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20 Unmistakable Signs She Wants To Be Friends With Benefits And Nothing More

20 Unmistakable Signs She Wants To Be Friends With Benefits And Nothing More

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

20 Unmistakable Signs She Wants To Be Friends With Benefits And Nothing More

So you’re wondering if it could be one of the signs she wants to be friends with benefits… because this girl wants to get intimate without any commitment.  

You feel like she wants you but doesn’t want to bind you to herself. She flirts with you and passes naughty remarks… but she also never wants to deepen the bond.  

Well, it seems like your suspicions are right on point. But to make sure, let’s read on for some spicy insights!

20 Signs She Wants To Be Friends With Benefits

In the realm of modern dating and relationships, navigating the boundaries between friendship and something more intimate can be tricky. 

After all, you don’t want to ruin your friendship… by expecting a relationship when she clearly wants to sleep around. On the other hand, you also don’t want to hurt your friend – who likes you romantically – by assuming that she only wants to get frisky. 

So, let’s explore these signs for some clarity.

1. She Initiates Frequent Intimacy

A fundamental sign that she’s interested in a friends-with-benefits relationship is her consistent initiation of physical contact. 

This can range from light touches and playful nudges to more intimate forms of physical contact. 

2. She Openly Talks About Sex

Another indicator that she’s interested in a casual relationship is her willingness to discuss sex and sexual experiences spontaneously. 

She may talk about her sexual encounters, inquire about your preferences, or suggest new sexual experiences to explore together. 

3. She Flirts Frequently Without Any Romantic Desire

Do you find her staring at you for no reason? She might bat her eyelashes or bite her lips, and you have no idea why because she never showed any romantic interest.

Notice if she playfully teases you, compliments your appearance, makes jokes with sexual undertones, or playfully touches you.

All these demonstrate her interest in a sexual relationship like FWB. 

4. She Shares Spicy Texts And Photos

When your friend sends you provocative, suggestive, or intimate pictures, it’s a clear signal that she’s open to a friends-with-benefits relationship. 

She may also send flirty or explicit messages, like ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’ or ‘I miss your touch.’ 

5. She Brings You To Her Place When No One’s Around

Does she call you over when her family is out of town? 

Inviting you into her personal space indicates a level of comfort and trust, signifying her desire to spend private, quality time with you.

It’s a clear indication she is looking for something more than friends but less than lovers.

If she even goes a step further and invites you to spend the night, that’s a clear sign!

6. You Are Not Introduced As Her Partner

This alone doesn’t imply anything major. However, if any of the above signs appear along with it, it’s an obvious sign!

For instance, she won’t want you to be a part of her inner circle. Or she’ll introduce you as ‘just a friend’ to her close ones.

7. She Doesn’t Share Her Emotions With You

Notice if she shows interest in sexually connecting but sidesteps intimate discussions like your or her past relationships, personal stories, or feelings. 

If yes, it’s a clear sign that she’s not interested in a committed relationship. But she won’t mind a casual, physical relationship.

8. She’s Not Up For Future Plans

Committing to future plans often symbolizes emotional investment and long-term commitment.

If she only wants an FWB arrangement, she’ll avoid making plans with you far in advance. 

Rather, she’ll only plan activities a day or two ahead or avoid planning trips or vacations together.

9. She Is Not Jealous

Jealousy comes naturally to a woman when she finds her man mentioning other women. However, in friends with benefits, this emotion is typically minimal or non-existent. 

If she’s never jealous when you mention other women you’re seeing and still initiates flirty behavior, she just wants a good time with you. 

In fact, she might even encourage you to date others, reflecting her desire for an open-minded arrangement.

10. You’re Only In Her Late-Night Contact List

Late-night outreach indicates a desire for intimacy or physical companionship during those hours.

Whether she consistently reaches out through texts or calls during such late hours, it suggests she wants your body only and not your mind.

