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20 Signs She Regrets Losing You & You Should Get Back To Her!

20 Signs She Regrets Losing You & You Should Get Back To Her!

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

20 Signs She Regrets Losing You & You Should Get Back To Her!

Lately, if your ex-girlfriend is paying you a lot of attention and often shows up around you, look for signs she regrets losing you

Her clingy actions only confuse you further. The idea of her regretting probably seems too good to be true. Well, she probably understood your true value once she lost you for good. 

But if you want to get rid of this confusion, keep reading!

Signs She Regrets Losing You – 20 Signs

A breakup is never easy to process – despite who initiates it – and it might even leave you feeling unworthy of love. 

However, if your ex-girlfriend starts acting like you guys are still not over, that’s way worse. You might even feel mocked due to her. 

However, it might be because she actually understood her faults and wants you back. Well, rather than guessing, let’s find out if that’s the reality here!

1. She tries to connect with you

If your ex-girlfriend often tries to contact you, even if it’s at unusual hours, she is regretting breaking up with you. 

Whether via texts or phone calls, she will ensure that you stay in touch with her. She will initiate all the conversations. 

Of course, if she simply checks in with you, that means nothing. But if she tries to talk about the old days, she wants you back.

2. She apologizes for her mistakes

One of the surest signs that a woman is regretting losing you is that she takes responsibility for all her actions. 

She will apologize for all the times she has hurt you. She will acknowledge her role in the breakup. She shows remorse to make you understand her desire to make things right. 

3. Her relationship status is still single!

If your ex is still single, even if you have broken up a long time ago, she isn’t over you and regrets losing you. 

Even if she has a lot of suitors or gets lonely, she will not accept anybody. Instead, she’ll wait for the chance to get back together with you. 

And even if you don’t know this, she’ll make sure to tell you that she has not met anyone suitable. 

4. She asks you to make a fresh start

When a woman is remorseful about losing you, she will tell you that she has changed as a person. 

If her attitudes contributed to the breakup, she would make an effort to change them. By her actions, she will show you that she has become a better version of herself. 

If the woman works on herself for your sake, it means that she wants you to give her a second chance.

5. Some of your belongings are still with her

Notice whether she still wears the watch you gave her. Well,  if she regrets losing you, she will not be able to part from the stuff you gave her or left behind. 

She will hold on to everything, from your pictures to the gifts you got her. She will try to feel connected through those things. 

6. She often puts on your clothes

When she puts on your clothes, she’s actually trying to keep a part of you close to her. It may seem insignificant, but it means that she misses you and wants to be wrapped around by your warmth. She might even wear your old T-shirt just because it smells like you.

7. She reminisces about your memories together

If she often talks to you about the good old times you spent together, she’s repentant. 

She’ll remind you of the shared good memories repeatedly and never complain about disagreements or problems. 

8. She is well-versed in your social media

One of the most common signs your ex is in anguish because of losing you is that she stalks you on social media. 

She will make sure that she does not miss a single post you make. She will frequently like and comment on the things that you share. She might also go through your account to see who you are mingling with. 

9. She talks to her friends about you

Unlike most men, women tend to share everything with their friends. So, if your ex-girlfriend regrets losing you, she will obviously tell her friends about it. 

Consciously or unconsciously, she will bring you up in every conversation. Rather than talking about what was wrong with the relationship, she will paint a rosy picture of your time spent together. 

However, this is not an easy sign to know. You need to talk to her friends to find out about it. But if you have common friends, that’s the best place to know this!

10. She questions your friends about you

If your ex is connected with your friends and she actually wants you back, she’ll definitely do this!

She’ll interrogate your friends about you and always stay updated about everything. Whether it’s your health, school/work, or your love life, she’ll ask everything.

So, talk to your friends and find out whether anything similar has ever happened!

11. She keeps turning up where you hang out

If you often bump into your ex in places you visit regularly, it’s not a coincidence!

She deliberately tries to run into you because she does not want to ask you out directly. She will show up in your favorite spots, act like it’s a coincidence, and not to say, she’ll definitely be all dolled up! 

Also, notice how she knows those places – did you talk about those places or take her there? Or did she stalk you? 

12. She talks to your mom

If your ex-girlfriend and your mom always had a good bond, this one doesn’t really tell much. 

But if the ladies hit it off recently, it obviously means that she regrets the end of the relationship. 

She makes an effort to check up on your mom to impress her. Probably, they’re planning to get you back together. 

13. She shows extra care

One of the biggest signs that a woman wants you back is when she showers you with care at every chance she gets. 

She believes that if she shows her feminine traits, you will miss her more. So, whenever you need anything around her, she will make sure to get that first.  

14. She will find faults in your new partner

If your ex-girlfriend regrets letting you go, she naturally can’t accept it if you move on. Once she hears that you have met someone, she will want to make you believe that it will never work out. 

Since she can’t possibly say anything to you directly, she will try to use your loved ones to communicate the message. She might even stalk your new partner and dig into her past to paint her badly. 

15. She accuses you of crimes you did not commit

Another indicator that a woman regrets not having you in her life is when she puts you on trial for things you did not do. 

Yes, this sounds weird, but let’s understand it better…

Since she feels that she messed up by letting you go, she’s in denial about her own fault. So, to resist noticing her faults, she finds issues in your actions and even makes things up. 

16. She strives to make you jealous

Women often use the jealousy game to get their exes back. So, if she regrets losing you, she will try to make you burn with jealousy. 

She’ll talk about other men or flirt with your male friends. She will always go out of her way to show you she is truly happy without you. 

17. She frequently tells you that she misses you

So, if your ex-girlfriend was pretty straightforward, she won’t beat around the bush if she’s regretful!

Rather, she will often tell you that she misses you. She needs to truly let go of her pride and humble herself to do this. This is a pretty strong sign of her remorse.

18. She posts old pictures of you two on social media

A clear indicator of her regrets about the breakup is on her social media posts. If she actively posts about you, she definitely wants you to see them. 

She believes that if you come across old photos of you two, it will somehow reignite your feelings for her. 

19. She intentionally forgets stuff at your place

If your ex-girlfriend leaves her belongings at your place, she wants to make sure that she will see you again. 

This is her sneaky way of ensuring that you never lose touch with her. This might be something like a lipstick, t-shirt, or book. It doesn’t matter if you return everything to her, she’d again “forget” something else. 

20. She acts differently for your attention

Naturally, everyone gets curious when a familiar person changes – whether it’s their behavior or appearance. 

So, if your ex-girlfriend regrets losing you, she’ll also try to get your attention this way. She might make a drastic lifestyle change, get a makeover, or change her dressing style. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of these signs matched, your ex-girlfriend definitely regrets breaking up with you. But you must still approach her directly to understand her. If she admits to it, assess your own feelings. 

You don’t have to force yourself to reconcile with her, especially if she has toxic traits, However, if you believe in her and still have lingering feelings, go ahead and try to start all over!

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