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12 Disturbing Signs You Love Her Too Much And That Hurts You Both

12 Disturbing Signs You Love Her Too Much And That Hurts You Both

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

12 Disturbing Signs You Love Her Too Much And That Hurts You Both

You need to know signs you love her “too much” to maintain a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. 

Love is a beautiful thing, as it makes people strive for the better. However, the moment your affection becomes overwhelming and hurts either or both of you… the relationship takes a toxic turn.

So, before this miserable moment appears in your relationship, beware of these signs!

12 Signs You Love Her Too Much

You love your woman so much, but lately, she’s behaving differently. Instead of appreciating your love, she finds faults with you. Or, perhaps others say that you’re acting too weird. 

That itself is a major sign that you’re loving her too much… and your ways aren’t healthy. So, if you’re wondering how to know that, check out these signs… 

1. You prioritize her needs and desires over personal growth

Love can be a significant part of your life. But it’s crucial to maintain your personal commitments and responsibilities. So, if you love her too much, you may hamper your own growth.

You consistently neglect important tasks, work, or commitments to spend time with your partner. Your focus on your partner becomes so intense that you struggle to concentrate on your daily responsibilities.

2. You isolate yourself from friends and family

Spending time with your partner is natural, but maintaining connections with friends and family is also crucial for your overall well-being.

However, when you love her too much, you consistently skip social events, gatherings, or important family functions to spend time exclusively with your partner. 

You turn down invitations from friends or family members. You feel guilty or anxious when spending time away from your partner, even with loved ones caring about you. 

3. You constantly invade her personal boundaries

It’s natural to want to be close to your partner. But it’s important to respect personal boundaries to build a healthy relationship

So, it can be a warning sign if you frequently go through her personal belongings, messages, or emails without her permission. 

You touch or hug her in ways that make her uncomfortable or without her consent. You consistently interrupt her personal time, whether reading, working, or spending time alone. 

4. You’re overly possessive and jealous

Occasional moments of possessiveness or jealousy can be normal in a relationship. But when these feelings become overwhelming and impact your well-being or the relationship itself negatively, it’s a sign that you love her too much in an unhealthy way. 

For instance, you frequently suspect her of being unfaithful or dishonest without valid reasons. You discourage her from spending time with others, especially friends of the opposite sex, due to jealousy. 

5. You try to control her

Love should be about supporting and respecting the person you care for, not trying to dictate their life.

If you are consistently trying to make decisions for her, even in matters that should be her personal choices, it’s a sign of too much love. 

You manipulate situations to make her dependent on you, even if it’s not in her best interest.

6. You constantly surprise her with gifts

It’s a sign of too much love if you often use gifts to make up for conflicts, disagreements, or shortcomings in the relationship. 

It’s a thoughtful and loving gesture to surprise your partner with gifts. But you need to understand that excessive gifting doesn’t prove your love.

7. Her mood affects you

If her mood impacts your emotional state, it indicates that your emotional well-being is too entwined with hers.

Perhaps you overanalyze every interaction, text message, or conversation, searching for deeper meanings. Sometimes, you even start overthinking regarding any simple conversion between you both.

All of these show that your love for her is going out of hand!

8. You smother her

Smothering in a relationship can indicate an excessive and suffocating form of love. She needs space to breathe, grow, and maintain her individuality within the relationship.

So, if you bombard her with texts, calls, and messages throughout the day, leaving her little personal space, that’s an alarming sign! 

9. You ignore major red flags

It’s important to focus on the positive aspects of a person. However, ignoring red flags or negative behaviors can lead to an unhealthy and unbalanced relationship. It’s a sign of being so deeply in love that you let the negatives grow!

Notice if you dismiss or rationalize unhealthy or harmful behaviors, hoping they will change over time. Or, you don’t address issues because you fear facing conflicts or that it’ll push them away.

10. You don’t express when you’re hurt

It’s important to be understanding and patient. But it’s equally important to maintain your self-respect and establish boundaries in a relationship.

So, it’s a sign of too much love for her if you suppress your feelings of hurt, frustration, or anger to avoid upsetting her. You sacrifice your self-respect and boundaries to keep her in your life.  

11. You think about her all the time

You spend significant time daydreaming about your relationship or future together. Your mental space is completely occupied by her thoughts. There’s little room for your own personal thoughts and growth.

It’s natural to think about her frequently. However, if your thoughts become overwhelming and intrusive, it indicates an excessive attachment and dependence… In other words, too much love! 

12. You entice her with sex

Sexual intimacy is an important part of many romantic relationships. But ensure that it’s based on mutual desire, consent, and a healthy emotional connection. 

But if you use sex to manipulate her and make her ignore fights, this is a warning sign of too much love. This will make her feel used later on.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

Loving someone “too much” is not a noteworthy action. It makes you become selfish, obsessive, or lose the most important parts of your life. 

So, if you notice more than one of these signs in yourself, know that you need to work on yourself. Otherwise, you will lose your woman, your work, and even your friends and family. 

Strive for a balanced connection where love enhances both lives without overshadowing individual identities. If it becomes impossible to do it alone, seek a therapist right away!

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