’re looking for because they’re too close to your eyes… and you can’t focus.

So, what’s holding you back? Pick up your magnifying glass to search for your platonic soulmate here…

1. You always run out of time

With a platonic soulmate, you’re always candid and never run out of interesting things. In fact, there’s an urge to share everything in your life.

You hardly hit the awkward silence lane because you’re always talking, and if not you, they do the talking.

Also, sometimes you have so much to say that you can’t decide who talks first. It feels absolutely natural and regular to share things with them.

You feel you MUST share every detail or you can’t sleep.

2. Awkward silences have no space

Even if you’re the talkative kind, that doesn’t mean you’ll keep blabbering non-stop. There are moments when you don’t want or need to talk.

The silence, though, is soothing around a platonic soulmate, not awkward.

However, if you check your phone, want to rush back home, or don’t feel comfortable during the silence, they aren’t your platonic soulmate.

You and your platonic soulmate… both of you can chill around without exchanging a word. You don’t always need to talk to feel connected.

3. They’re like the back of your hand

Does your friend ever call you late at night and you know quite well when it’s about an assignment and when it’s about their crush? If yes, that’s your platonic soulmate.

Or perhaps it’s you calling after a breakup and you know just how they’ll trash-talk your ex.

Bottom-line: You both share every minute info about your lives and also discuss, and remember everything. It’s not rocket science, it’s platonic compatibility.

You never dismiss any insignificant info and it shows.

4. They understand your sense of humor

Everyone is bizarre in their own way… and not everybody is a stand-up comedian to tickle a huge mass. Your sense of humor is weird and the funnier part is they totally understand that.

Even in a group setting, if they’re around, you feel comfortable cracking jokes because they WILL laugh even if the crowd doesn’t.

Perhaps you always thought of yourself as the high school clown but now there are two of you and you feel more pleasant to show off the weirdness.

5. Their annoying side is charming

You and your friend both have your fair share of bad habits… be it leaving the toilet seat up, dishevelling orderly shelves, not putting things back in their places, or even delaying every outing intentionally.

It annoys you, but you don’t expect them to change despite saying so… because to you that defines their individuality.

If one fine day they got rid of their annoying nature, you’ll think that’s an alien pretending to be your friend.

You tolerate their annoyance more than your younger sibling’s because they’re your platonic soulmate.

6. You got each other’s back

Whether you forgot to bring over your homework in school or can’t take life’s ups and downs anymore, you always expect this person to be at your rescue.

However, there are types of soulmates… the romantic one and the platonic one. So, how do you figure out which one’s who?

Well, there’ll be this one person who will be there for anything and everything without demanding any validation or feelings in return. Platonic soulmates never refuse help, romantic ones might.

And simultaneously, you also return the same favors.

7. You accept them as they are

A platonic soulmate isn’t a perfect being who’ll always mimic your thoughts like clones. You both are flawed… you made mistakes, hurt one another, and forgive each other because you value the bond.

You saw each other take the worst decisions, regret, hate yourselves… and before you accepted your broken pieces, they did.

Above all, there’s unlimited acceptance between you two. You know the world might reject you, but you always have a place beside them… however, this isn’t anything romantic.

It’s more like a bond between two people who wished they were born in the same household.

8. You never get enough

When you’re alone, which person do you miss the most? Let’s put aside romantic partners and then think… whose presence fulfills you the most?

If you found that person, perhaps that’s your platonic soulmate.

Perhaps, when they aren’t with you, you feel a little void in your heart like an important piece of a puzzle is missing. You look forward to seeing them again on days you don’t meet.

It’s natural because your platonic soulmate offers the most warmth and comfort so you always seek their presence around you.

9. You appreciate the honesty

There are certain unacceptable traits in human beings that they must change to be a better person in life.

If you can be direct with someone about such issues and they don’t get defensive, that’s a good sign.

That person might be your platonic soulmate because they understand that you don’t mean any harm.

Usually, when people don’t have any connection with others, they justify their actions when someone points it out.

If you both welcome the hard truth because that feels just right, that’s mutual platonic love.

10. You’re aware if they need a coffee or a hug

Whether it’s a long day at work, an issue in their romantic relationship, or even an issue with their parents… you know when to serve a beer, coffee, or even a hug.

Platonic soulmates understand what the other one desires because of the strong emotional intimacy.

They find you in their hardest times because they know nobody else can handle them.

Platonic soulmates show you their vulnerabilities and you know how to show the way out of their misery. Perhaps, similar gestures won’t work for others but it always works for them.

11. You’re ready to fight an apocalypse together

Platonic soulmates are like magnets, always strongly sticking to each other. Is there someone in your life with whom you’ll stick through rain and shine? Or you already do?

Perhaps they request you to guide them the night before exams and you never turn them down because you feel that’s right… not because you owe them one.

