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20 Discreet Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With – There Are Others In The Picture

20 Discreet Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With – There Are Others In The Picture

Published on Sep 28, 2023

20 Discreet Signs You're Not The Only One She's Sleeping With - There Are Others In The Picture

You need to seek signs you’re not the only one she’s sleeping with – if your woman has been suddenly acting distant or making plans without you. 

If you two are casually dating or in an open relationship, it’s totally cool. After all, sleeping with other guys is a given in non monogamous relationships

Though, if you are getting attached to her, you might want to find out if there are other guys she is seeing. And it’s a completely different ballgame if you both are in a serious relationship and you are doubtful of her cheating on you. 

Either way, you need to know the truth before it’s too late. So, keep scrolling!

20 Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With

Recently, you noticed an unfamiliar cologne scent on her. You thought she tried men’s perfume.

Then you spotted a few racy lingerie in her wardrobe – ones she never wore around you.

You want to believe that you’re the only guy. But time and time again, you see things that say otherwise.

If you’re in a similar dilemma, read on to find the truth!

1. She is acting different 

If she is acting weird around you, you can tell that something is off with her. But that’s not a certain indication. After all, there might be things on her mind or she is going through something difficult. 

So ask the reason behind this change. If she shrugs you off, that’s definitely a sign of her sleeping around. 

2. She is emotionally disconnected

Lately, does it seem as though she has no emotional ties to you? 

Perhaps she seems to be least interested in what you have to say. Whenever you are trying to share something she gets too bored or irritated. She has also stopped sharing her problems or worries with you. 

If all of this happened, that’s another serious sign!

3. She always hides her phone

Notice if her phone is always clenched in her hand. 

If she doesn’t leave her phone unattended, and even if she does, it’s always faced down and on silent – she wants to hide her other lovers. 

In this case, she won’t allow you to use her phone. 

4. She has started manipulating you

If she is trying to hide something from you, there are chances that she will do everything in her hand to be manipulative

You will notice sudden emotional outbursts, even in the slightest of arguments. She will use your weaknesses, like your emotions or your love for her, against you. 

5. She avoids affection of all sorts

If she has started avoiding intimacy with you, whether emotional or physical, that’s another concerning sign. 

The cuddling and spooning don’t interest her anymore. Your pecks on her cheeks no longer  make her smile. The long, intimate conversations are gone.

6. She is more aware of her appearance

The girl who used to be into comfort clothing is now suddenly interested in dresses and heels. She is upgrading her wardrobe. She has suddenly started wearing perfume as well.

If you have seen her in her PJs too many times, you should know that this change is definitely not for you. 

7. She is busier at work than usual

Lately she is always busy with the office and is given lots of responsibility. These also make her stay behind late to complete work. You two made plans to meet, but suddenly, she is rain-checking on you. 

Notice if she is constantly making excuses about extra workload and how her boss is being a pain in the ass. All of this shows she might be having other plans – probably, she is seeing other guys!

8. She has out-of-the-blue expenses

She now has expenses that she can’t explain. It’s not even the end of the month, but she’s broke already. And when you ask about her finances, she turns down the conversation. 

It shows that she might be spending on something or someone she doesn’t want you to know about.

9. She suddenly wants you to spend time with friends

Mostly, women nag men to make time for them. And she was like that as well.

But nowadays, she doesn’t have time for you anymore. Moreover, she encourages you to go out with your friends rather than spend time with her. 

If she silently pulls away from you this way, there’s definitely another man!

10. She is having plans with friends you don’t know 

When you call her to check about her whereabouts, she is with her ‘friends’. But she doesn’t mention the names of her friends anymore. That’s another warning sign of her sleeping around.

You also don’t get invited to any of these friendly outings. She doesn’t share pictures of those outings with you. 

11. She is not interested in getting physical anymore

Do you feel she is avoiding sex? 

No matter how you initiate, she always turns it down with different excuses. 

It might be because she is getting her share of sex with someone else. You need to be suspicious if she is always too exhausted to get physical.

12. She doesn’t want to make it official

Until now, you two were casually dating. But now, you’re ready to turn it into a committed relationship. But she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Instead, she wants some more time to be sure about you. 

If she is just stalling you, there’s a high chance that she has other men in her life. So, she is not yet ready to let go. 

13. She has been lying

Lately, you have caught her lying a lot. She has started lying to you about everything. 

If you don’t understand the reason for these unnecessary lies, it means there’s something more underneath these little harmless lies. 

Perhaps she’s hiding a whole lot of affairs with these seemingly white lies!

14. She gets defensive when questioned

You know she is acting differently, and you have your doubts about it, too. But when you try to question her, she gets way too defensive. 

To avoid the discussion, she may also start gaslighting you. She’ll blame you for becoming too obsessed with her or that you are behaving paranoid.

15. She is either cranky or too caring suddenly

Notice if there are different behavioral patterns in her. For instance, she suddenly nags you for no reason and points out your flaws. Later, she becomes too caring, makes meals for you, or takes care of your laundry. 

If you notice these sudden shifts in her mood, she is definitely burdened with the guilt of cheating on you.

Different people deal with guilt differently. Some get too cranky, and some people get too emotional. 

16. She is having new hobbies

When you get involved with someone new, you try out their hobbies to connect with them. 

So, did she hate soccer all her life? But now she’s suddenly talking about soccer clubs. 

It’s precisely to impress someone new who loves football. 

17. She is shaving more often

If you two are not active sexually, she may not care to shave down there. But if you somehow notice she’s shaved down there, it’s definitely a warning sign. 

She may have been cleaning herself for someone else!

18. She takes time to reply to your texts

You have known her for a while, and you know her phone is always with her. There’s no way she didn’t see your text for an hour – unless she chose to do so. 

If you guys had a serious fight and she’s ignoring you, this is normal. 

But if this is a new routine, she might be spending time with someone and can’t reply to your texts in front of him.

19. She starts accusing you

People frequently point the finger at their partners when they themselves are unfaithful. 

So if she suddenly doubts you with your long-time friend or accuses you of cheating on her, take the hint. 

She is now projecting her fears onto you since she is aware of what she did. 

20. You know it deep inside

No sign can tell you better about your relationship than the gut feeling inside you. You might already know that she is sleeping with other people by just looking into her eyes. You can tell how unimportant you are in her life just by the way she looks at you. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If too many signs from this list match up, definitely have a conversation with her. 

In case you’re casually dating, tell her that it bothers you and you want to take this relationship further. 

And if you’re committed, ask her questions directly. Don’t jump to conclusions by yourself or accuse her of cheating. It isn’t the best course of action, especially if she is innocent and you are looking for a long-term relationship with her. 

Figure things out calmly and decide for the best!