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15 Signs He Knows He Lost You & Now Regrets It

15 Signs He Knows He Lost You & Now Regrets It

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

15 Signs He Knows He Lost You & Now Regrets It

If you’re looking for signs he knows he lost you, then there are high chances your instincts already know the answer.

However, there are signs for you to be sure and get rid of the lingering question. Keep reading to explore 15 such signs.  

15 Signs He Knows He Lost You & Wants You Back

A relationship can only flourish if both partners are equally committed to each other. Unfortunately, many relationships fail because one of them took the other one for granted for too long.

If your man has been showing desperate signs that he wants to get back with you, it probably means that he has realized he’s lost you forever.

Here are some other common signs that he knows you both are never getting back together!

1. He tries to win you back

When you see him actively putting in efforts that he never used to put in before, it’s because he has finally woken up.

He failed to appreciate you when you were together, and now he regrets taking you for granted.

Therefore, he wants to prove himself by doing different things to win you back.

2. He can see it in your eyes

The eyes speak so much more than words can! And when a man sees the disappointment and anger in your eyes, he’ll know that he has lost you.

Maybe you threatened to dump him earlier, but back then, he wasn’t taking this seriously. However, now that you really want him to exit from your life, your eyes will look much more determined and hard. He will notice this change and understand his mistakes.

3. He suddenly shows up one day

Has it ever happened that you have tried to move on from him and just when you started to put your life together, he was back with his old charm?

Well, that’s a classic move from men who want to prove to their girlfriends that they’re not the same anymore. This is his way to win your heart, but deep inside, he knows you’re not someone who can be easily fooled.

4. He keeps reminding you of the past

When you leave a man, he will automatically try different ways to remind you of the past. He hopes that if you focus on the good times that you both have enjoyed during the initial phase of your relationship, you’ll forgive him in the present.

Even if you didn’t really have too many good days, he will try to bring up even the most insignificant incidents to show how much you mean to him.

These are simply his efforts at damage control.

5. He can understand your voice

Words are powerful, but the tone of your voice is even more powerful. If you have given up on your relationship and your man has started to suspect it, he’ll understand from the way you speak. You won’t shout, scream, or cry anymore.

The moment he realizes that your voice is calm and confident, he will truly understand his mistake. He might not wish to acknowledge that fact, but the calmness in your voice will give him the message.

6. He is still single

A man who knows he has messed up in his relationship will always try to focus on what went wrong rather than jump straight into the next one.

If you both have broken up for quite some time, but you get to know he’s still single, it’s an indication that he knows he has lost you. He wants to try his hardest to prove his worth by being loyal to you.

Therefore, he is focusing on self-introspection and self-criticism. It’s not that he can’t find a new girlfriend, it’s just that he knows he did wrong things and lost you.

7. His apologies are sincere

When you both were together, there might have been many incidents where his apologies seemed forceful or half-hearted, even though he was the one at fault.

But if you have begun to notice that his apologies are now sincere and thoughtful, it’s a big sign that he has realized his mistake.

He knows that you’re not going to fall for his empty words again, which is why he wants to prove his love to you through both actions and words. He will walk up to you, say sorry, and try his best to make it up to you.

8. He goes out of his way to talk to you

If you both have been going through a lot of messy arguments before breaking up, then this can be a classic sign during the post-breakup phase.

If he’s always willing to talk to you, no matter how busy his schedule is, it means that he has finally started to regret losing you.

He knows he probably won’t be able to win you back, but even then, he wants to try one last time. Even if you have blocked him on social media and your call list, he might just drop you a mail or pay a visit in person!

9. He is jealous of your new relationship

Of course, even if a guy doesn’t regret losing you, he might still be jealous if you start dating someone else. But a man who truly feels sorry for losing you will show his unhappiness.

You have moved on from him and are finding new ways to be happy. But if your man wants a last chance to try his luck with you, he will keep asking you about your new boyfriend. He might even message your current partner and create further problems!

10. His social circle is trying to convince you

Now that your ex-boyfriend isn’t able to convince you to get back together with him, his close friends and family members will start to talk to you.

This usually happens when the guy realizes that his efforts aren’t enough. You might suddenly get a text message from his best friend, whom you’d never even talked to!

Everyone who knows him will try to show you all the lovely reasons why you both must get back together. However, it’s you who should first see his actions before agreeing to other people’s words.

11. He drunk dials you

Drunk dialing is a big sign that he isn’t ready to move on from you yet. When he’s sober, he might be able to forget about you and the relationship. But once the alcohol starts to kick in, he finally realizes how precious you are.

He may have noticed a lot of beautiful women around him, but none of them could make him feel the way that you did. Although he did take you for granted earlier, his recent experiences may have shown him the reality.

12. He tells you that he feels lonely

Loneliness is a major issue that cripples people after they lose someone they never appreciated.

Once your ex understands your worth, he won’t be able to find the same kind of love with another woman. And the constant memories will make him feel even lonelier.

In these situations, he might call you up and tell you how lonely he feels. If his voice sounds tearful and cracked, you’ll know that he has understood his loss.

13. You see changes in him

This is actually a green flag during a post-breakup phase. If your man has seriously started to change himself for the better, it means that he knows you won’t come back to him anymore but he’s still willing to try.

He has probably replayed the entire relationship, especially the breakup, a thousand times in his mind. He will understand why he was wrong and work on self-improvement. Even his friends and family might be there to help him.

14. He is ready to compromise

When a man regrets hurting a good woman, he will do whatever it takes to make things right. If he refused to compromise or listen to you previously, his attitude will completely change now.

He will be ready to compromise and adjust according to your will. This is his way of asking you for another chance, and now it’s your decision to see whether you’d like to try again with him or not.

15. He compliments you all the time

This is also a visible sign that your man has feared losing you, especially if he never noticed or complimented you before.

Now that he is insecure about whether or not you’ll go back to him, he will try doing anything to make you feel good.

He might notice the tiniest details about you now and compliment you about them. Even though it can come as a shock to you, it’s his mind’s way of holding on to hope.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If your ex has started to display signs that he wants you back, they might not be enough actually to give him a second chance.

Instead, you need to sit down and reevaluate your relationship right from the start. Once you get some clarity, you will be able to make better decisions.