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20 Concerning Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist Man And You Must Get Away From Him

20 Concerning Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist Man And You Must Get Away From Him

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

20 Concerning Signs You're Dating A Narcissist Man And You Must Get Away From Him

If you feel you’re in a toxic relationship and feel emotionally drained, these might be signs you’re dating a narcissist man.

Narcissist men are often self-obsessed and crave admiration and attention. If you are associated with such men, it can be tricky to spot these signs at first. However, as your relationship progresses, you will start to feel more suffocated.

Suspect your man could be an ugly narcissist? Uncover the truth with these signs.

20 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist Man

Narcissism, also known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is a serious ailment. Dealing with a narcissistic man can be challenging as they are egotistical and self-absorbed. 

He might often display a pattern of self-centeredness, entitlement, and a lack of empathy. However, not all narcissists exhibit the same behaviors.

So, if you suspect your man is a narcissist, here are some red flags to look for.

1. He Has Excessive Self Importance

Narcissists have an inflated sense of self-worth, and they love talking about themselves. They love to be the subject of every conversation and want all stories to revolve around them.

So, if he rambles about his great qualities and asks you self-centered questions, you’re dating a narcissist. 

He’ll also do this to gain admiration and prove he’s smarter and wiser than everyone else.

2. He Doesn’t Have An Ounce Of Empathy

Narcissists struggle to understand or care about others’ feelings and needs. And even when they do understand, they fail to respond and reciprocate similar feelings towards their partners. Some are also extremely unforgiving and harsh. 

If he lacks compassion and respect and often treats you as non-existent, that’s another major alarming sign. 

Regardless of how much you beg or plead, he fails to provide the bare minimum effort in a relationship.

3. He Constantly Needs Validation

Notice if he believes he deserves special treatment and acts demanding or entitled. Probably, he feels motivated and inspired only by appreciation. 

Without recognition or compliments, he won’t do anything. Moreover, regardless of how many times you praise him, no amount of praise is enough. 

If he’s like this, you’re dating a narcissistic man!

4. He Competes With Your Success

Narcissist men are never happy with their partner’s success. They would rather see you fail and make fun of you behind your back. 

So, when you seek positive feedback from him, does he avoid it? If yes, he’s a narcissist and doesn’t want anyone to look better than him.

He treats your success as a challenge. He would devalue your accomplishments to feel superior.

5. He Has Grandiose Fantasies

Observe whether he often exaggerates his achievements, talents, or status. If he even pretends to be the wealthiest person in the room, you’re definitely with a narcissistic dude! 

Due to his narcissism, he wants you to look up to him and feel inferior and low. 

6. He Is A Gaslighter And Manipulator

Narcissists can be emotionally manipulative, using guilt, blame, or other tactics to control you. Once they know you are completely devoted to them, the game of manipulation begins.

Notice if your man constantly finds faults in you and implies you’re stupid, incapable, and immature. If he tells you that you’re doomed without his help, you’re dating a narcissist.

7. He Isolates You From Close Ones

Narcissist men want absolute control over their partners. 

So, your man is a narcissist if he does everything to cut you off from friends, family, etc. He wants you to be solely dependent on them.

He will try to brainwash you to see the bad in your well-wishers. He constantly bad mouths your close ones until you cut ties with them.

8. He Utilizes Sex As A Weapon

Narcissist men want to make their partners feel unwanted, insecure, and apprehensive. They might browse adult videos, prefer self-stimulation, or even betray their partners. 

This is due to their distaste for emotional bonds.  They are often known to force their partners without any physical intimacy or create triangle scenarios. 

So, notice if your man does one or all of these consistently. If yes, he’s definitely a narcissist. He’ll do anything to annoy, harass, and embarrass you and struggle for affection.

9. He Has Low Self-Esteem

Despite a confident image, narcissistic men struggle with feelings of insecurity. They have extremely low self-esteem and often feel empty, unworthy, and ashamed. To hide this emptiness, they set a defense wall by bullying their partners. 

So, if he makes you feel unworthy and alone for no reason, you’re dating a narcissist!

10. He ALWAYS Wants To Have The Last Word

If you are dating a narcissistic guy, he will always want to have the last word in any argument. If necessary, he’ll say mean and hurtful things during fights. He won’t stop until you can’t argue any further. 

He’d decide on your behalf without considering your feelings. He won’t let you have basic independence in any decision.

11. Love Bombing Is His Go-To Strategy

Love bombing is one of the most typical characteristics and the biggest red flag of narcissistic men. 

Recall if your man showered you with lots of love and grand romantic gestures in the initial stages of your relationship.

But eventually, he became controlling and devaluing. He doesn’t even take accountability for his actions. 

If all this happened, your suspicions are true!

12. He Can’t Take Criticism

When criticized, notice if he reacts poorly or becomes defensive, hostile, or withdrawn. Or he perceives confrontation as criticism even when it’s not.

If this sounds familiar, you can be sure he’s a narcissist.

13. He Doesn’t Have Many Friends

Narcissists often envy or resent the success and happiness of others. This is why they have very limited friends.

If your man is appealing and charming but has no friends or personal life, he probably is a narcissist. 

14. He Has Boundary Issues

Narcissist men often have a poor sense of boundaries. So notice if he often invades your personal space or privacy and feels entitled to it. 

If your man also breaks social standards and rules even when you tell him to behave, that’s an even stronger sign of his narcissism. 

15. He Will Blame You If You Want To Break Up

It’s hard to stay with a narcissistic man because of all the toxic behaviors. So, tell him that you’re not happy with the relationship and want to break up. Notice how he reacts after that.

If you’re dating a narcissistic man, he’d turn the tables on you. He will make you feel bad for leaving him by labeling you as an opportunist. He’ll do anything and everything to portray you as the bad one and that you didn’t deserve him.

16. He Stonewalls Crucial Discussions

Some narcissistic men use stonewalling or silent treatment to evade conflict. 

So, check if he pretends that you don’t exist for a few days after a fight. Then he goes back to normal as if nothing has happened.

Or, he’d give you the cold shoulder until you give in to his desires or take all the blame. All of these are telltale signs of his narcissistic personality. 

17. He Always Plays The Victim Card In Past Relationships

Narcissist people portray themselves as victims of their villainous exes. 

If your man didn’t reflect on his actions, plays the blame game, and bad mouths his ex, you know the answer!

18. He Has Mood Swings And Anger Issues

Narcissists can be emotionally volatile, shifting between extreme confidence and insecurity. They can become angry anytime when you talk about things that don’t matter to them. 

You’re dating a narcissistic man, you probably felt his rage was justified initially. But eventually, you understood his toxicity. 

19. He Needs Instant Gratification

A narcissistic man might nag you to respond to his messages or calls immediately. If you wait too long to reply, he will do something unpredictable. 

So, if you want to spot narcissism in your man, refuse to respond. If he reacts violently, you get your answer. 

20. He Obsesses Over Perfectionism

If your man is a narcissist, he’ll want perfectionism in everything. Whether it’s how either of you dresses, acts in public, or how clean and tidy his place looks – he wants everything to be perfect.

If anything isn’t perfect according to his terms, you’ll have to suffer a lot.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If a lot of these signs show up in your man, your suspicions might be true. It’s pretty hard to be with such a man. For the sake of your mental health, it’s better to leave such a relationship. 

But if you want to give this relationship a chance and believe he can improve himself, consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor. 

Don’t fight alone; otherwise, things might get harder than you think!

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