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How To Ask A Guy To Hang Out? – 30 Ways To Convince Him!

How To Ask A Guy To Hang Out? – 30 Ways To Convince Him!

Updated on Aug 25, 2023

How To Ask A Guy To Hang Out - 30 Ways To Convince Him!

If you’re so smitten by a man that you love every little thing about him, it’s time to know how to ask a guy to hang out.

After all, you don’t want to be shot down just because you were unprepared. You need to be considerate of him to show him that you’re worth his time!

So, c’mon, let’s know everything here… 

How to Ask a Guy to Hang Out? 30 ways

Whatever you do, you can’t brush him off your mind. You want to be in his company longer, but you also wonder if he’d think you’re too desperate. Your heart wants him yet your mind thinks it’s rocket science.

Well, men are actually pretty simple beings and you’d hardly need to put too much effort. So, read on and know how to play the game right!

1. Be confident 

If you confidently ask a guy to hang out, it makes a positive impression and boosts your chances of success. It shows that you value yourself and your time, making the approach more appealing. 

He’ll be more comfortable and open to spending time with you because confidence exudes positivity. 

You can say, “I hope you’re doing well! I’ve been thinking of doing something fun this weekend, so would you like to join me?”

2. Chat with him 

Chatting allows you to get to know each other’s interests and preferences. It makes it easier to suggest hanging out. 

Regular conversations help establish rapport and comfort. It increases the chance of him being receptive to this idea. 

So, start by sending texts like “Guess what? I found the cutest puppy gif, and it reminded me of you!”

3. Be sweet on call 

If you say sweet things on a call, your chances of successfully asking him to hang out increase. When you express genuine warmth and kindness, you create a comfortable and positive atmosphere. 

Say something like, “You make me happy’.’

It helps build a deeper connection and shows that you value his company and care about his feelings.

4. Choose the right moment to ask 

The right moment to ask him to hang out makes a big difference in the outcome. 

Pick a relaxed moment when he’s not preoccupied. Look for moments when both of you are in a good mood and engaged in enjoyable conversation. And then ask away!

5. Be humorous 

Use humor while asking a guy to hang out to lighten the mood and make the invitation more engaging. A well-timed joke or playful comment can create a positive and memorable experience, easing any potential awkwardness. 

Humor can also show your confidence and relaxed attitude, making the guy more comfortable in accepting the invitation. 

So send him funny texts such as “Hey, I just realized something – you’re like the Wi-Fi signal in my heart. Always strong and never disconnecting!’’

6. Ask him for help 

This can be a strategic way to indirectly ask him to hang out. Seek his assistance with something he’s good at or knowledgeable about to make him feel valued and capable. 

It creates a sense of closeness while he helps you.

After getting the help, you can smoothly transition to suggesting a hangout as a way to thank him for his assistance. Ask, “Will you please help me with this DIY project?”

7. Offer him a movie ticket

This is another clever and casual way to ask a guy to hang out. It takes the pressure off, as it’s an invitation to a specific event. 

By providing the ticket, you will show you’re interested in spending time together without making it too direct. You can say, “I have an extra movie ticket. Would you like to join me?”

8. Share reels and memes to be connected 

The habit of sharing memes and reels creates a playful and fun connection. You will grow closer with all the inside jokes. 

Once he warms up to you, you can ask him out, and he’ll be more willing to comply!

9. Ask him with hand-made greeting cards 

Asking him with greeting cards for a hangout can be a charming and thoughtful approach. The personal touch of a handwritten message conveys sincerity and genuine interest. 

So, get creative and customize the invitation to make it special and memorable. He won’t be able to let you down!

10. Show interest in his preferences 

Express curiosity about his hobbies, activities, and interests to demonstrate that you value him as a person. 

Actively engage in conversations and show enthusiasm toward his passions. This creates a comfortable and enjoyable connection. You can say, “Last time was so fun and relaxing, I really wish to enjoy that again!”

11. Call him to shop together 

This is a fun and low-pressure way for a girl to hang out with a guy. The casual and relaxed setting allows him to hang out without being pressured into anything. 

You can have light-hearted conversations while picking out items. So, invite him by saying, “I’m heading to the farmer’s market. Want to stroll around and try some fresh produce?” 

12. Keep the invitation casual and expectation-free

With a casual invitation, you present your intentions in a relaxed manner. You reduce any pressure or expectations. This makes him more comfortable accepting the invitation. 

The laid-back atmosphere promotes an enjoyable and stress-free hangout experience. Make him comfortable by saying, “There’s no pressure, let me know when you can make time.”

13. Use emoji while texting the question

Use emojis to add a playful and light-hearted touch when you ask a boy to hang out. Emojis convey emotions effectively, making the invitation feel warm and inviting. This hearted approach eases his nerves, making the boy more likely to respond positively. 

