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15 Must-Follow Cuddle Buddy Rules For Some Much-Needed Intimacy In Your Life

15 Must-Follow Cuddle Buddy Rules For Some Much-Needed Intimacy In Your Life

Published on Sep 29, 2023

15 Must-Follow Cuddle Buddy Rules For Some Much-Needed Intimacy In Your Life

So you’re unaware of cuddle buddy rules or even the concept of a cuddle buddy. But recently, you had trouble sleeping, and someone suggested you seek cuddle buddies. 

Well, for starters, you must understand what this activity is and how to make the arrangement work out.

And don’t worry, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the standard rules and boundaries

So, dive right in to get started!

What Is A Cuddle Buddy?

Basically, a cuddle buddy is anyone whom you cuddle with, especially before sleeping at night or after waking up in the morning. 

Cuddle buddies can be romantically or platonically connected people, depending on the relationship that you have with each other.

But strictly speaking – don’t confuse between a cuddle buddy and a fvck buddy. There’s no sex involved in this concept. 

Sure, cuddling with a romantic partner can sometimes lead to sex. But if you and your cuddle buddy are not in mutual love or are already sex buddies, this concept/arrangement doesn’t include that!

And if you’re wondering, “Why do we even need cuddle buddies in the first place?” 

Well, the answer is simply non-sexual physical affection and intimacy. This is something everyone craves. 

Moreover, cuddling has been proven to be good for health because it makes you feel at peace with your life.

And the best part about cuddling is that there’s absolutely no effort required. All you both have to do is cuddle with each other and enjoy each other’s company!

So, if you’re interested in this activity and want to try it, let’s know some of the rules here…

15 Cuddle Buddy Rules

Now that you know what a cuddle buddy is, it’s time to understand some basic rules and etiquette that need to be followed. This will ensure that you both feel comfortable and safe.

So, scroll down to see what they are!

1. Clothes will stay on

No matter whether it’s super humid and hot around there, keeping your clothes on is a must! 

Even if you feel that you want to remove a sweater, it’s best not to do that because you never know where things will lead. 

You may remove the blankets or switch on the AC, but make sure to stay fully clothed throughout the cuddle session.

This is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any cuddle session. Consent has to be a must from both parties. 

If, at any time, either of you wishes to stop the cuddling session or feels uncomfortable, the other person has to respect their wishes. This is why it’s a good idea to first talk through the entire process.

3. There shouldn’t be serious feelings

Even though cuddle buddies can have a bit of a romantic vibe between them, there shouldn’t be any serious feelings. 

This is because romance often leads to sex, which then defeats the entire purpose of having a cuddle buddy. 

And if you’re snuggling up close with someone you like, there will be sexual intimacy.

4. Maintain good hygiene

Another very important thing to remember is hygiene. If you’re cuddling with someone, you’d expect them to smell and feel clean, right? 

Similarly, you, too, need to take a shower and look fresh. Take a bit of time and have a fun bubble bath alone, complete with scented oils and candles!

5. Don’t touch inappropriately

It’s an unspoken rule to keep your hands above the blankets at all times. But many people like to snuggle comfortably while touching each other. 

However, there should always be a boundary, and you must never touch someone in their private areas or anywhere else where they aren’t comfortable.

6. Avoid sexual movies and series

You want the cuddle session to be non-sexual. So, ensure that the environment itself is non-sexual. So, don’t play movies or clips that contain a lot of sex. 

Intimate scenes on-screen can turn the heat up off-screen and lead to sex!

7. Select a comfortable location

A comfortable location is also a must when it comes to a comfortable cuddle session! 

While most people prefer to snuggle up in each other’s homes, some families may not allow that. 

In that case, it’s best to discuss and choose a location where both you and your buddy can easily reach.

8. Don’t lay on top of them

If you’re a woman and you wish to snuggle up close with your male cuddle buddy, don’t lay directly on top of him. 

Yes, it might feel heavenly, but in the end, it’ll make certain body parts touch each other. And that will inevitably lead to sex. 

Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s best to keep cuddle time non-sexual.

9. Keep checking in with each other

Sure, you guys know that you’ll be comfortable cuddling each other. But it’s still good practice to check in with one another. 

Keep asking them if they’re comfortable in their current cuddling position or if they would like to move to a better location for cuddling. 

10. Stay as sober as possible

This, again, is kind of an unspoken rule. 

You both can have a drunk night one day and decide to cuddle each other. But that has a high chance of leading to sex! 

Therefore, try to be as sober as possible. Sure, having a glass of wine in bed is fine, but make sure neither of you gets too tipsy.

11. Keep your rules clear

To avoid any kind of last-minute confusion, it’s best to set some ground rules and discuss them with each other. 

You can write a list of your own and ask your cuddly buddy to share their list with yours. 

For example, if all you want is a friendly cuddle, it’s best to make that clear right from the start.

12. Stop the sessions if they behave inappropriately

If you ever feel that your cuddle buddy is getting a bit too handsy or that they seem to say or do things that irritate you, STOP! 

Put an end to your cuddle sessions right there. It’s better to call off the cuddle-buddy thingy for good with them. You never know when things might get worse!

13. Cut things off if you start having feelings for them

If you guys are JUST FRIENDS, this rule is for you. If you develop feelings for the other person while cuddling and they’re unaware of that fact, you should take things slow and stop the sessions. 

Feelings often lead to complications, which ruin cuddles!

14. Don’t cuddle with your exes

When you think of a cuddle buddy, you’re almost always tempted to call up one of your exes. 

But do you feel that your ex can really keep their hands off you, especially when you’re physically close together? 

You’ve already gone down a romantic road with them, and it didn’t work out. So, it’s best not to have an ex as your cuddle buddy.

15. Don’t introduce them to your family

If you’re planning on having a casual and friendly time with them, there’s no point introducing them to your family. 

And this rule holds true, especially if your cuddle buddy is from the opposite gender. 

Moreover, if you have genuine feelings for them, but it’s one-sided, don’t ask them to be your buddy in the first place.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The concept of having cuddle buddies can seem strange to a lot of people, but it does bring comfort and joy.  So, an unsaid and obvious rule is – keep the pact between you and your cuddle buddy. Don’t let the word go out lest people make wild assumptions.

So, now that everything’s clear, it’s time to choose a trustworthy person and begin your pact with these rules!