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15 Warning Signs Of A Fake Long Distance Relationship – Cut Contact Before It’s Too Late

15 Warning Signs Of A Fake Long Distance Relationship – Cut Contact Before It’s Too Late

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

15 Warning Signs Of A Fake Long Distance Relationship - Cut Contact Before It’s Too Late

Seek the signs of a fake long distance relationship if its twists and turns leave you thinking– is it real, or is it just another mirage? 

Especially if you have never met your partner or they never introduced you to anyone as a partner, you have every reason to worry about it.

If your relationship feels like a bit of a rollercoaster ride, delve right in here.

15 Signs Of A Fake Long Distance Relationship 

Long-distance relationships are hard, but they become even more complicated when you start to suspect that your partner may not be entirely genuine. 

You might be sitting there, scratching your head, wondering whether they’re the real deal… or even if they are, whether what you share is real!

Well, here are all the signs to figure out your answers…

1. They Disappear Mysteriously In Between Calls

One of the telltale signs of a fake long-distance relationship is when your partner frequently disappears without explanation. 

Whether you’re engaged in a video chat or a phone call, they inexplicably disconnect or abruptly end the conversation. 

When they eventually return, their excuses are often flimsy or nonexistent. If this pattern of behavior repeats frequently, they’re hiding you because it’s a fake relationship.

2. They Have Unexplained Absences

Does your partner have a habit of vanishing for extended periods without any prior notice or contact? 

They don’t respond to your messages or calls during these disappearances. And when they finally reappear, they offer no valid explanation for their absence. 

In short, they ghost you repeatedly!

After their return, the relationship may seem to continue as if nothing has happened. But a lingering feeling that something is not right remains. This is another serious sign of a fake relationship.

3. They Put Forward One-Sided Gift Requests

Genuine connections should be based on shared affection and kindness. 

However, does your partner persistently want presents or cash without giving anything in return?

Even if you may be a generous person, it can be upsetting when they repeatedly ask for tangible evidence of your love. 

On the other hand, if they don’t provide anything in return, that’s a surefire sign of a fake relationship.

4. They Refuse To Call Or Share Pictures 

The foundation of any relationship is trust. But in a long-distance relationship, in particular, it’s normal to want to see and talk to your lover frequently. 

Recall if you connected with your partner online and never met face-to-face. Further, if they avoid video conversations, won’t exchange images, or hesitate to call you, it’s a concerning sign.

They may give lame excuses like bad connectivity or poor camera. However, all of this signifies one thing – it’s not just a fake relationship, you’re being catfished!

5. You Have Not Met Their Friends And Family

Although you’ve been dating for a while, you’ve never met their friends or family. 

Even if you’re familiar with their friends, you have little to no involvement in their day-to-day activities. 

Some supporting strange signs are that your partner whispers when you are on call with them. Or the fact that video chats are only feasible at night. 

You feel uncomfortable and uneasy because your gut tells you that you could be a closely kept secret.

6. They Have Persistent, Unresolved Issues

Both parties in a loving relationship should be prepared to resolve difficulties and disagreements. 

If you keep coming back to the same problems after countless talks and attempts to address them, it feels like an impossible battle. 

In this case, you doubt the sincerity and long-term viability of the connection as a result. After all, it’s a telltale sign that this bond is fake!

7. You Have Your Lingering Doubts

A prolonged feeling of uncertainty or worry over the validity of your connection might be a big red flag

In a genuine, wholesome bond, such uncertainties fade with time. 

But the persistence of these sentiments shows that you are not simply paranoid. Your thoughts are pretty legitimate. 

8. Their Behaviour And Stories Are Inconsistent 

Dishonest people are prone to making errors and giving contradictory information. So listen to what they have to say. Keep an eye out for any contradictions between your partner’s words and deeds. 

If you discover obvious inconsistencies in their tales or unexpected shifts in their conduct, they are lying, and this relationship is fake!

9. They Are Reluctant To Meet In Person 

Physical distance might be difficult in long-distance relationships. But honest partners will show a true wish to meet in person. 

If your lover regularly cancels arrangements to meet in person even when you’re in their town, it’s a sign that they don’t mean it. The relationship is pretty much fake and superficial!

10. They Always Have Last-Minute Urgencies

When your long-distance partner routinely makes last-minute excuses for missing scheduled dates or abruptly cancels flights, it’s another indicator. 

They’ll say that they are too swamped with work or their parents fell sick. They’ll, in fact, come up with every excuse in the book to make you feel sorry for them. 

11. You Suddenly Become The Center Of Attention

If they rarely talk about themselves and frequently focus the conversation on you, that’s another sign of a fake relationship. 

A balanced relationship requires sharing and interaction between the parties. Encourage your significant other to be transparent about their lives and hobbies. 

If they don’t share it. there’s some dishonesty in the relationship.

12. They Fall In Love Too Fast

In a fake relationship, partners sometimes rush into vows of love to emotionally influence their victims. 

They start talking to you, and in a day or two, they like everything about you. They tell you how their lives would have been so dull without you, And on the third day, they confess. 

Weird, isn’t it?

Particularly in online and distant relationships, genuine love often grows with time. If someone expresses profound attachment too fast, particularly if you haven’t met in person, it’s a fake relationship.

13. They Request You For Explicit Photos

Online sharing of pornographic images has hazards and should be done with care. 

Particularly early on in an online relationship, a partner who respects you won’t push you to share sexual photographs.

If your long-distance partner pushes you to send nudes, it may be a romance scam. 

14. The Relationship Started Only With Lies And Manipulation

If this is a fake relationship, notice if they initially appealed to your emotions by projecting a perfect, romantic, and loving image of themselves. 

To manifest these sentiments, they manipulate and guilt-trip you. Once the emotional connection has been made, they step up with their lies. 

They do these to trick you into thinking you’re special so they can take advantage of you.

15. They Never Post Anything On Social Media

If they love you so much, why are they not going public with it? Why are there no photos of you and them on their social media

If they are trying to trick you into a fake relationship, they will keep their social life hidden. In fact, everything in their profile will be fake. There will also be limited followers, friends, and photos in their account, suggesting it is fake. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The existence of these warning signs signifies something is not right. You’re either being catfished, or there’s a lack of commitment and honesty from your partner’s side. 

In these situations, trust your instincts and seek open communication with your partner. If they’re genuine, they’ll address your concerns and ensure the health and authenticity of your relationship. 

Remember that a genuine, caring partner will help ease your doubts and uncertainties, not exacerbate them.

If they don’t, it’s time to move on!