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25 Signs You’re NOT Ready for A Relationship – Stop Before You Regret!

25 Signs You’re NOT Ready for A Relationship – Stop Before You Regret!

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

25 Signs You’re NOT Ready for A Relationship – Stop Before You Regret!

If you’ve always been told that you’re not relationship material, you must check out signs you’re not ready for a relationship before coming to a conclusion.

You see love blossoming everywhere and people making big commitments to their partners. You want it too. However, every time you get into one, something always goes wrong!

So, if you doubt whether this is the right path for you, head right in!

25 Warning Signs You’re NOT Ready for a Relationship

In this day and age, teens are shamed if they haven’t been in love… and, people with higher body counts are praised. People get into a relationship without much thought.

But most people aren’t ready for a full-fledged relationship. And it’s fine to not even be in one. So, if you’re curious whether you’re also one of them, keep reading…

1. You are about to face some drastic changes

Identify if you’re expecting major changes regarding your career. For instance, perhaps you’ll move for a job. Or resign from your job and start a new business.

In that case, it can be challenging to give your relationship enough priority.  Especially, if you’re afraid that it’ll end up breaking the relationship and hurting you both, don’t get in one yet until you settle down.

2. You’re a serial dater

Serial daters just can’t avoid jumping into a relationship immediately after one ends. If this rings a bell, you don’t know who you are as a person.

You have always been in a relationship, so you believe that you NEED a partner. This can lead to an unhealthy dependency on your partner for love and affection.

In this case, it is better to spend some time alone and enjoy life while figuring out your inner self.

3. You want to change your partner’s personality traits

Often, lovers want to change a few aspects of each other for a better relationship.  But if you often force your partner to change their personality to fit into your ideals, take a break from dating.

You must be comfortable accepting your partner’s flaws (unless they are toxic, of course) and love them just enough. If you aren’t there yet, you aren’t ready for a relationship right now.

4. There are trust issues

If you can’t trust your partner, that’s a great reason for you to avoid a relationship.

This generally happens if someone breaks your trust in the worst possible ways. Now, you feel betrayed and are not ready to trust anyone for a while.

Before you start dating, you need to understand that not everyone’s the same and learn to choose the right people. 

5. You have too many responsibilities right now

Sometimes, life gets so messy that it becomes utterly impossible to give your energy and love to someone else.

You might be bogged down with too many projects, health issues, or a loved one’s divorce. If that’s the case, you’re mentally drained. You mustn’t bring someone into your life until you solve the current issues.

Otherwise, you might mistake attachment for love, or the other person might lose themselves while supporting you.

6. You have issues with emotional vulnerability

Emotional vulnerability is one of the most fundamental aspects of a healthy long-term relationship. It helps partners get close to one another and build emotional intimacy between them.

But if you act reserved or avoid or seem distant during emotional conversations, you can’t be emotionally vulnerable. These instances are proof that you are not ready to be in a relationship. Instead, you must seek help to work on your issues.

7. You’re uncertain if they’re the ONE for you

There’s a thin line between love and attraction. If you mistake attraction for love, the outcomes can look tempting at first but become disastrous eventually. These relationships start instantly or cosmically but end up gray.

So, if you are unsure about this person being “the one” for you, don’t dive until you can fully commit.

8. You are going through an identity crisis

Some people make their relationship and partner their entire identity. When they break up, they can’t figure out their identity now that things have changed. If this is your case, don’t begin a new relationship unless you understand the relationship you have with yourself.

Practice self-care and walk on the quest for self-discovery. Instead of exploring a new person altogether, explore yourself first.

9. You want to prioritize other aspects of your life

It’s okay to have different priorities. But if you want to focus more on your studies, work, or passion, you won’t be able to give enough energy to the relationship.

The other person will do all the work. While they will be taken for granted, you’ll feel guilty. That’s why it’s best if you stay out of any relationship until your priorities align.

10. You’re still stuck in your past relationship

If you haven’t moved on from your last relationship, it’s not okay to enter a relationship. Otherwise, it will make your new relationship toxic, and you’ll feel suffocated in this new one.

You may assume that it is the only way out from your past but rebounds always backfire. So, take time to get over your ex.

11. You are looking for someone to complete you

Pop culture and romantic movies feed the idea that true love is when your partner “completes” you. But the reality is just the opposite. True love doesn’t complete you, it brings two complete souls together.

