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Dating Vs Hooking Up – 15 Obvious Differences To Understand Your Situation

Dating Vs Hooking Up – 15 Obvious Differences To Understand Your Situation

Published on Oct 04, 2023

Dating Vs Hooking Up - 15 Obvious Differences To Understand Your Situation

If you’re trying to understand the difference between dating vs hooking up, you need a clear understanding of how the current generation uses it.

They often interchange these two without knowing. Thus, it can create misunderstandings.

This is because, after continuous hookups, some get deeper feelings, which ultimately leads to dating

For others, dating and hookups can be two entirely separate things.

So, to ensure that you can tell both of them apart, keep reading!

Dating Vs Hooking Up – 15 Differences

In short, dating is basically when two people wish to get to know each other better. But hooking up is two people simply meeting up for sex. 

Now, if you don’t have much time on your hands and you wish to know the major differences, then this table will help!

1. ExpectationsIt involves serious expectations.It’s restricted to surface-level factors.
2. Depth of feelingsIt has deeper feelings.It has only a simple attraction.
3. Purpose of meetingTwo people want to know each other better.Two people want to only have sex.
4. Having a futureThere are greater chances of having a future together.There’s little to no chance of having a future.
5. Telling friendsYou tell friends about how the other person is.You tell friends about how great the sex is.
6. Frequency of meetingThere are frequent meetings.Meetings happen only when you want sex.
7. Involvement with social circlesYou want to introduce them to your social circle.You want to keep your relationship with them private.
8. Approval from familiesFamilies generally approve of it.Families feel uncomfortable with it.
9. Exclusivity in the relationshipTwo people generally see only each other.Each person can see multiple people.
10. Friendship in the relationshipTwo people can become close friends while dating.Two people have less chances of being friends while hooking up.
11. Keeping promises to each otherBoth keep their promises.No promises are made between two people.
12. Conversations with each otherDeep and meaningful conversations.Light-hearted and generally not very deep.
13. Honesty in the relationshipBoth partners have to be honest with each other.Both partners may or may not be honest.
14. Clarity in decisionsPeople make decisions while sober.People make decisions under the influence of substances.
15. Maturity in decisionsBoth must make mature decisions.Mature decision-making isn’t a must.

However, it’s suggested to read more in detail so that you don’t have any misconceptions. So, read on here…

1. Dating has serious expectations, but hooking up has surface-level expectations

When you’re dating someone, you’ll be mindful of serious things like the other person’s personality, choices, and personal beliefs. 

But while looking for a hookup, you’d only want to look at their outer appearance and whether or not they are disease-free.

2. Dating involves deeper feelings, but hooking up involves attraction

While dating someone, you know that you’re interested in much more than the other person’s body. You wish to get to know them better and even plan a serious relationship with them. 

But for a hookup, you are only momentarily attracted to their looks and body. After the sex is over, you won’t really think too much about the person.

3. Dating involves meeting for a purpose without sex. Hooking up is solely meeting for sex

Dating is pretty simple. You wish to frequently meet the other person to spend more time with them. You want to talk to them and make them laugh. 

On the other hand, the main purpose of hooking up is to have sex. Yes, you might have a light conversation before or afterward, but that’s about it.

4. Dating has a future, but there’s no future together in hooking up 

While dating, you both know that you have a high chance of ending up together. You both want a happy relationship in the future. 

But when it comes to hooking up, your future goals are limited to having sex in the future.

5. In dating, you tell friends about the person. In hooking up, you tell friends about the sex

When you’re really interested in someone, you can’t wait to tell your friends how amazing they are! All you want to do is talk about them. 

However, when your relationship is restricted to only hooking up, you’ll only tell your friends the tidbits of how the sex was.

6. Dating involves meeting each other often. Hooking up involves meeting each other only for sexual needs

Once you’re really interested in someone, you both want to meet each other as often as possible. This can involve cute cafe dates or romantic walks. 

But when you’re only looking for a fun hookup, you won’t really have to meet each other unless one of you really wants to have a good time in bed!

7. While dating, you meet each other’s families. While hooking up, you only know each other

Two people who wish to take their relationship further will want to introduce their partners to their social circles. 

Even if you don’t want to introduce your date to your family members, you’ll still want them to meet your friends. 

On the other hand, when you both wish to hook up, you don’t really want others getting wind of your chemistry.

8. Dating gets family approval, but hooking up is disapproved by families 

Dating is a relationship where two people understand each other’s minds and hearts. This is why families often accept each other’s partners. 

However, hooking up is still seen as inappropriate in many societies, which is why a lot of families feel uncomfortable with the person their family member is hooking up with.

9. Dating involves keeping time for only each other. Hooking up involves meeting multiple people

Sure, dating can also be considered an open relationship in some cases. But most people prefer to see only each other during this phase. 

In a hook-up, there’s no restriction on how many people each is allowed to see. Therefore, you can hook up with multiple people during the same period of time!

10. Dating involves friendship, but hooking up generally does not

Dating can be a great way for two people to strengthen their love and friendship! When you both know more about each other, you’re bound to be great friends. 

But since hookups are generally restricted to only having sex, you won’t have the opportunity to become good friends.

11. Dating involves keeping promises, but hookups don’t 

When you’re dating someone, you both want to make sure that you keep your end of the bargain. 

For example, if you text someone you’ll be there by evening, you’ll do everything possible to keep that promise. 

But since hooking up has no strings attached to it, there’s no need to make promises in the first place.

12. Dating involves serious conversations, but hooking up involves light conversations

If you’re dating someone, you might have already steered your conversations toward serious topics. For instance, it includes the probability of you both taking things to a deeper level. 

But when you restrict yourself to a hookup, you know there’s no need to focus on these topics. After all, both of you are just having fun!

13. Dating needs honesty, but hooking up has no such condition

Dating leads to more serious feelings in the future. So, both you and your partner wish to be as honest as possible with each other. 

But hooking up doesn’t explicitly come with any such condition. Of course, you’ll have to know each other’s sexual health and wellness. But you don’t really have to dive much deeper than that.

14. Dating is a clear-minded decision. Hooking up may happen under the influence of substances

All of us have been guilty of making some very cringy decisions under the influence of alcohol, cigarettes, or even drugs! 

Well, hooking up often occurs as a result of people making slurred decisions under the influence of substances. 

But dating is much more serious and is taken with a clearer head.

15. Dating involves handling things maturely. Hooking up doesn’t involve that 

Even though dating might sound casual, it requires people to make mature decisions. It’s especially true if both of you want a long-term commitment. 

On the other hand, hooking up doesn’t have to always involve mature decisions. In fact, most hookups occur because people want to let loose!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Now, you know how different dating and hooking up is. 

In the dating world, when someone suggests either of the two, you’ll know exactly what they mean and their intentions. You can also tell how the dynamics work for each of them. 

And if anyone suggests being either of the two, you can decide what you want and enjoy your time!