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How to Talk to Your Crush Without Being Awkward? – 21 Actionable Ways

How to Talk to Your Crush Without Being Awkward? – 21 Actionable Ways

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Talk to Your Crush Without Being Awkward – 21 Actionable Ways

If you’re here looking for how to talk to your crush without being awkward, you definitely are head-over-heels for this person.

Well, start with being confident in your skin, and remember, you want them to like you for being YOU.  Further, while in the conversation with your crush, maintain occasional eye contact. This shows that you are not intimidated by them and are not desperate.

But that’s not it, there’s much more to this art of talking to your crush. Keep reading to know more.

How to talk to your crush without being awkward? – 21 Ways

Adding humor to the conversation is a great way to talk to your crush without being awkward. However, avoid making jokes which are extremely sexual in nature or offensive to any community. 

Other than that, here are a few ways to reduce awkwardness while talking to your crush.

1. Ask interesting questions

The best way to avoid awkwardness in conversations is by asking them a few questions. Remember that asking questions does not mean interrogating them with unwanted questions. It should be something extremely simple, like their hobbies or what they love to eat. 

It shows that you are interested, making them more inclined to carry on the conversation easily.

2. Keep the conversation casual

Don’t talk about big and serious topics just to sound mysterious. Instead, try to make the conversation extremely casual and avoid heavy topics like world issues or poverty at least for the first few times.

This will make you look more approachable and wouldn’t put your crush on a vulnerable spot.

3. Give them space to talk

Instead of talking all by yourself, give your crush the time and space to talk. If you keep talking alone, it might make them feel that you are self-obsessed and make the conversation awkward. 

Allow them to share their bits of experiences as well to make the conversation much more interesting.

4. Don’t get close physically

Remember, that in no situation, you can be physical with your crush or intrude on their personal space. 

It might make you appear touchy or desperate, and the conversation really awkward. They might also perceive you as a person with bad intentions even if you’re not one.   

5. Be active while in the conversation

This means that you have to be active at both times – speaking or listening. If you are able to do it successfully, it will keep your crush’s interest tied and also allow you the opportunity to talk about yourself clearly.

However, don’t try to do it forcibly; otherwise, it will be visible that you are trying to please them.

6. Make them feel their opinion is important

Instead of giving the verdict on any conversation yourself, seek their opinion and acknowledge it. Even if you don’t completely align with it, embrace it and agree to disagree.

This will ensure that you are not making small talk, and that they are genuinely interested in the conversation.

7. Avoid being needy

If you seem needy in your words or in your actions, it will really put them off. So, instead, maintain your authority and let the conversation flow naturally.

Even if your heart is jumping 100 beats a minute, don’t let it come to your face.

8. Share some personal stories

A conversation that is only limited to “What are your hobbies?” or “What do you like?” is bound to get boring after a certain point.

So, add a personal touch by talking about incidents that happened in the past in your life. It will not only help you strike a genuine conversation but also encourage them to share their own stories.

9. Flirt lightly

If you are talking to your crush and want them to know you are interested without making it awkward, try to be flirty but not in a vulgar way. 

You can do this by slightly brushing their arms or maintaining coy eye contact. However, you must know where the “line” or will put them off almost instantly – followed by a really awkward conversation.

10. Offer help

But you need to do this very subtly, or it can make you appear desperate. If you’re going on a date, ask her if you can pick him up, or if she is working late, ask if you can get a cup of coffee.

This will not only give you a reason for conversation but also put you in a positive light for her to notice.

11. Or, ask for help

If you are struggling through anything (or even if you are not) that may be your crush’s home alley, just ask if he/she can help you. It will help you break the ice and the awkward silences that happen in the first few conversations,  

Later take then out for a coffee when you’re successfully out of the mess as a “thank-you”! 😉

12. Remember, a compliment goes a long way

If your conversations keep hitting a “where to go from her” wall, add a small compliment like, “Hey, I really like your shirt; I wanted to get one for my dad. Can you help me with where you got it from?”.

It goes a long long way and is one of the most classic ways to avoid awkwardness.

13. Get in touch with mutual friends

Friends make everything a LOT more simple. Hence if you and your crush have a lot of common friends in between, seek help from them… or maybe a small favor.  

Ask them if they can accompany you for your plans, as it will ensure you do not have to make awkward attempts to start a conversation.

14. Don’t forget to smile

Sometimes most of the awkwardness is in our head, and we make it more obvious with cold and uncanny facial expressions.

To get rid of that, just give a warm smile. This will make your crush more inclined to talk to you.

15. Use icebreakers

When talking with your crush, you do not want to be too formal because it may later reach a dead-end.

Instead, use tried-and-tested icebreakers from the book and see how it adds magic to your discussions. Try to start your conversation with something very simple, like a “Hey, the last day in the office was very tough for me; how was it for you?”

16. Bring references from past conversations 

If you have already spoken to your crush in the past, then a great way to start the conversation is by drawing in references from the past. It will highlight your interest in the conversation and allow you a good start to keep steering it ahead.

17. Tease them gently

Conversations cannot always flow how you imagine them to. So, when you sense that it’s going in an “awkward” direction, try to tease them gently. Avoid making it too offensive, as it can backfire.

18. Tell them about your relationship status

If you want to tell them about your interest in your crush without making it awkward, insert an “I am single” wisely in your conversations. Don’t be too direct, just sneakily make sure the message about your “single” status is delivered.

They might not know about your relationship status, and this can make the conversation weird as they will think you are vested with someone else. 

19. Shyness keeps you in the game

In this modern dating world, where the majority think you must be bold and upfront, try displaying some shyness.

Sometimes, a direct approach can make you appear too assertive and also intimidate your crush. So, be gentle, and shy while also being confident with your opinions.

20. Pick out a few topics

Do some homework if you plan a “date” with your crush, and try to pick out some mutual topics of interest beforehand. This will allow you to wave off awkward silences and escape weird topics of conversation.

21. Strike conversations on texts!

If you already have their number try to initiate a text conversation. Reply to their status or send a random meme and take it ahead from there until you don’t see one-worded answers. Later when you both are on the same page and ready to have a face-to-face conversation, ask her out!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Talking to your crush without being awkward is an art that requires self-confidence and immense communication skills.

Now if this think-piece has helped you master that, step out without contemplating it too much. Just remember, you are you, and that is all you need to be!