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What is Sexual Hypnosis and How is it Different from Erotic Hypnosis?

What is Sexual Hypnosis and How is it Different from Erotic Hypnosis?

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

What is Sexual Hypnosis and How is it Different from Erotic Hypnosis

Curious about sexual hypnosis? Do you suffer from sexual dysfunctions? Can’t pleasure last long for premature ejaculation? Don’t feel sexually satisfied because of anorgasmia?

Though really distressing and sad, it’s very common. You may check out aphrodisiacs, sex therapy, toys, lube, and all kinds of solutions… but sometimes it doesn’t work.

When nothing works out, sexual hypnosis might hit the spot. Most people aren’t aware, but sexual hypnosis is around for decades. 

However, there’s hardly enough data out there about sexual hypnosis. Are you feeling a bit uncertain or afraid of trying it?

I understand you, so I got you this think-piece to clear your confusion.

Come on, for a better sex life let’s head right in…

Sexual Hypnosis Infographic

What is Sexual Hypnosis and How is it Different from Erotic Hypnosis
What is Sexual Hypnosis and How is it Different from Erotic Hypnosis

What is Sexual Hypnosis?

Sexual hypnosis helps you overcome sexual issues that obstruct you from reaching orgasm or enjoying sexual activity. It might help any physical sexual issue despite your gender.

Sexual hypnosis aka therapeutic sexual hypnosis is helpful if you’re experiencing obstinate sexual issues. These issues might intervene in your solo or paired sex life.

Some issues sexual hypnosis may treat are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, anorgasmia, vaginismus, pain during sexual intercourse, and shame regarding sex and sexuality.

Sexual hypnosis is not that popular, but erotic hypnosis is. But are they the same? Let’s find it here…

Sexual Hypnosis vs Erotic Hypnosis

Sexual hypnosis helps in removing all the mental and emotional fear in your subconscious mind about failure in successful sexual activity. It happens before the sexual act. Erotic hypnosis helps you increase your pleasure and it happens during sexual activity.

Though people use the terms sexual and erotic alternately, sexual hypnosis and erotic hypnosis are two completely different things with distinct purposes.

People practice erotic hypnosis involves teasing, alluring, and pleasing more during sex. It’s for those who want to heighten sexual pleasure and feel intense orgasms.

It might also control orgasms in BDSM which helps build powerful climaxes.

On the flip side, sexual hypnosis helps if you’re experiencing sexual issues. You work with sexual hypnosis before the sexual intercourse and not during it… which is the case in erotic hypnosis.

Another confusion is between sexual hypnosis and sex therapy. Let’s see if they’re the same…

Sexual Hypnosis vs Sex Therapy

A hypnotist does sexual hypnosis which gets rid of inhibitions and fears in your subconscious mind. A sex therapist discusses your sexual issue in your conscious state to solve them. They prescribe sexual hypnosis if therapy doesn’t work.

Sex therapy is a part of psychotherapy. Sex therapists discuss your sexual issues to find a possible solution. But sometimes sex therapy doesn’t work and people move forward to sexual hypnosis.

Hypnosis is also popular as hypnotherapy. But hypnotherapy and psychotherapy aren’t the same things.

A hypnotherapist or hypnotist helps you bring changes in your subconscious mind during hypnosis sessions.

Some people use sexual hypnosis in addition to sex therapy… mainly because the sex therapist prescribed them or because sex therapy didn’t work out for them.

If you’re concerned about whether you need sexual hypnosis, let’s figure it out here…

Who is Sexual Hypnosis for?

If you experience sexual issues, get medical advice because they might imply underlying physical health concerns. The treatment usually helps you fix the sexual issues too. However, it might not, as your mind and body are connected. Sexual hypnosis heals the subconscious scars.

If there are clear sexual dysfunctions, like you can’t achieve an erection, maintain an erection, or reach orgasm… then visit a licensed medical doctor first.

Such issues might be symptoms of grave physical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, endometriosis, metabolic syndrome, or pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Once you get a physician’s opinion and your treatment for the physical condition starts, you may then head to a sexual hypnotist.  

Your mind and body have a deep connection. So, if you fear that sex will be painful or you can’t maintain an erection… you probably face the issue even after you begin medical treatment.

That’s when sexual hypnosis shows its charismatic side. It helps you overcome sexual fear that obstructs pleasure in your subconscious mind.

