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15 Serious Signs Someone Is Infatuated With You – And Not In Love

15 Serious Signs Someone Is Infatuated With You – And Not In Love

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

15 Serious Signs Someone Is Infatuated With You - And Not In Love

In this era where people rush into relationships, you need to be aware of signs someone is infatuated with you

The reason?

Some people may fall in love with the person they think you are… and not who you truly are. You can’t really blame them because it’s their hormones and lack of judgment talking!

And if you let this turn into a serious relationship, it only leads to painful heartbreaks. 

So, to make sure that you don’t make the wrong choice, keep reading!

15 Signs Someone Is Infatuated With You

Love requires nurturing, understanding, and shared experiences. It’s a mutual bond in which both parties get to know each other on a deep level. 

Infatuation, on the other hand, strikes like lightning, creating an instant “connection” in the infatuated person’s mind. But there’s actually a lack of depth in the bond.

While love and infatuation appear identical, specific traits can distinguish them. So, let’s figure out whether your current/prospective partner is just infatuated with you…

1. They’re engrossed in your thoughts

When someone is infatuated with you, they can’t stop thinking about you. You become the primary topic in their mind. 

When you’re not there, they will act as if their world has no point. They feel like something is missing, so they want to be with you. 

2. They praise you around others 

A person who is infatuated with you can’t help but tell their friends and acquaintances about their feelings. They openly express their admiration for you and go into detail about what they find most fascinating in you. 

So, if they’ve been mentioning you to their friends and you hear rumors about it, take it as a sign!

3. They don’t know you but fantasize about the future with you 

Before they even get close to you, an infatuated person dreams of a future with you. They fantasize about spending their lives together and starting a family. 

If they often speak of a future with you even if they don’t know much about you, that’s a serious sign of their infatuation!

4. You suddenly notice them everywhere

When someone is infatuated with you, they will constantly try to be in your company. They try to follow the same routines as you, from shopping with you to eating with you at the dinner table. 

An infatuated person becomes extremely clingy if they know you. And if you’re just acquaintances, they might even stalk you.

5. They always want to talk to you

In love, couples call whenever it’s convenient for them. But in infatuation, they call frequently and say they miss you

Your voice is like a balm to their hurt feelings. Their constant contact shows that they can’t even wait to get off work or school to talk.

6. They’ll be pretty invested in your social media 

In this age of constant connectivity, an infatuated admirer will follow your every online action. They’ll interact with your content by reading and commenting on posts. They’ll also look through your photo gallery and like your pictures. 

7. They avoid communicating about the serious things

If they’re infatuated and you’re together, they’ll never try to talk about serious issues. They might blatantly refuse to discuss those matters with you or even believe things will get solved by themselves … like in fairy tales!

They’d believe that your relationship doesn’t need any effort because you’re meant to be together!

8. They don’t try to know you 

If they’re in love with you, they’ll have conversations about topics that’ll help them understand your viewpoint. 

However, an infatuated person already has their perceived idea about you. So they won’t have deep, controversial debates. 

Even if they do, it’ll all be about things you both agree to. They do it to make you understand how much you guys are “similar” and to connect with you!

9. They always ONLY notice the best in you 

Even if they don’t know you very well, if they can’t help but compliment you, that’s another sign of their infatuation. In this case, they’ll only admire your positive qualities and appearance. 

They’ll never find anything wrong with you, even if there is. It’s all because they want to idolize you.

10. They get jealous very easily

When you spend time with people of the opposite gender, an infatuated person might feel awkward and jealous. 

They’ll get fierce and protective, which reveals their obsession for you and their fears of losing you to someone else. 

And even if someone else gets a minute from you, they will hold a grudge against that.

11. They want you to commit pretty soon 

An infatuated person is extremely scared of losing you. So they won’t wait until they know you and will suggest beginning a relationship and getting to know each other later. 

They believe that you’re meant to be together. So, they don’t want to waste time doing minute things.

12. They partake in your interests even if they don’t like it

An infatuated person will try their best to fit into your world. Even if they don’t like an activity, they want to be there to witness all the small and big things happening in your daily life. 

So, they’ll enthusiastically participate in your interests whether they like it or not! 

13. You still don’t know them

When a person is infatuated with you, they don’t want you to know the real them. So, they’ll only ever show you their best side. This is only so that you don’t push them away.

Instead, you’ll get to know certain unpleasant things about them. You might feel that you still don’t know who they truly are. It all points out that they’re so infatuated that they hid their true personality from you.

14. They give you unwavering attention, even at the cost of their own 

The sole focus of an infatuated person is always you. They cling to your every word, eager to comprehend your thoughts, desires, and goals. 

They recall even the most minute details of your conversations. Even if they harm themselves or delay important work, they’ll still only pay attention to you. After all, this is the definition of love to them.

15. They show over-the-top thoughtful gestures

An infatuated person wants to make you feel loved, so they’ll always go to extreme lengths to surprise you. 

They may bring you your favorite coffee without your request or get you a rare flower you love. This way, they show how much they appreciate your presence in their lives. They want to make sure they grab your attention by doing the extremes.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of these signs show up in your relationship/prospective partner, remember to pause for a moment. Figure out whether they truly know you. Try to communicate that if they only love your perceived persona, they’ll be so disappointed. 

However, there’s no need to break up or part ways because of their infatuation. 

Remember. infatuation doesn’t imply they can’t be in love with you. Their idea of love is immature, but it can be the first step of a loving bond. 

All you need to do is be aware of the differences and make them aware as well. Help them understand true love, accept each other’s true sides, and try to make this work!

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