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What Is Pillow Talk In Relationships? Examples, Right Time And Subject, And Benefits

What Is Pillow Talk In Relationships? Examples, Right Time And Subject, And Benefits

Updated on Nov 10, 2023

What Is Pillow Talk In Relationships Examples, Right Time And Subject, And Benefits

If you wish to know what is pillow talk in relationships, it’s one of the many things that couples do to keep their relationship strong.

It needs you and your partner to be in bed and talk about anything that brings joy and peace to each other. 

But that’s only a short glimpse of the actual meaning. So, learn about it and everything else in depth right here!

What is pillow talk in relationships?

In relationships, pillow talk is basically the cuddly conversation that you have with your significant other when you both are lying down in bed. 

This is the time when you both are snuggling in each other’s arms and talking your hearts out. 

There’s no specific topic of conversation, it can range from absolutely anything. You both can start talking about work and even steer the conversation toward taking a romantic trip somewhere!

Pillow talk ensures that there’s a safe zone between the two partners and that both of them can speak their hearts out. 

So, wondering whether it’s anything different from everyday conversations? Let’s find out…

How is pillow talk different from regular conversations?

Well, pillow talks are much more emotional. They occur right before the couple is off to sleep or right after having sex. 

This is the time when both partners experience heightened emotions. Therefore, the conversation is also deeper and more meaningful. 

A good pillow talk also contains conversations that you wouldn’t ever tell anyone else, especially during the day. 

During a regular conversation, the tone is much more mature and practical. But when you and your partner indulge in pillow talk, you both are vulnerable and open.

People also think it’s similar to dirty talking. C’mon, let’s know the truth here…

Does it have anything to do with dirty talk?

No, pillow talk is very different from dirty talk

When you’re dirty talking with your partner, it often leads to sex. There’s a lot of passion in the air, and you wish to turn your lover on. 

But pillow talk often comes after sex. In this, you both have come down from the highs of passion, and you both only want to cuddle with each other. 

Since you’re alone in bed with your partner, you’re much more vulnerable. Yes, pillow talk can sometimes lead to dirty talks and sex, but the chances of that happening are pretty rare. 

Wondering what your pillow talk content should be? Let’s know that here…

Some examples of pillow talk topics

While you understand what pillow talk is, you’re confused about what couples actually talk about. So, let’s further understand how it’s done using some examples! 

1. Your respective friends

You might be surprised to learn this, but talking about your social circle can actually be a great opening line for pillow talk! 

Start with something like, “You won’t believe what my bestie told me!” 

Of course, try not to badmouth or gossip about anyone, but do talk about others!

2. Your future together

If your relationship is relatively new, it helps to have a clearer picture of the future that you both wish to share. 

Even though nobody can guarantee a future together, you can always talk about it! For example, start with the kind of house that you both want to buy and where you’d like to purchase it.

3. A romantic excursion or trip

If you’re ever out of pillow talk ideas, you can always discuss a hypothetical romantic getaway! 

Discuss your top three favorite tourism spots and exchange some fun ideas. You don’t necessarily have to plan everything right away. But talk about how you want to travel there and what you both would do!

4. Hidden sexual fantasies

If you have been feeling a little frisky lately, then a pillow talk is the perfect time and place to bring it up! 

Perhaps you both have just started to date each other, or you feel that your partner might not be that open to sexual fantasies

Simply pitch them the idea of your desires and see their face light up!

5. Praises for each other 

No matter how beautiful a romantic relationship is, people often forget to compliment their partners. 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to let your boyfriend or girlfriend know how lovely they are, pillow talk is your moment. 

Open your heart out and appreciate everything about them.

6. Each other’s problems and solutions

Even if you and your partner are super close to each other, they might be going through a problem that you won’t know about. 

So, let your partner know that you’ll be there for them, no matter what the hurdle is.

7. Your firsts

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, there is a chance that both of you might have forgotten your firsts – the first time you kissed, the first time you went out on a date, or the first time you met! 

Bring up this topic and take a wonderful trip down memory lane!

8. Something interesting on your day

Begin by telling your partner something really interesting that you saw or heard. It can be a random advertisement on the billboard or a juicy piece of gossip that your coworker told you about!

9. How the sex went

If you both just had sex and wish to engage in some romantic feedback, exchange thoughts about how you liked the sex! 

Yes, it might feel a little awkward at first, but opening up about your sexual experiences will improve your sex life! 

Moreover, it’ll also give your partner an idea of what you like in bed.

10. Your greatest fears

Being vulnerable about what makes you scared. For example, if you suffer from attachment issues, you can tell your partner how scared you are of losing them.

But can you pick any other topic as well? Or can you have pillow talk every night? Let’s know that here…

Is there a wrong time or wrong subject for pillow talk?

The “when” and “what” of pillow talks are subjective. 

Suppose your partner has had a rough day at work, and they want some rest. Then pillow talk might not be a good idea. 

Again, if you see that something’s bothering them, gently ask them if they want to share anything with you. 

There’s no specific time for not initiating a pillow talk. But it all depends on the environment and what you both are feeling at that moment.

When it comes to the subject of pillow talks, it’s best to keep the conversation as happy as possible to ensure that both your sleep and your relationship go well. 

If you both keep complaining and whining about life’s miseries or how unfairly treated you were, pillow talks will become annoying. 

Share problems and thoughts with each other. But only if you both know how to look at the brighter side of these problems. 

Your main aim should be to dream of a happy life together and discuss things with your partner. 

If there’s a particular topic that you can bring up during breakfast or in the middle of the day, it’s better to keep it for later.

So, why even try pillow talk? Let’s know the advantages here…

How does pillow talk benefit couples?

The primary reason why pillow talk is so important in a relationship is the connection that you develop during these conversations. 

Pillow talks bring a couple much closer than you might think. It helps you both to open up and talk about different subjects you wouldn’t ideally discuss. 

This is also the time when you both get to talk to each other without the annoying distractions of phone calls or social media notifications.

Pillow talks are also the best way to keep the honeymoon phase alive in your relationship. When you both engage in heartfelt conversations, you both understand the depth of your relationship. This enhances your love for each other!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So, dear reader, if you haven’t yet had a romantic pillow talk with your partner, now is the time to start. Don’t wait anymore and snuggle up with them. Pick your topic, have long lazy conversations and bond deeper! 

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