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How To Bring Passion Back Into A Relationship? – 20 Surefire Ways 

How To Bring Passion Back Into A Relationship? – 20 Surefire Ways 

Updated on Sep 12, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How To Bring Passion Back Into A Relationship – 20 Surefire Ways 

Within a few years of falling in love, most couples wonder how to bring passion back into a relationship. After all, it’s quite common to lose the spark in relationships.

However, it’s great that you’re willing to repair the cracks and restore a healthy relationship… as this will help you both bond stronger than ever.

So, let’s unlock the secrets to cherish a passionate bond!

20 Ways on How To Bring Passion Back Into A Relationship

In relationships, couples initially celebrate every moment of each other’s presence. However, when life takes a toll on you, your priorities change, and you lose passion for the relationship.

But don’t let the situation get worse, or you may soon lose all hope. Now, don’t overthink your situation, and make things right as soon as possible with these steps!

1. Talk to your partner

Open communication plays a key role in a healthy relationship. Tell your partner that you want them to spend more time with you. Express how you feel in their absence.

Remember, it’s important to voice your feelings. Don’t expect your partner to guess what’s been disturbing you.

2. Make time for your partner

You MUST give time to your partner and make them feel valued. It might call for a few compromises, but then it’s worth it. Moreover, when your partner is doing that for you, then why not you?

3. Always put your partner first

You will be able to make time for your partner only when they’re your priority. So, if you don’t already, put them on the top of your list to fuel the spark in your relationship.

Make it clear to your partner that you cherish them deeply. Assure them that they complete you, in all respects.

4. Focus on your common interests

What’s something that you love doing as a couple? What does your partner like?

Find answers and plan some couple activities together. It can be anything as simple as going on dates, listening to your favorite songs, cooking together, shopping together, visiting a friend, giving each other back rubs, and so on.

Moreover, do you know each other’s love language? If not then hurry up and search about it, and you will be surprised to know its dramatic effects!

5. Make them feel special with surprises

A useful strategy to stir up genuine love in a relationship is to let your lover feel unique. Be mindful of your partner’s needs and desires.

Remember: This is not about buying them the most expensive gift, it’s about walking a mile extra to make them happy!

6. Let the past be in the past

Another vital step is to, honestly but respectfully, tell your partner about their hurtful actions towards you. Find out why they did it, get closure, and move on from it.

Simultaneously, ensure they have nothing against you. In case they complain, kindly take every opportunity to fix your issues. Happy couples bear no grudges against each other. Their space is only open for love and romance.

7. Try a little more romance

To enhance your relationship, improve your romantic gestures and physical contact. Your sweetheart will be unsatisfied and eventually become tired of the relationship if you don’t get intimate. The passionate fire is important to keep your hearts warm with love.

While romancing, say things like “This time, you’ll feel nothing but pure joy” and “I miss having your arms around me” to create the spark.

Go the extra mile by buying their favorite flowers, food, maintaining eye contact, saying “I love you”, or cuddling with them until they fall asleep.

8. Flirt with your love interest

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with each other, never let “flirting” die. For instance, use your body language to seduce and tease them.

You can also try sexting once in a while if your partner is comfortable with it. Pick up a few cheeky lines like, “I love it when you…”, “Our last session in bed is still fresh in my mind” and many more.

9. Understand your partner’s feelings

No matter how perfect your connection is, you need to understand that your beloved is a human too. Most couples keep extremely high and unreasonable expectations from their partners and forget to consider their emotions.

Please understand that it’s not fair for you to expect someone to satisfy all your needs, on all days. You must try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and cut them some slack on some days.

10. Switch things up

Your love life is bound to become dull if you follow the same ritual or pattern with your beloved. So, break it and add an oomph to your daily activities. Or, even try new ones.  

Explore new restaurants and parks or indulge into some new couple activities. However, if your partner objects to the new ideas or the change, revisit it to find a common ground.

11. Recreate your old memories 

This is another great way to revive the passion in your relationship. You can recreate an old date or the first time you proposed them.

While you’re on it, say, “I still remember the first day we met” or “When I first met you, you looked precisely the same as now.”

12. Show a keen interest in your partner’s life

A great way to reignite the flame in your relationship is to talk about your partner’s objectives and encourage them to create plans to achieve them.

Assure them that you will support them in all the thick and thin. Celebrate their every achievement and say, “I am proud of you, my love!”, “I knew it! You will do it.” This will show that you aren’t just attracted to them sexually, in fact, you care for them.

13. Acknowledge their good traits and show gratitude

To strengthen your connection, emphasize how much you value and appreciate your partner’s effort for you, your relationship, work, family, or other things. The fact that you notice them will ignite the lost love.

Tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life, and watch your relationship get better every day.

14. Embark on some adventures

If you and your partners aren’t afraid of adventures like skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and kayaking, go ahead and try them together!

These will give you a good distraction from your busy schedule. Try something challenging which requires teamwork. Healthy dependence will give you both a reason to seek each other and revive the lost passion in the relationship

15. Make small compromises

Another amazing way to enhance your romantic bond is to step outside of your comfort zone. Try to view another perspective and accept it – especially if it makes your partner smile, and also improves your personality as a whole.

Remember, change is good if it makes you a better person and improves your relationship. 

16. Have a good sense of humor

Life is too short to be grumpy. So, your sense of humor plays a vital role in keeping your relationship thriving.

Whenever you see your partner frowning on silly matters, put effort into making them smile. That easily washes away the anger and grudge.

Crack nasty jokes, when your partner is around, send memes, act funny, and live your life happily. Build a positive ambiance to make space for passion.

17. Focus on yourself

Self-love is absolutely incredible in the quest of seeking passion. If you can take care of yourself, you will be more present and loving towards your partner.

If you focus on your dreams and goals as an individual, this will attract your partner more, and also allow you to be positive, keep frustration at bay, and not fight with your partner.

You can also try to focus on your body. Stay fit, follow a proper body care regime, and stay clean and polished. Wear sexy dresses to lure them. Smear an enticing perfume to draw your partner closer. This will boost your confidence and eventually attract your beloved.

18. Take the pressure off of sex

Many believe that sex is the ultimate solution to this issue. Well, not exactly!

Rather, the pressure to do “it” will worsen the situation. Instead, do the opposite. Give each other enough space and time, and they will eventually find you in bed. 😉

19. But make sex fun!

Make things interesting in the bedroom by adding more fun-filled experiences. Live your dirtiest fantasies with your love.

Don’t just stick to a single and monotonous way of making out. Play dirty truth and dare with your partner or make out to steamy movie scenes.

20. Speak to a professional

You can always speak to a certified sex therapist or a relationship expert for more on this. Experts can help you figure out your issues and guide you through the steps for a better future together. Don’t let people’s judgments discourage you from seeking help!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, passion doesn’t disappear from your relationship within a split second. So, don’t expect things to improve too fast, either.

There will be days when your partner will fail to notice your efforts but make sure you don’t flip on them. Instead, be patient and keep following the tips. Eventually, they’ll also reciprocate your actions… and you’ll be passionately in love all over!

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