So, if your definition of love involves anything similar, you aren’t ready to be in a relationship right now.

12. You can’t be your true self

Sometimes, human beings hide their actual feelings and opinions due to uncertainty about the other person’s reactions. Often, it’s because they know the other person does not care about them or because of past trauma.

So, if you’re the same, you’re traumatized and mustn’t be in a relationship at all. Find out the root cause of your feelings, or else you will only end up hurting yourself more.

13. You have communication issues

If you still struggle to communicate your feelings, it’s best to stay out of a relationship right now.

Nobody is born with good communication skills. But without this basic skill, the relationship can become absolutely frustrating for you both.

14. You have a checklist for the ideal person

In childhood and teenage years, we’ve all had a list of desired qualities we wanted in our partners.

Well, the truth is that if you still have that checklist, you are not ready to be in a relationship with anyone right now.

Real love is not about loving a person only based on qualities. Rather, it is about loving someone without much thought, and finding calm when dealing with their chaos.

If you aren’t ready to bear that, stay out of dating and figure out what love really means.

15. You don’t feel ready to date

Not wanting to date or not wanting to be in a relationship is enough reason for not being willing to commit yourself.

You don’t owe anyone any explanation at all.

16. You are not ready to compromise

The media loves to propagate that couples should not compromise at all if they want to build healthy relationships, but none of it is true. In reality, both partners must make certain compromises to make a relationship work.

But if you’re not willing to compromise at all, you’re definitely not ready for a relationship.

17. You have commitment issues

Commitment is the ultimate key to all healthy relationships. So, if you struggle with commitment, you shouldn’t enter into a relationship right now. You must first find the resolve to these issues and only then pursue a lover.

18. You feel you haven’t dated enough people

Some believe that you can only know what qualities you desire in a significant other only after you have dated many people. Experience in relationships helps you understand your preference for your partner’s traits or relationship dynamics.  

So if you feel the same and a bit lost about your needs and wants in your relationship, it’s probably for the best to stay out of one.

19. You feel pressured to date

You might be totally cool with singlehood. But family members and friends pressure you to commit to someone. They randomly ask “When are you going to date?”

If you want to enter a relationship because everyone is telling you to, it’s bound to fail. So, it only makes sense if you don’t get into one right now.

20. You are yet to learn and evolve

Human beings evolve throughout their life.

For instance, if you feel your partner was the ONLY one wrong in your last relationship, it’s a sign that you haven’t evolved. Otherwise, you’d know that every broken relationship has two wrongdoers, instead of one.

So, unless you can’t identify your wrongs, it’s not okay to enter a new relationship and repeat the cycle again.

21. You want to feel like the hero

When someone actually wants to be in a relationship, they date the other guy/girl because they are wonderful, or there’s compatibility and chemistry between the two.

But if you are entering into a relationship to rescue them from their dark side, then you should step out.

This is a huge red flag as you only wish to satisfy your ego by fixing someone. But this is impossible, so it’s better to stop getting into a relationship with such a partner.

22. You don’t pursue them

You may flirt with them, think about them, and act all smitten when they dress up nice. You will even go on dates if they ask you out, but never make the first move.

If this sounds familiar, you don’t really love them. You love that they love you, and that, my dear, is not a sign for someone ready to be in a relationship.

23. You are looking to fix your past trauma

Everyone carries some trauma and baggage which can change their entire perspective toward life, relationships, and friendships.

However, if you think you feel someone can heal you, that smells like trouble!

If you wanna date because you want them to be your savior, you are not ready to be in a serious relationship with anyone right now. Understand that no one else can help you walk out of your trauma – it’s only you who can do that.

24. You are using them as a backup

If you think you like one person, but your mind wanders off to someone else, this is another alarming sign.

Especially, if the other person does not like you back or is committed to someone else, you’re trying to distract yourself and avoid feeling guilty.

In this case, dig deeper, find out what’s best for you and then decide.

25. You enjoy your own company

Mos thumans are social animals and seek companionship. But if you feel the most comfortable in your own company or prefer to take yourself out on dates more, that’s another sign!

This kind of self-love is rare, so it’s better to take time for yourself. Otherwise, you might leave your partner feeling lonely.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you find you’re not ready for a relationship and hurt others unknowingly, you might feel ashamed. But forgive yourself and make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes. You can even apologize to your past partners.

Lastly, take time for yourself and grow at your own pace. When these signs don’t persist, you may finally walk on the path of love!

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