11. She Uses Sexual Connotations While Talking To You

When a woman wants a casual connection like FWB, she may test the waters to see if you share similar intentions as hers. She might do it with suggestive comments or jokes, She also wants to gauge your reactions and openness to a physical relationship. 

However, it’s essential to note that not all sexual hints signify an open relationship, so look for other signs as well.

12. She Frequently Mentions Being Busy

While wanting a serious relationship, she’ll always jump at any chance to spend more time with you. After all, that lets her deepen your bonds. 

However, if she’s attracted to you physically but frequently mentions she has a busy schedule, it indicates that she’s not looking for commitment. Rather, she wants to purely satisfy her lust.

She’d pose a hectic life and cancel her plans with you to minimize chances of meeting other than when you want to get laid.

13. She Doesn’t Want To Be A Part Of Your Inner Circle

If she doesn’t show interest in meeting your family or friends, she’s not seeking a serious relationship. Rather, she wishes to maintain distance from your personal life.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about you. Instead, it suggests that she’s not interested in anything long-term.

She might also be reluctant to ask about your family or friends, decline invitations to events where she’d meet them, or generally avoid involvement in your personal life.

14. She Avoids Putting A Tag In Your Relationship

An unmistakable sign she’s open to friends with benefits is her reluctance to label the relationship. 

She’ll avoid titles like ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ to maintain a casual atmosphere and reduce potential drama or expectations.

15. She Can Get Naked In Front Of You

A woman who has deep feelings for you won’t be comfortable being naked around you… unless you reciprocate her feelings. 

But if she doesn’t mind undressing herself in front of you without feeling shy and self-conscious, it indicates her open-minded nature and higher comfort.

It’s obvious that she means business and that’s all about sex!

16. She Doesn’t Take Up All Your Expenses

When a girl is looking for a casual relationship like FWB, she wouldn’t want you to spend a great deal on her. 

She won’t demand things every now and then and will generally bear her expenses. She is certainly drawing a line between you two on financial terms.

This avoids any misunderstandings and indicates she doesn’t want to be so high up on your priority list.

17. She Doesn’t Want To Go Out On Traditional Dates

Your girlfriend would obviously crave good dates. If you do not take her out, she will nag you all the time.

But if this female friend you are with doesn’t like the idea of going out on dates, she is probably not looking for a commitment. 

She doesn’t want to be seen out in public and hates the idea of you having false expectations. 

She mostly likes being with you in enclosed places where you can let your hidden sexual desires out. Hence hinting at a friends-with-benefits relationship.

18. She Never Gets Romantic With You

Does she never crave your undivided attention or tell you that she misses you?

By avoiding such romantic connotations, she is keeping things casual – as it should be in FWB. She’s preventing any potential misunderstandings on your part.

An open relationship does not involve romantic feelings. Hence this girl doesn’t feel the need to express such emotions to you.

19. She Doesn’t Want To Be Your One And Only

If your girl doesn’t want to be exclusive with you and wants to consider other options, she is not looking for anything serious. It’s an indirect way to show that you guys are just friends with benefits.

By not committing, she is avoiding any potential drama that might exist in the future. She is also giving you the upper hand to date anyone you want to while still giving her the pleasure she needs.

20. She Doesn’t Get Involved In Your Daily Life

When a girl doesn’t want a serious relationship, she will not call you 100 times to know your whereabouts or who you are with. She’ll be least concerned about your hobbies and personal issues.

She will give you space and will only contact you when she wants to get physical. She is not looking to satisfy your daily needs and is not pretending to like your interests either.

If all of this rings a bell, she definitely just wants a friends-with-benefits connection!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you recognize these indications in this woman, it’s your call now. Figure out if you’re interested in a friends-with-benefits arrangement or something deeper.

However, don’t assume anything just because you notice a few signs. Otherwise, you may wreck an innocent friendship. 

If you’re open to it, communicate openly to establish both of your interests. Embark on the exciting journey to explore your bodies and pleasure. 

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