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15 Awesome Signs Of Emotional Intelligence In A Man You Should Look For

15 Awesome Signs Of Emotional Intelligence In A Man You Should Look For

Updated on Jan 05, 2024

15 Awesome Signs Of Emotional Intelligence In A Man You Should Look For

If you’re tired of dating guys who call you “crazy” for being emotional, it’s time to check for signs of emotional intelligence in a man and only then date them!

These men can communicate better and actually try to understand your perspective. They don’t jump to conclusions and make a big deal out of nothing.

So, if you’re all set to find them, let’s get started!

15 Signs Of Emotional Intelligence In A Man

While there are tests to measure your emotional intelligence, you can’t randomly ask a man to take tests. And let’s be real, that’s the most random and unromantic move you can pull!

So, to understand whether the man you want to date/are dating is emotionally intelligent or not, you should check for these subtle signs…

1. He’s self-aware

Men have the bad rap of not understanding their own emotions. And if a man can’t understand his own emotions, he can’t understand others’ emotions or be emotionally intelligent.

However, if a man understands his own feelings and can explain them to you verbally, that’s a great sign of his emotional intelligence. 

When he’s self-aware, he’ll talk things out if he’s concerned, upset, or worried. He won’t act rashly or blame it on his “hard-to-understand emotions.” 

2. He wants to know more about you

Another sign of his emotional intelligence is his curiosity about you. He will know that not every person is the same. He won’t assume anything about your thoughts, feelings, or views. 

Instead, he will try to observe and try to understand you. And when he finds something intriguing, he’ll straightforwardly bombard you with questions. 

He’ll also be open-minded even if your answers are not the usual. 

3. He can meet his own needs

It’s already established that an emotionally intelligent man is self-aware. Due to that, he’ll also be self-sufficient. He’ll know exactly what he needs and cater to his needs. 

For instance, many people act out on a whim when they are “hangry” (anger due to hunger). But if he’s emotionally intelligent, he will take care of his hunger. He won’t snap at others or get irritated until someone fetches his meal!

4. He understands and sets good boundaries

Another awesome sign of emotional intelligence in a man is that he understands and respects boundaries. He will never belittle or nudge your boundaries. He won’t force you to do anything against your will. 

On the other hand, he’ll also set healthy boundaries in his life. For instance, he won’t let his ex get involved in his life. He knows when to burn bridges for good to protect his personal life. 

5. His non-romantic relationships last long

Observe whether he has long-lasting friendships and healthy and close family bonds. To maintain any relationship, a man needs to have good interpersonal skills. So, if he has a good bond with people around him, his emotional intelligence is pretty high. 

It shows that he understands that relationships need effort, and he’s capable enough to give that! He knows how to keep others happy through all seasons of life.

6. He doesn’t act like you owe him for being kind

If you’re a woman and have seen your fair share of the world, you’ll know this: Most men think you owe them something if they show some courtesy to you. 

For instance, if a man takes you out on a date, he’ll expect you to sleep with him. If a man helps you out with the directions, he’ll persistently ask for your number. 

However, if a man repeatedly shows you kindness, he’s emotionally intelligent. He’s polite and doesn’t think he’s doing you a major favor for it!

7. He has a neutral stance about his exes

Men without emotional intelligence or maturity think it’s cool to spit mean things about their exes. However, it just shows that they’re still bitter and hurt from the breakup. You can’t expect anything from such a man.

On the other hand, if you ask him about his and he talks about the past neutrally – with no bitterness or attachment, that’s a great sign of emotional intelligence! He knows better than to waste his emotions on someone from the past.  

8. He’s ready to have difficult conversations

During conflicts, most men stonewall or give the silent treatment to others. This is because they have trouble expressing their feelings with words. 

They don’t understand it when someone explains their emotions to resolve a conflict. They may also avoid you completely by not having the conversation. 

But is he open to listening to you talk about the difficult feelings? If he’s ready to face it all patiently, he’s emotionally intelligent. 

9. He won’t let others walk over him or dominate others

Another great sign of emotional intelligence in men is assertion. He’ll know exactly what he wants and let you know about that politely yet confidently. 

He won’t act submissive and doubtful about his opinions and wants. So nobody can treat him like a doormat. If anyone tries, he’ll know how to stand up for himself.

Consequently, he will also not act overbearing. He won’t act like he owns the world. He’ll have respect for everyone around him. There’s a perfect balance in his attitude/

10. He doesn’t think he’s a “nice guy”

When a man has the nice guy syndrome, he thinks he’s the nicest guy in the town. He believes that he sacrifices everything for others. He makes others feel guilty for not acknowledging him.

Instead of asking what he expects from others directly, he’ll show passive aggression. He’ll expect others to give in to his silent demands because he doesn’t say it out loud. 

So, if he is truly emotionally intelligent and nice, he won’t act this way!

11. He has a great social life

Notice whether he has a blooming social life other than you. If he not only has friends but also spends a healthy amount of time with them, he won’t hold you accountable for all of his happiness. 

If yes, he is most probably emotionally intelligent. He will also understand your need to spend time with your friends. 

He won’t act clingy or blame you for cheating if you go out with friends. Instead, he will push you to socialize as well!

12. He can handle breakups maturely 

Dig up on his dating history a bit to find this answer. A man isn’t emotionally intelligent or mature if he overreacts when his partner wants a breakup. Only immature men act bitter and try to manipulate their partner into staying with them.

However, if he easily gave up on a partner who called it quits, it indicates his emotional intelligence. He knows better than to keep a partner in a broken relationship willingly. He understands that he can’t force a person to love him.

13. He acknowledges mistakes and apologizes 

Every person is bound to make mistakes at some point in time. Even if he’s emotionally intelligent and understanding, he’ll still mess up at times. 

In this situation, a sweet sign of his emotional intelligence is his owning up to his mistakes. He’ll apologize for his wrongdoings and make sure you forgive him. 

If you feel hurt by his actions, he’ll empathize with you and make up to you. He won’t think you’re overreacting.

14. He praises you 

An emotionally intelligent man focuses on others’ positive aspects. So, he will always praise you for something or the other. He’ll always nurture your potential and make you feel positive. 

15. He keeps his words 

Another wonderful sign of a man’s emotional intelligence is that he follows through on his promises. 

So, if he tells you that he’ll pick up the laundry while returning from work, he will. Or, if he promises to take you out on a date, he won’t bail out for no reason. If you guys are still dating, he won’t ghost you. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice all of these signs in a prospective partner, it’s high time to invest in this bond. However, if you don’t see a lot of signs in him, give him enough chances to redeem himself. If there’s no progress, move on for good!

On the other hand, if you’re already in a steady relationship and see these signs, cheers! You’ve found a wonderful man.

But if he lacks these qualities, don’t hurry to break up. Instead, communicate about your needs and expectations. If he still doesn’t pick his game, choose for yourself!

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