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15 Types of Crushes All Of Us Will Have At Least Once In Our Lifetime!

15 Types of Crushes All Of Us Will Have At Least Once In Our Lifetime!

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

15 Types of Crushes All Of Us Will Have At Least Once In Our Lifetime!

So, you’re here looking for different types of crushes.

But no matter what type it is, what’s most common is the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and the redness on your face.

After all, who can ignore their crush’s bright smile or funny jokes? But if you’re not sure what kind of crush you have on someone, this article is here to help!

So come on, let’s start reading about the different types of crushes!

15 Types of Crushes You Must Know About

We’ve all had that one intense crush in school, and then another huge crush on a popular Instagram influencer, isn’t it?

Well, you might be shocked to know that there are tons of different types of crushes out there. If you really want to know which category your crush falls in, then let’s not waste any more time!

1. The First Crush

This kind of crush is rightly named because it’s the first time you’ll realize that you like someone romantically.

For most people, their first crushes are when they’re in school, perhaps as a young teenager. This kind of crush never really goes away from your mind, even after you grow up.

This is because having a crush for the first time gives you that amazing experience of constantly feeling euphoric. Often, first-time crushes can develop into deeper feelings and eventually love!

2. The Horny Crush

This sort of crush is a little more complicated because it doesn’t involve any deep feelings. It mostly occurs when you’re going through a dry spell and wish to spice up things in the bedroom.

Perhaps your crush on your hot gym trainer or someone who looks really sexy in tight-fitted clothes is actually because you’d love to do something naughty with them.

Whatever the reason is, a horny crush will burn you from within and constantly make you think of all the naughty things!

3. The Celebrity Crush

No matter how old you are, you must have had at least one or two celebrity crushes. There’s probably a poster or two of the handsome hunk or the sexy woman you’re still fawning over, right?

Whenever you see them on the big screen, your mind goes numb, and you would do anything to actually see them in real life.

You’re eagerly waiting for the iconic meet-cute where you might bump into each other, and somehow, your celebrity crush is going to fall head over heels in love with you!

4. The Social Media Crush

A social media crush can be of two types. In the first one, you’re attracted to someone famous on social media, such as a popular Instagram influencer or Youtuber.

In the second kind of social media crush, you fall for a friend’s friend or probably just a random recommendation that pops up on your list.

Surprisingly, social media crushes can have a really strong hold on your mind because you’ll constantly want to check their profiles and know what they’re up to. If you can’t help but keep refreshing and checking their stories and videos, you know you’re really in it!

5. The Fictional Crush

Of course, who can forget fictional crushes? Right from drooling over the fierce Black Widow to blushing whenever Harry Potter appears on the screen, almost everyone has had their fair share of fictional crushes. And it really isn’t difficult to say why.

After all, movies and TV shows have always idealized the main characters. And people who are tired of their current relationships or are single and unhappy find comfort in these characters.

You may be unable to explain why you love a certain character so much, but you know you strongly feel for them.

6. The Work Crush

Work crushes will always be iconic. Remember Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly from the world-famous sitcom “The Office”? Well, that’s a prime example of a work crush.

You feel like you’re on top of the world whenever you see them entering the office and when they leave, the day seems to become super-dull once again.

You would do anything to spend some time with them, even if it means listening to your boss’ rants or completing extra paperwork for the week. And who knows, if you maintain healthy boundaries, your crush can blossom into love!

7. The Nevermind Crush

This is quite a disappointing sort of crush. A Nevermind Crush is someone you really liked initially but then found out that they weren’t worth having a crush on. This happens due to many reasons.

For example, you might have tried to approach them, but they behaved rudely, or maybe they just seemed too different from what you had pictured in your mind. Fortunately, you can get over this crush quickly by saying “Nevermind” to yourself!

8. The Rebound Crush

Imagine a situation where you’ve just had a horrible breakup. You feel that you won’t ever find someone attractive again. But right then, your eyes catch someone super cute who seems to be waiting just for you!

Perhaps they’re hanging out by the bar or simply enjoying a drink alone at a party. This feeling of attraction after a breakup is a rebound crush. Your heart is bruised, but it wants to feel comforted and loved again.

Even though it can be super fun to hook up with a rebound crush, make sure you don’t think practically before taking a major step forward!

9. The Inappropriate Crush

So, this might not really be the ideal person to have a crush on, but the heart wants what it wants, right? Here, people typically have a huge crush on their professors, bosses, or anyone who holds a certain position of power over them.

Even if society doesn’t really view this as something to brag about, it makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view.

Humans have a natural tendency to like people who are put together and know what they want. And when this crush can teach you things in a non-patronizing sort of way, you’re bound to fall for them even harder!

10. The Hate Crush

Yes, you read that right! It’s possible to hate someone and develop a crush on them. You must have heard of the famous phrase “opposites attract”.

This is the ideal example of that. People believe that hating someone strongly feels like love, so having a friendly spat with someone can result in a major crush.

Even physiologically, hating someone produces the same effects in your body as having a crush, namely heart palpitations, curling of the stomach, and redness in the face.

11. The Impossible Crush

The Impossible Crush is when you’re gaga over someone, but somewhere in your mind, you know things won’t ever work out for you both.

Probably it’s because you both are too different from each other or because you know that the relationship will become toxic. You might wonder why you still like someone with no potential future.

The answer is that we humans always want things that seem too impossible to achieve. Still, it’s fun to imagine cute scenarios with them!

12. The Holiday Crush

This is another form of crush popularized immensely by movies and TV shows. A Holiday Crush is when you take a trip somewhere exotic and meet someone you never thought you’d be attracted to.

You might stay at the same hotel or visit the same spots together! When you’re enjoying a holiday, your mind is naturally calm and open to new opportunities.

You want to have a good time with someone who’ll travel with you to different places!

13. The Stranger Crush

The Stranger Crush is really cute but also a little upsetting. This is when you’re walking down a busy street or waiting in line for your cup of Starbucks, and out of nowhere, a very attractive man or woman catches your eye.

Unfortunately, you both will probably never meet again, unless you end up talking to one another and exchanging numbers.

In other situations, such as hurrying down the subway or meeting someone in a public vehicle, deepening the connection you share with your Stranger Crush is rare.

14. The Same Sex Crush

Nope, this isn’t really the same as being homosexual. Having a same-sex crush is quite a lot like having a role model you’re really attracted to.

For example, if you’re a woman who’s a big fan of superhero movies, your crush can easily be Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman!

For men, some of the most popular man crushes are sportspersons like Messi. You know you would never end up dating them in real life, but their personality and life story inspire you.

15. The Soulmate Crush

This is perhaps the purest form of crush on this list. A Soulmate Crush is someone you meet unexpectedly, especially after going through a string of bad relationships.

This person is the epitome of green flags and will make you feel safe and comforted. In the beginning, you might start out as friends while you become intensely attracted to them.

Later, it will strengthen into a deep friendship and ultimately, love. This kind of crush is a forever relationship that will tie you both together.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

No matter what sort of crush you have, being attracted to someone is a different feeling altogether. However, make sure you don’t become obsessive or impulsive while trying to pursue them. Keep your calm and tread ahead with composure.

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