14. Make a pre-planned itinerary for his ease 

Instead of depending on him, plan the complete itinerary by yourself. It shows thoughtfulness and effort, demonstrating your genuine interest in spending time together. It’ll also minimize potential awkward moments. So he won’t have to brainstorm a good plan.

Tell him, “ I have things planned now, if you’re ready, we can go have some fun tomorrow!” The spontaneity will be a cherry on top!

15. Ask for his suggestions 

Sometimes, it’s better to not get carried away by yourself. This works especially if he’s picky. So, seek his suggestions to show that you value his input and opinions, making him feel appreciated and involved. 

This way, you can also tailor the hangout to his interests, ensuring a more enjoyable experience. Ask him by saying, “Do you have anything in mind?”

16. Ask for his availability 

Timing is everything, so take his availability into account when you ask him to hang out. Be understanding toward his schedule to show thoughtfulness and respect for his commitments.

Choose a time when he’s free and relaxed to increase the likelihood of a positive response. 

17. Offer him dinner at home

If you invite a guy for dinner at home, it can be a delightful way for you to hang out and create a special bond. Cook a delicious meal to show off your culinary skills and thoughtful gestures.

The cozy and intimate setting will encourage meaningful conversations and a relaxed atmosphere. You can say, “I’m trying out a new recipe. Want to be my taste tester?” 

18. Find a middle ground 

Discover shared interests to plan activities. Whether it’s a hobby, movie genre, or sports team, this ensures you both feel comfortable and valued. He’ll be more interested in it because he’ll know neither of you will get bored!

19. Be frank and upfront 

Beating around the bush can make you feel guilty. You may feel you’re tricking him into spending time with you.

So, directly express your interest and intentions. This eliminates any confusion on both of your sides, creates a transparent and open atmosphere, and you have a clear conscience. 

20. Be flirty 

Embrace a flirty approach to add excitement and charm while asking him to hang out. Playful compliments, teasing banter, and a touch of wit create a magnetic attraction. Drop subtle hints to pique his interest and curiosity. He’ll be more eager to join you then!

21. Be patient 

Don’t rush, or it’ll lead to missed opportunities or miscommunication. Patience allows connection to grow naturally, making the invitation more genuine and meaningful. It also shows respect for his schedule and feelings, increasing the chances of a successful hangout.

22. Invite him to the group 

Invitation to a group setting can make the invitation feel more relaxed and fun. He won’t feel the need to do anything special or get nervous about the itinerary following it. Group hangouts foster a sense of fun, making the guy more likely to accept the invitation. 

23. Try to get in touch with his friends 

Connect through common connections or get in touch with his friends. Get insights about his interests and social circle, as that will help you plan a more personalized hangout. 

Common connections also build trust and familiarity, making the invitation feel more natural and comfortable. 

24. Show appreciation 

Appreciation can positively influence the guy when asking him to hang out. Express gratitude for his friendship, advice, or support signals that he’s valued in your life. 

This gesture creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, making the invitation feel genuine and sincere. It strengthens the bond and builds trust, making him more open to the idea of spending time together. 

25. Avoid overthinking 

Overthinking can hinder you from asking him on this hangout. Don’t dwell on “what ifs”. Otherwise, it can create unnecessary anxiety. Instead, you should focus on being authentic to yourself. 

26. Be authentic 

Show your real personality and create an inviting atmosphere that makes him feel comfortable. Authenticity fosters a deeper connection and mutual understanding. It allows you to be yourself and express your feelings without hesitation. 

27. Ask him to be your plus one

If you have any special event coming up and you need a plus one, ask him if he wants to volunteer. Unless he has any prior engagements, he’ll be able to tag along with you. Since you’ll attend an event, he’ll know that he only needs to look his best and nothing more!

This puts the pressure off him and spikes the chances of him agreeing.

28. Say you’re hungry

Food is a great way to bond. If you want a quick and spontaneous meeting right about any moment, text him that you’re hungry or craving something. 

Tell him that you need someone urgently to accompany you. You want to try a new place, but you feel awkward being alone. Choose a cuisine that he also likes to convince him to join in. 

29. Ask someone to plan a group hangout

If you know him through mutual friends, it can be pretty uncomfortable and creepy if you suddenly ask him out. So, ask your mutual friends to plan a group outing. Even if you don’t ask him out yourself, you’ll still get scope to hang out together!

30. Make him ask you for a hangout 

Empower him to ask you for a hangout by subtly expressing interest or initiating conversations. You’ll open the door for him to take the initiative and boost his confidence to do the job!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

With these creative ideas, he’ll definitely respond to your offer positively. He’ll understand how much effort you put in and appreciate it.

However, if he doesn’t respond, don’t push him anymore. Remember that he might have his reasons, and he’s free to choose what he wants. Respect his decision, and he might actually give you a shot!