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25 Signs He Thinks You Are Beautiful Inside Out 

25 Signs He Thinks You Are Beautiful Inside Out 

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

25 Signs He Thinks You Are Beautiful Inside Out 

Discovering signs he thinks you are beautiful can be exhilarating – but it can range from subtle gestures to some absolute cues. But remember, it is not just about how he finds you beautiful physically but also from within.

This guide will tell you how to interpret his language of admiration and appreciation. Let’s go!

25 Signs He Thinks You Are Beautiful

If you know that someone admires you from the core of their heart, it is bound to give you a sense of renewed self-esteem. It will also lead you to appreciate and love yourself more.

So, without any further ado, let’s read about some signs of his profound admiration for your inner and outer beauty

1. He makes frequent eye contact

If he can’t take his eyes off you, of course, it’s because he finds you beautiful. It shows how he is charmed by your beauty and his willingness to make contact.

You must also notice other body language signs to be fully sure – like affectionately touching you, leaning in when you talk, or just casually brushing your arm.

2. He showers you with praises and compliment

No matter how cliche it sounds when a man admires your beauty, he will express that through words.

These compliments can be for your physical beauty, how you dress, your accomplishments, personality traits, or several other things.

These words are his way of telling you that he observes you and admires you deeply.

3. He displays his affection publicly

If he adores you, he will have the courage to express that in public. He will exhibit behaviors like giving you a kiss in public, putting his arm around you, or holding your hand.

He would like the world to know that he is proud of being with you.

4. He pays attention to details

He would like to know what brings you joy and sorrow – both. Not only that, he will make sure to remember things like your favorite foods, favorite songs, favorite flowers, or things that annoy you, disgusts you, or just make you angry.

5. He remembers important dates

When a man is enamored by you, he will never forget the day he first saw you or the day when he went down on his knees.

In fact, he will also try to make those days extra special and memorable for you. He will go out of his way to remind you of the times when you turned his world 360 degrees!

6. He listens when you are talking

Not just that, he makes an effort to connect to you at a deeper level.

He listens to you patiently, asks questions, and shows a genuine interest in what you have to say.

Try to find out if he remembers everything that you’ve ever said to him. If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t have any more doubts.

7. He shares his personal experiences and stories

When someone really finds you beautiful, your personality doesn’t just charm the eye but also soothes the heart. So, he will trust you and open his heart to you. He will share his life experiences and deep dark secrets with you.

He will make sure that you know him “more” than everyone else.

Further, he will also like to know about your opinion, thoughts, and feelings in his conversations.

8. He encourages you to pursue your passions

He will be your loudest cheerleader, no matter what you want to pursue in your life. Also, he will stand for you on bad days and clap for you on good days.

9. He puts you first

If you make a man weak on his knees, he will not be afraid to make sacrifices for you. His priority will be to keep you happy and fulfill your needs, no matter the cost.

His actions will reek of the fact that you are his priority and that your well-being matters a lot to him.

10. He encourages you to self-care

When a man finds you admirable, he will love it when you do things for your well-being.

He will not only motivate you to nurture healthy habits and take care of you – both physically and emotionally.

11. He stands up for you

He will miss no chance to demonstrate his loyalty and affection to you.

If someone tries to put you down, he will not spend a minute to stand up for you and confront them.  

12. He takes out time for you

In this world where everyone is constantly chasing something, he will make time for you. Even on busy days, he will squeeze in a small coffee break with you.

He would also like to know about your favorite activities and plan things accordingly.

13. He ALWAYS helps you

If he goes out of his way to help you, you can be sure that he harbors adoration for you. After all, how many people do that for you?

You will be able to always count on him, and he will never let you down, ever.

14. He is understanding and patient

What can one say, beauty has its own way of enamoring the beholder!

He is so enchanted by you, that you wouldn’t annoy him easily. He will instead like to understand the cause of your actions and be patient with you.

Further, he will see your perspective and, on tough days, put himself in your shoes and then react.

15. He is considerate and respectful

When a man appreciates how beautiful you are inside and out, he will naturally be respectful toward you.

He will be kind to you at all times and consider your feelings and opinions while making his own decisions. Amidst the chaos of his own life, he will try to keep you happy.

16. He is romantic and passionate

Passion and romance are indicative of how deeply a man adores you.

If he often makes romantic gestures, like whispering silly nothings to you, and sends you romantic messages, poetry, and songs, then you have your cue already! 😉

Remember, when a man finds you beautiful, he will make it a point to let you know that you are on his mind all the time.

17. He is grateful and appreciative

A man who loves you will never take you for granted. He will be grateful for everything that you do for him.

He will be vocal about his feelings and show appreciation for your love and support.

18. He is committed to you

When a man feels deep affection for you, commitment just follows.

He will be faithful to you without any promises, and make sure you know that. But mind you, he will also expect the same from you.

19. He likes you to be independent

Well, yes. Real men always want women to walk on their chosen path independently.  

Though he will like to give his opinion and advice, he will never try to control you. Your freedom will make him feel good, and he will never try to limit it.

 A man who adores you truly will want you to feel confident and empowered.

20. He accepts your flaws without any complains

If a man finds you beautiful (especially from the inside), he won’t look past your flaws but accept them. A mature man will adore you for who you are.

However, if he finds something that is limiting your well-being and growth, he might constructively criticize it but in a way that doesn’t harm your confidence.

21. He introduces you to his friends and family

And why would he do that, if he didn’t find you beautiful?

So, if your man takes you to family dinners or invites you on a night out, it is because he wants the world to know how enchanted he is with your beauty!

22. He is playful around you.

Your laughter and happiness fill his heart with joy, and so he will make different acts & behaviors to keep you smiling.

Further, it may also mean that being with you brings joy – either way, it implies the same thing – He thinks you are BEAUTIFUL! 😉

23. He is respectful of your boundaries

Your pleasure and comfort are important to a man who adores you. He will respect your decision if you say “No” to something.

He will also be respectful of your alone time, your likes and dislikes.

24. He speaks highly of you

If he admires you, he will never fail to praise you publicly. He will speak about you with pride, always appreciating the good aspects of your personality.

25. He shares his plans with you

If you have a hint about his future, aspirations, and dreams – you can be certain that you really make him weak in the knees!

No one shares that with someone who doesn’t have a special place in his heart.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

From heartfelt compliments to genuine support, when a man finds you truly beautiful, his gestures will reflect a deep appreciation for your inner and outer beauty – both alike.

Remember, true appreciation of beauty opens up the heart of the beholder.

So, embrace these signs with a warm heart, and if you also feel something for your heart, tread with confidence. And if you don’t, it’s always wise to say that to him clearly and move on.

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