So, the next time you pleasure yourself or engage in sexual activity, fear won’t paralyze you.

Curious how this works? Let’s get right into it here…

How does Sexual Hypnosis work?

Sexual hypnosis include understanding how sex, in reality, works and sharing your goals with the hypnotist. It also depends on your needs and sexual issues and your goals.

Sexual hypnosis treatments vary depending on the hypnotist, the patients’ needs, and the sexual issues at hand. However, the general outline of the treatment remains somewhat the same.

The first step is enlightenment about real-life sex. Many people don’t understand because how real sex feels, looks, or sounds like… because of the twisted idea they got from pornography.

Currently, ethical porn undoes some of this mental damage. But how many know of ethical porn?

So, sexual hypnosis begins with explanations about original sexual responses, sexual performance, what part of the regular (unethical) porn is real, and what’s made up.

Further, the hypnotist makes sure about your goals from the hypnosis sessions. They’ll investigate traumatic history that may trigger your sexual issue. Then they begin the actual session.

Curious about what happens in the actual session? Let’s quench your thirst here…

How is it done by Hypnotists?

In the main process, the hypnotist makes you follow breathing exercises to calm your mind and body, identifies the obstacles in your subconscious, and rewrites fears with positive affirmation without physical contact. Some hypnotists might also use oscillating watches to hypnotize you.

A sexual hypnosis session begins with relaxing breathing exercises. For instance, breathing in and out for 3 seconds each helps you calm your heartbeat and adjust your body to deeply relax.

This sexual hypnosis meditation sends you to a state of relaxation

After this, the expert leads you to a hypnotic or trance-like state. They might use the classic technique of a watch oscillating to and fro.

However, they generally use verbal instructions and breathing methods.

Though sexual hypnosis is all about arousing and sexual topics, there’s neither sexual activity nor physical contact of any sort during the sesh.

When you reach the hypnotic state, the hypnotist guides you to identify the limiting issue in your subconscious mind.  With the help of vocal instructions, they help in reprogramming this issue.

You might be done and over with it in a single session of a few hours. Or, you might need more sessions depending on the issue.

Are you a science bug? Wondering if science supports it? Let’s know it here…

Sexual Hypnosis Research

1988 and 2005 studies showed how hypnosis helps sexual dysfunctions and manages sexuality naturally. Though more studies are required, funding is an issue.

Though scientists stigmatize hypnosis as a carnival trick, many studies about hypnosis show the benefits. Many people also admit that it worked to navigate their sexual obstructions.

In the Sexology journal, a 1988 study showed that hypnosis is actually useful for sexual dysfunctions.

In the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, a 2005 study shows sexual hypnosis makes patients aware. This further assists them in managing their sexuality naturally.

It doesn’t need extra effort and they don’t face excess pressure. Rather, they experience a variety of choices and more freedom.

Since these studies are too old, we need more research on this topic. However, the chances of new research are too low due to funding issues about the topics.

Anxious about losing control over yourself? Is that possible in hypnosis? Let’s check it here…

Sexual Hypnosis Risks (Hypnosis sexual problems)

You can’t lose control over your mind or body with hypnosis. You won’t do anything against your will or consent. However, since your subconscious mind is a sensitive part, seek a certified and ethical practitioner, or it might lead to deep traumatic scars.

Hypnosis is nothing like what the media shows you. Another person can’t control your behavior after putting you under hypnosis. That only happens in fantasy shows and movies.

In the hypnotized state, you won’t consent to anything unusual. You won’t do things you won’t do in your conscious or non-hypnotized state.

However, you need a trained, certified, and ethical hypnotist to do it right. An unethical hypnotist might damage your subconscious mind seriously.

If they use trigger words wrongly, they might reactivate your trauma.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The culture of hypnosis faces lots of stigma because of how the media portrays it in a sketchy way. However, if you want to work with this, have an open mind.

Make sure when you find a hypnotist online. Check whether their accreditation is from a Hypnosis organization and experience.

Contact them to know if they’re experienced with your sexual dysfunctions. Depend on your guts to figure out if you feel safe.

During your free time, check for pre-recorded hypnosis audios like Sexual Hypnosis for Men on Audible to boost male sexual performance.  

Or, read more into sexual enhancement hypnosis for better sex and ease sexual anxiety.

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