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20 Undeniable Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You… Pretty Hard!

20 Undeniable Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You… Pretty Hard!

Updated on Sep 11, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

20 Undeniable Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You

It’s time to look for signs your male coworker likes you – if he treats you a bit differently and your instincts are telling you it’s not just friendship.

Of course, you don’t wanna make things awkward at work with a direct question. But you can’t stand the butterflies in your tummy while immersing in the WHAT-IFS!

So, dive right in to know the truth…

20 Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You

At work, you spend almost eight hours with people who share similar professional interests, troubles, and objects of hatred. Amidst all of that, it’s pretty normal to get involved in office romances.

However, unless the other person makes a direct move, you can’t do anything at all. But, if you can’t wait for his confession, check for these signs and find the truth!

1. He constantly stares at you

If this male coworker is too shy or feels intimidated by your presence, he will just affectionately stare at you and listen to you talk about something passionately.

But he won’t usually look at other coworkers this way. This subtle change in his behavior is a big hint that he is falling for you with every passing day but is too scared to do anything about it.

2. His body language is not normal around you

Most often, when a man likes you, he will push his chest forward. In other scenarios, he will lean towards you, point his body at you, or try to slowly come closer to you.

Observe if he acts this way only with you or with more people. His body language with you and you only is a strong sign of his attraction towards you.

3. He asks about your personal life

When a guy is genuinely interested in you, he’ll try to know more about your personal life.

He’ll ask about your relationship status to figure out if he can hit on you or not. Or, he might ask you to connect on social media.

He’ll ask about your favorite food, color, or even music artist so that when he asks you out, he can consider all of that! 😉

4. He always offers to work together

If a male colleague is interested in you, he will sign up to work together to spend more time with you.

Maybe you are very busy these days, and he can’t find the opportunity to talk to you. A male co-worker will find ways such as this to get close to you without making it too obvious.

5. He is there for you, all the time!

If he has a crush on you, he will always support you during the worst work days without any expectation. Or, he’d help you finish your extra work on tough days.

Moreover, among all the coworkers, if he only treats you this way, then you’ve all the more reason to believe your instincts.

6. He makes time to spend with you

When a man is truly interested in a woman, he will find ways to spend more time with her.

So, if you work till late hours, he will wait for you so you can talk on your way home. Or, he will invite you to get dinner, so that he can spend an extra hour with you outside of work.

If you ask him why he’s still waiting, he will make silly excuses for staying back.

7. You often get invited by him to one-on-one outings

Co-workers hang out outside of work once in a while to bond and raise team spirits. If he invites you with his friends or other coworkers, that’s not special treatment.

But when a man is attracted to you, he will constantly invite you out to hang out just with him.

8. He tries to adhere to your preferences

Listen up ladies, when a man really likes a woman, he goes above and beyond to change himself for her, and that’s his way of showing love.

So, notice if your coworker tries to find out what kind of partner you desire. And then if he tries to transform into your dream man!

If that happens, it’s a clear sign that he’s infatuated with you.

9. He maintains physical contact

At work, any kind of unnecessary and deliberate physical contact is not just unprofessional… but can be a serious sign of sexual harassment. However, a co-worker crushing on you won’t care about that. He’ll find excuses to be close to you.

He’ll hold your hands while crossing a road, or if you mistakenly touch his hand, he won’t move away. To test him further, pretend to touch his hand accidentally to see how he reciprocates.

10. He compliments you a lot

At work, you can’t dress fancily, so there won’t be many reasons for him to shower you with compliments. But if he still does, it is one of the surefire signs of his attraction.

He’ll often tell you that your smile is pretty, how hard-working you are, or how that watch looks great on you. Despite what you wear, he’ll always catch you off-guard!

11. He doesn’t break eye contact

Eyes speak words that lips cannot, so pay attention to his eyes. For instance, a man in love won’t break eye contact after complimenting you. He will also make long eye contact to casually flirt with you and admire your beauty.

If he gets a positive reaction to his subtle flirting, he will do it even more.

12. He gets jealous a lot

Jealousy is one of the biggest signs that scream, “this man is attracted to you”

So, if he really likes you, he can’t even think of you getting close to another guy. So, notice what he does when another male co-worker chats with you.

If he’s jealous and smitten by you, he’ll tell him to get back to work or try to sneak into the conversation. His changed voice tone, uneasy attitude, and tricks to get you away from other men will give away his feelings.

13. He jokes to make you laugh

A smitten man will try to make you laugh a lot. After all, there’s no girl who doesn’t fall for a good sense of humor. But this sign is only valid if he ONLY does that for you. If he is the same with everyone, then there are chances it is a part of their personality

14. He pays attention to every detail

Notice whether he brings you coffee just the way you like it. Or, if he takes you to your favorite place that you don’t even remember mentioning, then it’s a sure sign that he is really serious about you.

He’ll also know if you didn’t spritz your signature perfume, got a different purse, a new haircut, or got your nails done.

15. He always takes your side

Despite how much you try, you can’t avoid office politics. And in those times, if one guy always comes to your rescue, that male colleague definitely has a thing for you!

However, men have a natural tendency to protect others. So, if he won’t do this for anyone else, that’s the cherry on the top!

16. He makes sure to look better

When men feel attracted to someone, they make sure to look good at all times.

So, if he tries to look good for you, recently started maintaining his physique and face, or wears your favorite-colored shirt more often, those are green flags!

17. He flirts, flirts, flirts some more

If he has a thing for you, he’ll put your hair behind your ears or will compliment you every chance he gets. He will use every way to flirt by the book!

18. He looks disappointed when you mention another guy

Men can’t bear to hear about another guy from their crush.

So, if you are curious to know for sure whether your male colleague is in love with you, then notice if he hates it when you go on dates with another man.

He may not say anything, but he’ll try to stop you from seeing him or show you flaws in him. If he persists more, this is the ideal time to ask if he wants to date you.

19. He has a pet name for you

Pet names among coworkers aren’t normal unless you have known each other for ages. So, if he has a pet name for you, but you guys aren’t acquainted for too long, you’re definitely special to him.

But if he has a nickname for a lot of his colleagues, that’s not a good sign.

20. Your colleagues are playing Cupid

The friendship between men is quite simple. If one of them likes a woman, the others know and stay far away from that girl.

So, try to tease his close male coworkers. If no one dares to get close to you or finds ways to bring both of you together, there’s your answer!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of the signs relate to you, you know that he really likes you. However, before you take things ahead, make sure you know his relationship status.

And, if he’s single and you also feel something for him, give it a shot. If company policies don’t favor this, speak to HR and find a solution together. If your love is strong enough, either of you can get a transfer to another department or branch.