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What Is A Triad Relationship – Facts, Benefits, Challenges, And Everything Else

What Is A Triad Relationship – Facts, Benefits, Challenges, And Everything Else

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

What Is A Triad Relationship - Facts, Benefits, Challenges, And Everything Else

Today, the world has progressed so much, and so have relationships. We used to consider a romantic relationship to be shared between two people in love. But now, triad relationships are here to redefine the meaning of love and togetherness!

So, is your mind buzzing with different questions? Then come on, let’s see what a triad relationship is all about!

What is a triad relationship?

A triad relationship is a part of a polyamorous relationship, which is a type of ethical, non-monogamous relationship. 

Compared to a conventional relationship – which is between a man and a woman – a triad consists of three people who have each other’s consent to stay together. 

It can be between one man and two women or two men and a woman. It typically takes different forms and even has different degrees of physical, emotional, and sexual intimacies. 

In most triad relationships, all three members can be in a relationship with one another, or one of them can act as a pivot between the other two. 

In the latter, the relationship is described as a “V”, where the pivot is dating two people. But the remaining two are not dating each other. 

So, can you call this an open relationship? Let’s find out…

Is this another name for an open relationship?

As mentioned, a triad relationship is polyamorous. But it’s not the same as an open relationship

In a triad, you agree to be committed to two partners equally. Or if your significant other is the pivot, you understand that they will be committed to the third person, even if you don’t date the third person. 

But an open relationship is different. Here, you decide to explore with different people, and there is only one primary partner. 

For example, if your relationship is open and polyamorous, then you can date new people and even fall in love

But in a closed triad, all three partners are in love with one another, and they all agree to not date new people.

Moreover, in an open relationship, there are two people who are involved with as many partners as they want in a sexual or romantic relationship. But a triad primarily consists of three people. 

Now, are you wondering why people try triads? Let’s find out here…

What are some reasons for getting into a triad relationship?

A lot of people do feel that being a part of a triad relationship is weird or even unethical. But in reality, there’s nothing that strange about it! 

People want the same things out of a triad as they do in a conventional relationship, which are love, physical intimacy, and commitment.  But there are many more reasons behind getting into a triad like these…

1. They believe that polyamory is an orientation

Just like sexual preferences, a lot of people believe that being polyamorous isn’t a conscious choice. Rather, it’s an orientation. 

When people come out as gay, bisexual, or pansexual, they feel that they were born this way. Similarly, people in triad relationships also feel that their orientation is not unconventional.

2. The third person became a sexual interest to one or both

In many situations, a conventional couple might realize that they’ve fallen in love or have become too involved with their common friend. 

If this happens and the third person has agreed to become a part of the already-existing arrangement, then the relationship becomes a triad.

3. One person fell in love with two people

If one person falls in love with both of them and wishes to choose them both, then all three people can get into a lovely triad. Believe it or not, you don’t have just one soulmate waiting out there for you!

Now, if you’re curious to understand the true essence of triad relationships, let’s dive right in…

Triad relationship facts

If you feel that you would like to get into a triad, or at least know how people navigate with two other people in a relationship, then here are some facts that can really help you out!

1. It’s not just about sex

Sure, sex is an important part of any relationship. But contrary to what society says, a triad isn’t solely about experimenting with sex. 

Three people can genuinely fall in love with each other and have a fulfilling relationship together. Even though it’s regarded to be unconventional, a triad is still a healthy relationship!

2. You require ground rules

A triad requires some strong ground rules so that everyone involved can be a part of a healthy relationship. The most basic rule here is to honor and respect both the partners as well as yourself. 

Many people living in proper triad relationships say that these healthy rules help to reduce complexities!

3. All partners are included

You might feel that being in a triad means one person feels excluded or lonely. However, in a proper triad, every party is included. 

There might be times when someone might feel a little excluded since it’s tough to give equal attention to everyone. But that can be solved using clear communication!

4. Sexual preference is not a must

Triad relationships can be among three people of varying sexualities and sexual preferences. 

For example, you can have almost any combination of male (M) and female (F) partners, starting right from FFM and MMF to FFF and MMM. 

Moreover, the people involved can be straight, gay, lesbian, cisgender, or transgender.