Or, since they can’t maintain a strict deadline on a Friday, you pull an all-nighter with them and ditch your Friday drinks.

You feel every call or cry for help from them is important… and so is for them.

12. Nobody pretends to know-it-all

When things go wrong in their life, you give them a shoulder to lean on. Despite warning them, they made the wrong decision… you knew they made a wrong move but never say “Told ya.”

Because you know that’s not what they need… salting their wounds is the last thing on your mind.

You focus on healing them, showing a way out of the mess, and recovering their lost confidence.

Since you already knew about their bad move, sometimes you wait for them with the solution until they return by your side.

13. You have common enemies

Be it someone who ghosted your friend, or the teacher that called you out for your hair… you both have a mutual hatred for someone or something.

Or perhaps you both find it hard to wake up for school/work every day… so much so that you both wish you can soon retire and sleep your days away.

The mutual dislike brought you two closer. It was your reason to hang out and gossip at some point.

It became the core topic of discussion and now it’s a distant memory you still cherish.

14. Their crazy obsessions aren’t that crazy

Everyone has some eccentric obsession… so do you and your platonic soulmate. You don’t particularly like or understand each other’s obsession with a particular performer… but let it slide.

Say, it’s a noisy singer they always listen to, eventually, you don’t like them but learn to zone out the song. You mix the sound with the background noise to comfortably hang out with them.

You became easy-going towards their obsession because it’s a harmless and pure friendship. You like their presence around you and are willing to let the differences slide.

15. The fairies sent them

You always wonder if they weren’t around you back then, then what? Perhaps they entered your life when you felt hopeless and everything seemed dark.

Their arrival and support helped you come out of the mess… and you can’t ever be thankful enough. You feel that the universe sent them to help you survive through a long haul.

With passing time, this soul nurtures your soul and vice versa. You still feel blessed that you came across them, else you might be somewhere far worse right now.

16. They built YOU

You felt that they are just the one for you minus romance. When you fell down, they taught you how to stand up. They showed you how to identify white from black.

As you grow up, you can’t share every life detail with your parents or ask them for opinions because they’ll either tell you off or ask you to change.

However, a platonic soulmate relates to your issue and handles them with minimal drama. You learn from their strategies and grow up into a fine man/woman.

17. Time and space has no effect

Friends can’t always stay together… they leave for school, work, or even to build a new family.

You stay in touch with some, forget some, some become a way out of the league, and then there’s this one.

If there’s a person from high school who you didn’t meet for so long but still connect the moment you see them… that’s your platonic soulmate.

Too much time apart dampens most friendships, but it’s different for your platonic soulmate. You’ll become the kids from the past, do your signature fist pump, or dance the moment you meet them.

18. They’re the ice to your flames

Some life situations get the better of you… you lose your mind and take drastic measures against such situations to save yourself.

While saving yourself, you hurt others and regret your actions.

If someone stood in front of you and showed you a better route out of the dirt, without hurting yourself or anyone else, that’s your platonic soulmate.

They assure you of security even when your ground is shaky. They help you stabilize your physical and mental health and show you everything is possible if you have control over your emotions.

19. They’re the best cheerleader in town

A platonic friend is your personal cheerleader. Despite sitting on the bench, they’ll cheer you on, keep faith in yourself, and not walk out on your failures.

Usually, only your family stays back during difficult situations… However, they never stop nagging where you went wrong and you mustn’t repeat the same.

On the flip side, a platonic soulmate shows you the right way to steer clear of the mistakes and gives you the courage to try once more with endless love and unconditional support.

20. It’s a historic bond

Despite not being a long-term friendship, platonic soulmates feel so familiar. You feel they were custom-made for you. Everything fits the right way… you both complete each other.

There’s no struggle, painful compromise, or any barrier from each other. You feel that you were friends for ages, over different civilizations, in other lives, as different people.

There is a strong string of friendship that bound you two through centuries. It sounds dramatic but the ones who found their platonic soulmate know the meaning well.

21. You bicker like married people

Well, like all friendships, a platonic friendship isn’t beyond fights. You have your personal clashing preferences and acceptance towards each other’s thoughts.

However, did anyone ever tell you that you’re like their grandparents?

Maybe you guys fight over strange things like which pickle goes better with your dinner. Or, you fight over how a normal car is a better investment than a sports car?

Or, someone told you that an old couple’s ghosts possessed you two because of your strange and silly fights… all are signs of platonic love.


22. People assume you’re dating

This is more usual for friends of opposite genders, but we’re in a progressive age so friends of the same genders aren’t spared either.

Perhaps when you guys split from a group everyone gives the all-knowing smile. Or, when you tell your parents you’ll stay over with your friends… they ask you questions as if you’ll pick your date.

Random kind strangers bless you for eternal happiness and unbreakable love.

And when you clear the misunderstanding, everyone wonders why not because you’re always spending time together… That’s because they’re your platonic soulmate.

