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25 Undeniable Signs Your Best Friend Is In Love With You

25 Undeniable Signs Your Best Friend Is In Love With You

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

25 Undeniable Signs Your Best Friend Is In Love With You

So, you’re looking for signs your best friend is in love with you because they’ve been hitting on you for quite some time?

Well, the most beautiful relationships are a result of a deep friendship. After all, they know you the best and have been with you through thick and thin. It’s pretty normal for them to fall for you after sticking together for so long.

C’mon, let’s dive in to know the truth!

25 Signs Your Best Friend Is In Love With You

You and your bestie share everything. But lately, they’re sharing things you feel only a soulmate deserves to know. Or maybe everyone teased you for dating on the low… and now you can’t brush the thought off!

Well, there might be some truth to it, so let’s make sure here!

1. They spend more alone time with you than usual

You guys never had issues hanging out in groups. But recently, your best friend insists on spending some time together away from the gang. 

Even if you’re with the crew, your best friend constantly steals glances at you. They might even try to take you away from the crowd. All of these show that things are surely not just platonic!

2. They try to stay physically close to you

Physical proximity is a clear sign of a person’s interest in you. Sometimes, this is not even a conscious choice. 

They might sit with you more than others in a group or try to lean toward you while talking to you. All these are signs that they like being close to you. 

3. They often stare at you 

In a group of friends, whenever you accidentally look at them, your eyes meet. This cannot be a coincidence all the time. And you’ll notice that the gaze is not passive but rather intense and meaningful. 

It shows that even in a crowd, they only have eyes for you!

4. They remember every detail about you

They order your favorite food at a restaurant even without you having to utter a word. They often mention things that you like and dislike among other friends. Or, they boast about knowing you better than anyone else. 

If this is happening far too much nowadays, they are definitely into you. 

5. Romance and sex are no longer awkward topics

Romance and sex have always been a yucky topic among best friends. After all, besties see each other like siblings… and that’s just too gross!

But lately, notice whether they’re more interested in your preferences. It’s because they want to learn everything about being your dream partner.

6. Others can see it and are teasing you

When people are in love, the people around them get a whiff of things before everyone else!

So, notice if your other friends often pass satirical remarks about you two. You guys get mocked for going out alone, always sticking to each other, and paying extra attention to each other. 

These observations are not vague and are enough to show something’s cooking! 

7. Their show love by sharing food 

If your bestie is a huge foodie and doesn’t like sharing food, this sign is for you. Perhaps, they have suddenly started giving you bites of theirs without you having to ask. In that case, your best friend is definitely in love. 

8. You get showered with compliments lately

In friendship, you sarcastically insult each other quite often. However, if your best friend has suddenly started showering you with heaps of compliments, something is up!

Mind you; these are not general compliments that a friend might give. Rather, the compliments are more inclined towards flirtation.

9. They get jealous pretty often 

Observe how your bestie reacts when you fantasize about someone or even talk about them. If they compare themselves with your crush and portray themselves in a better light, they’re jealous. And, of course, this IS because they love you!

10. You never feel left out when in a group

Whenever you feel lonely in group settings, notice if your best friend always focuses on you and listens to your verdicts. Or, when you have to pair up for activities, your best friend never lets others pair with you. If this rings a bell, they definitely love you!

11. They feel comfortable opening up to you

You’re special to them if they always discuss anything and everything with you. Yes, people can seek friends for advice too, but it’s a green signal if the topic is too deep and vulnerable.

12. There’s something brewing up between you two

Notice the moments when you get butterflies in your stomach. This euphoric and electric feeling tells that there is chemistry between the both of you.

13. Everything turns into flirting 

You can’t miss this sign if they twist and turn their jokes to somehow flirt with you. They risk it all to make your heart skip a beat amidst everyone else. 

An even more tell-tale sign is when pausing and staring to follow the flirty joke. They’re waiting for your response and want to know if they have some kind of effect on you.

14. You have dramatic arguments 

If they have a thing for you, your arguments will be mostly dramatic and passionate. Just like couples, you guys fight every few days. 

It shows you two have some masked tension that bubbles up in the form of fights. They love you, and that’s how perfectly they push you to the edge!

15. You often do couple things together

You have probably not paid heed to it. But notice how you two spend time together. If you often watch movies, visit the parks, or go over to each other’s house and spend one on one time… yes, those are all couple activities!

Of course, your bestie is enjoying these sneaky dates while you’re oblivious. They’re definitely hooked!

16. The ‘if I were your boyfriend/girlfriend’ joke is on blast

If you don’t find anyone, I can be your boyfriend/girlfriend.

If such jokes often make their way into your conversations, that’s a huge sign! 

They use humor as a disguise for their feelings. Now, it’s your job to read between the lines. 

17. They text you whenever they want

If they text you randomly for no reason or context, they want to stay connected with you throughout the day. 

They might share random videos, memes, and jokes just to remind you about them. You’re always on their mind because they love you. 

18. They’re just not into dating 

Every time you inquire them about their dating life and crush, do they try to brush off the conversation?

Even though you are best friends, their singlehood is a mystery. It all shows that they have a crush on YOU… yet their crush doesn’t notice it!

19. Your interests align much more than before

Of course, you’re friends because you have similar interests and opinions. But, if they show a sudden interest in your favorite activities, sports, or hobbies, they are down bad for you!

They are actually seeking ways to know you better and spend more time with you. 

20. They put effort into their appearance

Lately, if they dress up and groom more around you, they’re definitely in love with you! You’ll also notice that they behave a certain way to look attractive when you’re around. However, they may look sloppy when they go out with others (without you).

21. The physical contact is more intimate

While other friends mostly hug you, they like to take a step ahead and cuddle or hold your hands. Even when you’re among all your friends, they always wrap their hands around you. If that rings a bell, that’s another green signal!

22. They make time for you

Notice if they have started caring less about unimportant commitments. And if they try to be available for you whenever you need them. 

For instance, they cancel a movie with friends to help you with your projects. Or they leave work early to grab your favorite comfort food and medicines. 

23. They complain about the friend zone

Recall if your bestie often jokes about how you’ve put them in a friend zone and won’t let them out of it. 

They know they’re just a friend but can’t help but let their feelings out. So, they joke about being in a place where they can be your friend but not a romantic partner. 

24. You often get drunk calls and texts from them

When drunk, human beings act on their deepest impulses. 

Every time they get drunk, if you get bombarded with millions of texts or long calls, there’s your sign!

This shows that they want to be close to you even in that trippy state. They may even mumble a few words of endearment during it!

25. They invite you on every trip

Of course, it’s normal for best friends to make memories by going on trips together. However, the sign is clear if they ask you out on every trip… whether it’s a plan with their family or other friends!

They want to stay close to you because you make them happy. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Now, if you noticed a majority of these signs in your best friend, your suspicions were right. Well, it’s your time to figure out how you feel about them.

Since you both know each other so closely, there’s a high chance of making things long-term. And don’t even think about “ruining your friendship,” because dating a bestie is one of the best things!

However, if you’re not into them, know the truth from them directly. Let them know you’re not interested in dating and take some space. Things will eventually get better!

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