5. Not all triads cohabitate

While most partners in a triad tend to live under the same roof, it’s not mandatory. 

Depending on each partner’s preferences and personal life conditions, all three can either live together, or two people can cohabitate while the third lives separately. 

In rare cases, all three can live in separate households, too.

6. Triad relationships are not new

Unfortunately, a lot of people feel that triad relationships are simply a trend for people who aren’t sure of what they want. 

But that’s not true at all! Triads have been practiced for years in different tribes around the globe. Even though most societies haven’t accepted triads yet, it’s not a new discovery.

7. People can change their minds

Just because someone is involved in a triad relationship doesn’t mean they can’t change their minds. 

Often, people in a romantic relationship with two others can feel that they’re better off staying in a monogamous relationship. Or they might feel that they’re done with trying out new experiences.

Wondering if triads are any good at all? Let’s find it here…

Triad relationship advantages

In recent years, triad relationships have been gaining a lot of popularity, and it isn’t that difficult to see why! Read on to learn more about how triads can actually benefit a person…

1. You can experiment with sex

Well, you can be sure of one thing in a triad, and it’s the fact that sex won’t ever be boring! 

When you’re dating two people at the same time, you can try out different kinds of sexual fantasies. For example, you can start with a threesome and then move on to more kinky things!

2. Everyone shares responsibilities

If three people are living together and also dating each other, it becomes much easier to share responsibilities and household chores. 

For example, one person can take up cleaning and washing while someone else can do the job of cooking. The third person can be responsible for keeping track of finances.

3. You have a stronger support group

This might seem strange, but in reality, being a part of a triad can actually increase your emotional intelligence

Whenever a difficulty arises, you can sit together and discuss things or simply be there for each other. Even when there’s a conflict among the three people, they know they have two people unconditionally loving them.

But there are obviously some issues. So, let’s find those here…

Triad relationship challenges

Even though triads can be a wonderful experience for some people, others feel that being a part of a triad might not be the best idea. So, here are some disadvantages of a triad relationship.

1. Jealousy issues can crop up

Jealousy can be a constant problem in a triad, especially when the triad is a “V” one. Odd numbers generate jealousy, and many times, it can be difficult to solve. 

For example, if one partner feels that the other two are closer, it can lead to quarrels.

2. One partner can favor someone over the other

Favoritism is another issue in a triad. Conflict is bound to happen, even in conventional relationships, but things can take a turn for the worse in a triad. 

For example, if two partners are fighting and the third one takes sides, the chemistry becomes unbalanced.

3. There will be issues in raising a family

The biggest problem of a triad is when all three partners decide to raise a family. Raising children is a tough task and today’s society may not even recognize triads as a legal relationship. This, again, raises different problems.

Now, if you’re wondering if a triad is a good choice for you, let’s figure it out here…

How do you know if you’re ready for a triad relationship?

Now that you know quite a lot about what a triad is and how it works, it’s time for you to understand whether you’re ready for it or not. 

So here are some signs and questions that will help you to gain clarity over your choices.

1. Ask yourself if you’ll be comfortable

Ask yourself if you’re truly going to be comfortable with the decision or not. After all, being a part of a triad is a major decision, especially if you have always been in a two-person monogamous relationship.

2. Talk to people who are in triads

Seek people who are already in a triad. Their honest perspectives will give you a better idea of what to expect in the future. Even if you don’t personally know someone, you can always check out videos and podcasts.

3. Have a talk with your partner

If you’re not sure whether you’d like to be in a triad, you can have an honest conversation with your partner. 

Perhaps there’s someone on your mind whom you would want to date, but you know you love your partner, too. 

If both of you talk to each other with honesty and love, you’ll be more sure of your decision.

4. Decide your boundaries

Triad or not, it’s crucial for every individual to understand and establish boundaries. If you feel that you’re ready to widen your horizon and be equally involved with two people, you can go for a triad. 

Here, too, you’ll have to be sure of what you’re willing to explore and which you’re not comfortable with.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Being in a triad is a thrilling experience, no doubt, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. 

So, if you believe you have a lot of love to share and your partner consents, then you’re ready to try out something exciting and new like this!