23. You have a special language

If you like the same fiction or characters as your friend, you might swear by some quotes in the movie. Perhaps you apply the same quotes in real-life situations and vibe together.

Or, you made a language out of memes only… you can communicate only with meme exchange through texts.

You also use this special language when you don’t want others to catch up on your secrets. Only two people with deep friendships can make their secret language and that’s why you’re platonic soulmates.

24. Your instincts were strong

The first time you meet your platonic soulmate, they make a deep impression on you unintentionally.

You might feel a déjà vu about them and are curious to solve the mystery behind this feeling. It’s an unworldly feeling and recognition that you’ve never felt before.

The first time you met your platonic soulmate, you probably did something embarrassing like staring at them with an open mouth because you were lost in your thoughts about them.

25. There are too many inside jokes 

After spending a long time with your platonic soulmate, you’re bound to have some inside jokes. Often people give you strange stares because of your breathless laughter in public places.

Perhaps other friends told you to keep your private jokes to yourself and not build up to random curiosity among the rest.

Some even try to understand what’s going on but give up because they can’t relate, however that never hampers your fun. This shows that you guys have a unique bond, a lot deeper than others.

26. They’re your human journal

Though there’s no rule about sharing everything with your platonic soulmate and you’re entitled to your secrets… however, you always spill the beans to them.

You have a strong urge to share everything which leads them to know everything about you.

From the person who ditched you for the school diva/hunk, to the time you cheated on your assessments.

Since a platonic soulmate doesn’t judge you, it only fuels your secret sharing habits. Due to your transparency, your platonic soulmate also shares everything in their life.

27. You prefer them over anybody else

Say you attended a family gathering and ditched the basketball match with your friend because of your parents.

Within moments of joining the party, you regret ditching them because you can’t enjoy it.

Or, your teacher paired you with another student for an assignment, and you wish to change partners because you can’t coordinate with the assigned partner.

If you’re biased towards one friend or someone told you that this person is your best friend, that’s your platonic soulmate.

28. You’re one another’s priority

Despite the time and situation, platonic soulmates are always there for each other. You both know just who to ring up at 3 in the morning to discuss your issues.

Sometimes your romantic partner jokes that your platonic soulmate is competition for them or they make them feel insecure or jealous.

Both of your romantic partners know what’s on and hopefully, they support your friendship.

29. The bond is invincible

Some friendships die out after a conflict or misunderstanding, but if there’s anyone whom you always call a friend despite the misunderstandings… that’s your platonic soulmate.

Perhaps you both have healthy ways to resolve your issues to get back together and love the drama-free friendship. This led you to the made-for-each-other scenario as friends.

You might support opposing soccer teams, but you still share the pizza once that match is over. Platonic soulmates never part emotionally, the friendship overpowers everything else.

30. There’s partnership without romance

If you have strong feelings for someone but it doesn’t feel like romantic love or infatuation, that person is your platonic soulmate.

You’ll click with this person in all senses, talk about them to your family, seek them during your hard times, and even wish that they were your family.

All the feelings are mutual in platonic friendship and you give as much as you take.

Calling them your best friend seems like an understatement… but thinking about saying “I love you” to them makes you sick.

Didn’t find your platonic soulmate? Let’s know more from…

How to find your platonic soulmate?

Search social media or special apps or visit your places of interest more frequently. Also, don’t obsess over this search because you can’t always find that person. They often cross your path naturally.

The route to finding your platonic soulmate is rather confusing because there’s no hard-and-fast rule.

Sometimes it’s someone who experienced similar life situations, other times it can be someone who catches your eye.

You’ll feel a strange connection when you see them and feel attracted towards them non-romantically. You’ll favor them regardless of their faults and flaws.

Usually, you find them in the natural course of life, but if you still want to venture out… do things that you like more.

You’re bound to share a few common interests with your platonic soulmate, so you may find them in frequent areas of your liking.

Explore social media pages you like and join groups of your interests. There are even apps available to find your platonic friends. Make sure you don’t exaggerate when you build your profile to get the best match.

Some common apps are Meetup, Patook, Meet My Dog, Atleto, Bumble Bff, and Friender.

Also, don’t hurry the process, the universe and your stars have their own plan. This is a time-consuming process, so don’t lose hope or fear that you won’t ever find your platonic soulmate.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you thought having a romantic partner was enough, now you know that there are other possible fulfilling relationships without any complication of romance. 

Platonic soulmates bring the best out of you with their honesty and transparency. Some people bond better with their platonic soulmates and get confused about their feelings.

But hey, if you didn’t find your platonic soulmate yet, that’s fine. Don’t think that nobody matches well with you in society. Rather, it’s because they’re busy with their own life. 

Once your platonic soulmate is ready to step out of their comfort zone and grab your hand, you’ll identify them in no time. 

Until then, keep writing more interesting stories with your surroundings to tell them later!